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The Top 10 Lolita Infulencers Who can Inspire You

Fanny Rosie

Instagram: @fannyrosie

Fanny Rosie's style is more vintage than lolita, her looks are so elegant and can inspire you a lot.


Instagram: @bububun

Laura is a lolita fashion girl who shares her everyday pastel outfits, sweet lolita coordinates and more on her Instagram. Her pretty nails, kawaii little things, pastel-colored room decorations all will inspire you to be a pastel lolita girl.

Misako Aoki

Instagram: @misakoaoki

Almost every Asian lolita girl knows Misako Aoki.
She was appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the ambassador of Kawaii and traveled as a Lolita fashion representative to 30 cities 20 countries. 
And she served as the first president of the Japan Lolita Association, which was founded in Feb. 2013.

Katie Babydoll

Instagram: @katiebabydoll

Katie is a representative of sweet lolita, her sweet coordinates are so cute. You can get so many inspirations from her sweet daily lolita coords.

Lovely Lor

Instagram: @lovelylor

If you're new to lolita, you should keep eyes on Lovely Lor's YouTube channel. You can learn a lot from her videos, and if you cannot get the information you're searching for, send her your questions, I think she will answer your questions if she has time, because she is always so nice and friendly.

Make Lovely (Megan)


If you're a plus size lolita girl, highly suggested you read Megan's blog to get more inspirations. And she is a talented girl who sews a bit of her own clothing. The sweet warm collar in the picture is sewed by herself.

Madeline Hatter


If you're going to start a lolita blog, you might already know the well-known facebook group Lolita Blog Carnival, Madeline is one of the admins. Join the group, you'll get a lot of lolita topics when you have no idea how to continue your blog. 

The Hijabi Lolita


Lolita fashion is worldwide, every girl can be cute and sweet.


Instagram: @badkidkaiser

Don't be shy to show off your own personality, just like Kaiser. Follow her to get inspired. She is a gothic lolita girl.


Instagram: @kiraouji

Ouji is a boy style J-fashion, if you love cool styles, check her Instagram or Tumblr, you'll find lots of amazing ouji coordinates.

And there are more amazing lolita influencers like @mintyfrills, @ixdoxdeclare, @josinemaaike, and @victoriasuzanne, whom I haven't listed above. And if you know more, just let us know by commenting below.