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Lolita Fashion Influencers and Models Affiliate Program

1.     What is Devil Inspired Lolita Fashion Influencers Affiliate Program?

Devil Inspired is seeking Lolita fashion influencers and models who are good at Lolita coordinates.

Devil Inspired is not only a Lolita fashion shopping platform, but also a Lolita fashion community platform, we’re very willing to support Lolita fashion influencers and models by shipping them their dream dresses, so they can show us and our customers their Lolita coordinates, and to help customers know better about how to coordinate the Lolita dresses.

2.     How does it work?

1)      Recommend yourself by emailing to [email protected] with the Instagram / YouTube / Tick Tok account.

2)      Be reviewed by our consultant.

3)      We will provide you a Lolita dress from selected brands, and we will change the brands often.

4)      This is a monthly affiliate program, and we will ship 20 dresses each month.

5)      Please send us your photos within 3 weeks after you receive your dress. The one who failed to give us your feedback photos within 3 weeks once will be backlisted forever.

6)      We will show your photos in our website where customers can vote your coordinate, send the page link to your friends, followers to vote for you.

3.     What is the benefit of participating the program?

1)      The one who get the most votes will win a $500 shopping voucher which can be used to purchasing any items at devilinspired.com. (Please note that the voucher cannot be cashed.)

2)      The winner also has the priority to get a new dress from the newly released selected brands.

4.     Why Devilinspired.com?

We cooperate with hundreds of Lolita indie brands, and have a wide range of options.

5.     Frequently Asked Questions?

1)      Are there any limits to join the program?

The participants should have at least one social media account, and with clear and full set photos, not only selfies.

2)      Is there a cost to be your model?

Nope, it is 100% free. There are no out-of-pocket costs to join.

3)      Do you have any requirements of the feedback photos?

Yes, the feedback photos should be clear full set photos, not selfies.

4)      Do I need to send the dress back?

Nope, after receiving your photos, you can keep the dress.

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