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10 of the Best Lolita Fashion Blogs that are Still Active in 2019

As an alternative fashion which gets popularizes more and more, Lolita Fashion absorbs many elements from other kinds of alternative fashions. However, for connoisseur and people who want to be serious in this fashion, it is still necessary to keep learning and exploring professional Lolita fashion blogs. We select 10 best Lolita fashion blogs that are still active in 2019. Hope these blogs could be informative for both the newbies and the connoisseur.


Averie’s Lolita Tips Tumblr Blog

Averie has opened this Tumblr blog for 8 years. Any questions on Lolita fashion could be answered through ask box.

Meanwhile, there are lots of incredibly useful links in it! Beginners could find a comprehensive for starting Lolita fashion quickly and right, several long lists on how to buy Lolita fashion apparel, how to get Lolita items on a budget and PLUS SIZE Lolita guide. The FAQ answers almost all basic knowledge. Enthusiasts could find feeds which could inspire them in a-few-days updates.


Vanilla Bear

Vanilla Bear is a Lolita fashion connoisseur who dedicates herself into this fashion over 10 years. The useful navigation of the blog will guide you into Lolita advice, Lolita events preparation and attention, Lolita opinions, Lolita blog ideas and Lolita reviews.

The top blogs of her are '101 Lolita Lifestyle Ideas', 'What Lolita Wardrobe Posts Don't Show You' and 'Taobao Resellers or Shopping Services?'. 


Angel Bruises

Angel Bruises is an enthusiast on Old School Lolita fashion. You could see her super informative experience on how to dress Old School Lolita. She tries to explore and define what old school can be on her own styles, and also share the steps about how she gradually trains the aesthetic on this sub-style.  

You could enjoy her original outfits on her Tumblr 



Megan starts the blog in 2013 and it has been 7 years. She is a plus-size Lolita who could offer many references for other plus-size girls. She made a big effort on off-brand Lolita apparel. She had done the challenges of Lolita 365 and 30 Day of Lolita Challenge. There you might find an interesting thing.


20 Dollar Handmade Lolita

This is an excellent handmade Lolita fashion tutorial Tumblr blog. Though it has some posts are re-blogged from other places, the main content is the tutorial on how to sew Lolita dresses and tips for Lolita fashion.

The top content of the blog is 'How to Make Scallop Hems', 'Budget Lolita is Getting Lace to Fit The Budget', 'What to Look For in Off-brand Blouses and Blouse Patterns'. 


Fanny Rosie

It is a totally original Tumblr blog where you could see nearly all sub-styles of Lolita fashion and Vintage fashion. She lives in a true Lolita lifestyle and Vintage lifestyle. You could also see how she masters a specific item to her outfits on this list.

She tries experimental outfits occasionally and opened Instagram and YouTube.  



Maijuline has a so special Mori-Kei related aesthetic on Lolita fashion. All outfits by her are so soft, natural or pastel. All posts will be sure to catch your eyes and make you feel peaceful and elegant.

Her Instagram is


Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad creates this totally original Tumblr account to Taobao or secondhand Lolita haul overviews and coordinates share. If you are interested in Taobao Lolita apparel, her overviews might be really helpful.


Pastel Peggy

Pastel Peggy’s blog mainly records and shares her outfits. Her Lolita aesthetic is in Sweet and OTT Sweet Lolita.


Victoria Suzanne

Victoria Suzanne opened the blog for over 10 years. She discovers all the pinkest places. You could see her kawaii&pink lifestyle on this blog.


At the last, I want to list 1 Lolita blog and 1 Lolita fashion community APP, F Yeah Lolita blog and Lolita community in Amino APP.

Though F Yeah Lolita didn’t update since 2016, its content and sources are still juicy for all Lolitas. In Lolita community in Amino, you could find people who interested in Lolita quickly and enjoy and share the common interests.