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Top 30 Hidden Lolita Indie Brands

Most Lolita Fashion beginners always don't know where to buy their sweet, classic, gothic, or other styles of Lolita clothing. And this blog will provide you with the top 30 hidden lolita indie brands. Besides that, if you are very into Japanese fashion you can also find gothic, punk, vintage, Y2K fashion, and kawaii(cute) clothing brands in this blog!  

Those indie brands are all from China. For Lolita Newbies, I also find some lolita brands that offer plus-size lolita clothing. You should know that I divided those indie brands into serval categories according to my individual experiences. In fact, most indie brands will not only focus on one specific lolita style and I only use the most popular items from their brands as an example.

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Sweet Lolita Brands


Lollipops is an indie brand that focuses on Sweet Lolita clothing.

Weibo ID: 猫猫糖lollipops

Their designs often feature cute animals, fruits, and pastel colors like light blue, pink, yellow, light green, etc. Their "Strawberry Picking" series and "Teddy's Birthday Party" series are very cute and sweet.

LOLLIPOPS's Strawberry Picking OP Set
OP/Cotton Apron/Bloomers

LOLLIPOPS's Teddy's Birthday Party Series
(pink/light blue)


OP- With Detachable Heart-shaped Bodice

(light blue/green/pink/yellow)

JSK II - With Heart-shaped Bodice
(light blue/green/pink/yellow)

You can also find special themes for Halloween, Hime Lolita clothing, or gothic Qi lolita clothing from this brand.

LOLLIPOPS's 2021 Halloween-Little Magician Series



Alice Girl, established in 2013, is a popular lolita indie brand with affordable prices. If you're new to Lolita, Alice Girl will be one of your best choices. This brand mainly focuses on sweet lolita clothing.

Weibo ID: Alicegirl花园小屋

ALICE GIRL's Hunter (Little Red Riding Hood)

ALICE GIRL's Candy Kitty

JSK/ Back Bowknot

Overall JSK


Candy Kitty Lolita Dress Matching KCCandy Kitty Lolita Dress Matching Hairband

Lolita Idol Dress JSK

3. C C CAT

C C CAT is a Chinese indie brand created by two girls. They love sweet dresses. They have many popular series among the Chinese lolita community.

Weibo ID: 吸吸猫Lolita

C C CAT's Rainbow Doll House
JSK(Bust Size 108-118cm)/KC


To Alice is a sweet lolita brand in China. Their dresses give off cute and sweet vibes.

Weibo ID: 熊之工作室

Their kawaii dresses often feature cute prints like orange, bunny, sweetheart beans, cow pasture, etc. Dresses' prices are around $40.00~126.99.

TO ALICE's Cow Pasture
Sailor Collar Top / Skirt Set
Cow Pasture Sailor Collar Top / Elastic Waist Lolita Skirt Set

TO ALICE's Candy Peter Pan Collar Bud Skirt
Candy Peter Pan Collar Bud Skirt Sweet Lolita Dress OP
TO ALICE's Sweetheart Beans
Sweetheart Beans Square Neckline Bowknots on Skirt Sweet Lolita Dress JSK
TO ALICE's Neon Doll Machine
Overall Dress
Neon Doll Machine Square Neckline Sweet Lolita Overall Dress

Classic Lolita Brands


FOREST WARDROBE is a classic lolita brand in China. It has many classic series like "Summer Pansy", "South of the Forest", and "North of the Forest".

Weibo ID: 森林衣橱

FOREST WARDROBE's South of the Forest


Weibo ID: 甜心贩售机

HONEY MACHINE's Little Detective


Weibo ID: 月桂树Lolita洋装

SWEET WOOD's Elegant Agatha Incident Book
Detective Lolita Jacket

Hime Lolita Brands


Weibo ID:  两只田园猫lolita原创设计

THE FIELD CATS's Song in the Moonlight
Hanayome Lolita Dress-Two Gorgeous Headpieces

THE FIELD CATS's Former Days Souvenirs
OP Set

9. Dawn And Morning Dew

Dawn And Morning Dew's Morning Dew Tea Party
JSK- light blue

Dawn And Morning Dew's Dawn Tea Party 

LOLLIPOPS's Shiro (White)/Kuro (Black) Hime Lolita Dress Series
JSK - With Big Bow

Ouji Lolita Brands


CASTLE TOO's Lost Heaven Series

11. Princess Chronicles

Princess Chronicles is an indie Lolita fashion brand, specialized in designing and making the Lolita substyle Ouji fashion clothes. Ouji fashion is a prince-style Lolita fashion, worn by both cool girls and boys.

Weibo ID: PC原创设计

Princess Chronicles's Bucket Turn Series
Ouji Lolita Outwear/Cape/Black Shirt/Waistbelt
Bucket Turn Series Prince Ouji Lolita Round Neckline Black Outerwear


Gothic Lolita Brands


Weibo ID: 钻石甜心_official

DIAMOND HONEY's Alice in the Wonderland



Cat Romance offers us very gorgeous designs, like the Laurel Lake collection and the gothic collection collaborated with Junji Ito.

Weibo ID: Cat_Romance猫咪罗曼史

CAT ROMANCE's Junji Ito Collaboration
Tomie Print Blouse and JSK Set

CAT ROMANCE's House of the Marionettes 

LOLLIPOPS's Gothic Qi Blouse/Skirt Set

 Punk Lolita Brands


Weibo ID: 桃乐丝之夜DorisNight复古洋装馆

DORIS NIGHT's Motorcycle Girl
JSK/Black Overdress/PU Girdle


Weibo ID: LilithHouse魔女集市


Qi/Han Lolita Brands

16. Yin Luo Fu

Yin Luo Fu is an indie lolita brand. They offer different styles of lolita clothing like sweet lolita, classic lolita, and even gothic. They have popular Qi Lolita series like "Monster Fight" and "Peony Pavilion".

Weibo ID: Lolita樱洛芙原创

Yin Luo Fu's Monster Fight
Monster Fight Lolita Dress OP
Yin Luo Fu's Peony Pavilion
Peony Pavilion Light Blue Han Lolita Dress JSK Set
Peony Pavilion Light Blue Han Lolita Dress JSK Set

Different indie brands will launch Qi/Han Lolita series from time to time. Just like those series below.

THE FIELD CATS's The Nine-Colored Deer
OP (light blue/red)

This full set includes a Han-style dress, a tassels brooch, a waist bowknot, a bowknot train, a KC, a feather hair clip, a lace shawl, and a handbag. The dress features a lace-up back, no shirring, and a lace design neckline.

ALICE GIRL's Angelica Flower
JSK/Bolero (Stand Collar Top)

OP(Gorgeous Version)/OP

DORIS NIGHT's Peacock Feather
Qi Lolita JSK Set

This Qi Lolita JSK set includes a JSK, a bolero, a cape, Overlays, a hairband, and two waist ornaments.

Wa Lolita Brands


Weibo ID: 魔法茶会_洋装工作室

MAGIC TEA PARTY's Fireworks Festival
High-waist JSK
(dark blue/wine red/black)

THE FIELD CATS's Falling Sakura
Wa Lolita Dress JSK Full Set

Plus Size Lolita Brands

18. NSG Lolita

Nan Shen Ge, aka NSG, is an indie lolita brand that offers a lot of plus-size lolita clothing.

Weibo ID: 南笙阁原创Lolita

NSG Lolita's Teddy Cake

NSG Lolita's Mint Kitten

NSG Lolita's Resplendent Night Sky


HARD CANDY offersKawaii clothing with plus sizes

Weibo ID: 硬糖大码原创HardCandy

    HARD CANDY's Navy Collar Short Sleeves Dress
Plus Size


Casual Lolita Brands

20. CuteQ

CuteQ is an indie Lolita brand that focuses on sweet lolita dresses for daily wear.

Weibo ID:  CuteQ-Official

CuteQ's  Akanegumo Gakuen
JK Uniform V-neckline Overall Dress JSK / Jacket Set
Akanegumo Gakuen JK Uniform V-neckline Overall Dress JSK / Jacket SetAkanegumo Gakuen JK Uniform V-neckline Overall Dress JSK / Jacket SetAkanegumo Gakuen JK Uniform V-neckline Overall Dress JSK / Jacket Set

CuteQ's Black and White Alice
Black and White Alice Tiered Flounce Skirt Lolita Dress JSKBlack and White Alice Tiered Flounce Skirt Lolita Dress JSKBlack and White Alice Tiered Flounce Skirt Lolita Dress JSK
CuteQ's Donuts Striped Lolita Overall Dress JSK
Donuts Striped Lolita Overall Dress JSKDonuts Striped Lolita Overall Dress JSKDonuts Striped Lolita Overall Dress JSK

Gothic Fashion Brands


Blood Supply is a gothic fashion clothing indie brand. They are popular for their pastel gothic daily wear.

Weibo ID: -血液供给-

BLOOD SUPPLY's The Fog Series
Velvet Cami Dress/Woolen Bolero

BLOOD SUPPLY's Gothic Medieval Vampire
Lace Velvet Long Mermaid Dress

Punk Fashion Brands

22. Black List

Black List is an indie brand that focuses on punk-style clothing.

Black List's Velvet Sweatshirt
Punk Drop Shoulder Long Sleeves Velvet Sweatshirt with Removable Choker

Black List's Barbie on a Music Box
Off-the-shoulder Top / High Waist Skirt
Barbie on a Music Box Off-the-shoulder Neckline Long Sleeves Top / High Waist Skirt


MR. YI' S STEAM LAND is an indie brand that focuses on steampunk clothing.You can find steampunk-style capes, coats, vests, shirts, pants, jackets, dresses, pleated skirts, etc. from this brand. Their accessoriesalso give off an strong steampunk vibe.

Weibo ID: 熠先生的蒸汽大陆

MR. YI'S STEAMLAND's Woolen Cape

MR. YI'S STEAMLAND's Coffee Vintage Removable Cape Jacket

Y2K Fashion Brands

Y2K fashion is a teens' fashion in the late 1990s and early-to-mid 2000s style. This gaudy aesthetic features low-rise jeans, ruffled miniskirts, huge and shiny belts, tight T-shirts, and other chic accessories that remind you of 2000s teens.

24. Sagi Dolls

Sagi Dolls is a young girls' clothing brand, with Y2K fashion and sweet designs.

Weibo ID: SagiDolls少女斗志

Sagi Dolls's Y2K Vintage Heart-shaped Slit Hem Flared Jeans
Y2K Vintage Heart-shaped Slit Hem Flared Jeans

There are also other indie brands that focus on Y2K fashion. They have many Harajuku-style garments that are suitable for hot girls who love Harajuku fashion.

Resting Pulse's Y2K High Waist Eyelet Belt Lace-trimmed Tiered Skirt
Y2K High Waist Eyelet Belt Lace-trimmed Tiered Skirt
FANLOVE's Y2K Metal Buckle Decorative Pants
Y2K Metal Buckle Decorative Pants
NO ROMANCE's Y2K Long Sleeves Oversize Full-zip Hoodie
Y2K Long Sleeves Oversize Full-zip Hoodie

Vintage Fashion Brands

25. Angel Fields

Angel Fields is an indie vintage fashion brand in China. It provides amazing vintage nightgowns which are very welcomed because of the comfortable cotton fabric and detailed vintage design. 

Angel Fields's Princess Sleepwear Cotton Pajamas Dress

Angel Fields's Marie Antoinette Movie Inspired Vintage Night Gown

Kawaii Fashion Brands    

26. Mori Tribe (SNBL)

Mori Tribe (SNBL) is an indie clothing brand focused onKawaii and Mori Kei styles. They have the newest Disney authorized collections, including Donald Duck & Daisy Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Judy Hopps, and Marie Kitten.

In addition, you also check this brand when need a cute mother and child matching look.

Weibo ID: 森女部落SNBL

     SNBL's Card Captor Sakura Authorized
Pink Polo T-shirt

    Pink Shorts

High Neck Zipper Jacket

SNBL's Madhouse Authorized Card Captor Sakura Sweatshirt
Star and Moon Drops / Pointed Collar / Back Embroidery

SNBL's Disney Authorized Donald Duck Dress
Short Sleeves/Empire Waist


27. KYOUKO   

KYOUKO is an indie brand that specializes in designing and making JK uniforms for casual wear. The Sanrio collection and Harry Potter collection are very welcomed.

Weibo ID: KYOUKO梗豆物语

KYOUKO's Sanrio Authorized Knitted Cardigan
JK Uniform/V-neckline
Sanrio Authorized Heart Shaped Buttons V-neckline Knitted CardiganSanrio Authorized Heart Shaped Buttons V-neckline Knitted CardiganSanrio Authorized Heart Shaped Buttons V-neckline Knitted Cardigan


Cat Wish is an indie brand that focuses on kawaii sweaters, cardigans, sweatshirts, and hoodies with cute prints. Their designs are not too over and very suitable for daily wear.

Weibo ID: catwish猫愿工作室

  CAT WISH's Space Travel
Black Hoodie with Gold Stars and Spacecraft Print

 CAT WISH's Peekaboo Game
JK V-neck Long Sleeves Short / Long Cardigan
Peekaboo Game JK V-neck Long Sleeves Short / Long CardiganPeekaboo Game JK V-neck Long Sleeves Short / Long Cardigan

29. MiTang BABY

MiTang Baby is a kawaii fashion brand that focuses on Sanrio Authorized cute clothing. You can find hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, cami tops, sweaters, cardigans, shorts, sweatpants, cami dresses, or jackets with Sanrio Characters Printslike Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, My Melody, and Kuromi.

Weibo ID: 一只蜜糖酱

 MiTang Baby's Full-Zip Hoodie
Sanrio Authorized Cinnamoroll / Pompompurin / My Melody / Kuromi

30. YuChaJia

YuChaJia is a kawaii indie brand that focuses on JK uniforms. They have many popular series of sweet JK uniform sets. Their JK pleated skirts feature original plaid designs.

Weibo ID: 御茶家YuChaJia

YuChaJia's JK Uniform Set
Overall Dress /Shirt / Wa Hooded Jacket
V-neck Overall Dress / Turndown Collar Shirt / Wa Hooded JacketWide Sleeves Wa Hooded Jacket / V-neck Top / Long Skirt Full Set
Wide Sleeves Wa Hooded Jacket / V-neck Top / Long Skirt Full Set

YuChaJia's Halloween White Night Spell
JK Pleated Skirt
Halloween White Night Spell JK Pleated Skirt
Halloween JK Navy Collar Long Sleeves Top

The brand, HARD CANDY, offers JK Uniforms with plus sizes.

HARD CANDY's Sanrio AuthorizedShirt/Skirt
Plus Size Sanrio Authorized Peter Pan Collar Short Sleeves Basic Shirt


HARD CANDY's Sailor Collar Prints T-shirt

That's all Top 30 Lolita indie Brands. Which one is your favorite? Do I miss any other brands that appeal to you? Please leave a comment!

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