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Decora Kei (Over-decorated Childlike Cute)

Decora Kei, or Decora Fashion, is a Harajuku Street Fashion, which is very playful and childlike. It was inspired by 1980s cartoons.

It features warm-bright color schemes, an excessive amount of decoration, tulle/tutu skirts, cartoonish tops, and cheap-looking accessories.

Bright-colored wigs, plenty of cute mini-hairclips on bangs, face stickers, cartoonish band-aids, and childlike bags are also very often seen.

In this collection, we offer Decora Kei fashion clothes and accessories(mostly over-decorated KC, cute mini clips, rainbow-colored items, and other super-cute over-decorated items).

Click What is Decora Kei for more information about this kind of alt fashion.

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