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Cute and Playful, 10 Salopettes(Overall Dresses) Every Lolita Should Try

What is a salopette in Lolita Fashion?

"Salopette" is actually a French word. It means "dungarees" in French. Dungarees are one-piece clothing that consists of a loose-fitting pair of trousers, sometimes with a cloth used to cover your chest(a bib), and straps that are usually adjustable. It is similar to overalls, which people usually wear over ordinary clothes while doing dirty work. Salopettes are popular outside of Lolita Fashion and have returned to Women's Fashion again currently.

Salopettes have changed a bit to be "lolitable" in Lolita Fashion. Lolita salopettes would have the proper Lolita silhouette. They tend to have a short skirt style rather than a trouser style. They use cute border prints rather than simple denim. Basically, salopettes in Lolita Fashion still achieves a lolita fashion look and now "salopettes" can refer to any lolita overall short skirts/dresses with adjustable straps or lolita overall shorts made for Ouji Lolita in Lolita Fashion.

Generally speaking, a salopette is like an overall dress or skirt and is a cuter, less formal version of your typical JSK or OP Lolita dresses in Lolita Fashion. 

Why have salopettes become trendy in Lolita Fashion?

Some lolitas would say a salopette is not lolitable enough. So what on earth makes this kind of casual wear trendy in Lolita Fashion?

Salopettes are first used as a term for Ouji pieces referring to a pair of long shorts or shorter pants with a high waist and straps. They were made for Ouji outfits. However, salopettes officially stepped into Lolita Fashion due to the popularity of Fair Kei street fashion at the time. Around 2009, two famous Japanese Lolita brands- Angelic Pretty and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright labeled some of their new releases as salopettes.

Here are some examples below, the left one is Dreamy Dollhouse Salopette from Angelic Pretty, and the right one is Melty Chocolate Patch Salopette from BTSSB.

2009 Releases that were influenced by Fair Kei Fashion

You can see a miniskirt go over the top of fancy bloomers, or a romper-style overall dress and skirts in some releases from that time. Those new releases had a strong influence from Fairy Kei which is a causal feminine street fashion that has a strong kawaii and childish vibe.

Although fairy kei has now faded from view, the salopettes remains in Lolita Fashion and offers options for those who what to wear lolita fashion in a casual way. Apparently, salopettes now come with different sweet prints. This sweet romper-style salopette follows the same aesthetic as other sweet lolita dresses but is more casual because it doesn't need a bulky petticoat.

Some indie Lolita brands, especially sweet Lolita brands like To Alice, Alice Girl will release three versions of one series: OP, JSK, and Salopettes... they are just shaped differently in some parts but with the same prints.

Alice Girl's Chocolate Box Scoop Series:

Take Alice Girl's Chocolate Box Scoop Series as an example,  you can see three versions of the same design from the pictures above. As you can tell from the picture, the salopette version is made to fit loosely and be worn casually.

To sum up, salopettes(lolita overall dresses) are especially suitable for summertime as they are very cool and casual to wear and can bring you a strong cute or "fairy" energy.

OP V.S. JSK V.S. Salopette

OP — An one-piece is a dress with sleeves.

JSK — A jumper skirt is a dress without sleeves. It should be worn with a blouse or something that can cover your shoulders and arms.

Salopette — A lolita salopette is an overall short or an overall dress/skirt that has an overall bib with adjustable straps at the top or without the bit just have adjustable straps at the top. Salopettes are usually made to fit loosely and casually. (Please note that a lolita salopette would FIRST have a proper Lolita silhouette to achieve a casual lolita look.)

In general, a salopette is similar to a jumper skirt but it is more casual. It has a shorter skirt length. The length of the salopettes' skirt is normally thigh-high or knee-high, so you need to be more careful if you are a tall loli. The bodice is longer and less fitted than OP or JSK, which makes it more suitable for daily wear.  From my point of view, a salopette is also a little bit cuter than your typical OP or JSK, as it can give off a strong playful vibe.

10 Salopettes Every Lolitas Should Try

Here are 10 cute and playful salopettes you should try, Let's have a look now!

1. One-arm Bandit 

This vintage and playful denim overall dress has adjustable straps. It's covered with childish prints with lace trim. The bow and the skirt can be removed to become a headdress. There is a "lucky" word on the skirt. Both chest and back have a small printed pocket design. 

Style this denim salopette with a high neck striped top in pink, a pink cardigan, white ankle socks, and a pair of cute pastel pink flat shoes with a bow is a good choice.

2. Vintage Heart-shaped Bodice Asymmetrical Hem Overall Dress

This bittersweet dress features a heart-shaped bodice and a unique asymmetrical hemline. The Scottish plaid trimming design adds this overall dress a strong Scottish girl vibe.

I will style this dress with a beret with the accent of Scottish plaid patterns, a white peter pan collar blouse, white lace stockings with red bows, and a pair of simple black or matte red lolita shoes.

3. Sweet Dreams House

This dress is a typical sweet lolita dress from To Alice. To Alice is a sweet indie Lolita brand that mostly focuses on sweet lolita dresses. The dress length from this brand is normally shorter and is around 78~85cm. This dress is themed "Sweet Dream House" and has a hint of colorful flag element.


You can style this light blue or light pink overall dress with something cute like a cute peter pan collar chiffon blouse or kawaii cutsew (loliable jersey T-shirts with cute prints), cute plush animal bags, round toe lolita shoes with bows, and white ankle socks with ruffles.

4. Candy Kitty

The next sweet salopette is from Alice Girl --- a sweet lolita indie brand. It features many popular elements like patchwork design, 3D decorations, embroidery, and ribbons. The three-layered skirts add extra cuteness to the whole feeling. The lace-up back shirring can give your extra stretch.

I would style this overall dress with a big KC or a cute plush ear hairband, a peter pan collar blouse, some cute bracelets, a pair of ankle socks with a hint of pastel colors, and cute round-toe low heels.

5. Chocolate Box

Lolitas who love chocolate should try the "Chocolate Box" series from Cupid Cute. The chocolate prints on the dress are vibrant and adorable. 

You can style the red salopette with dark red shoes, style the beige one with black or dark brown shoes, and style the mint one with brown or blue shoes.

Apart from the salopette version this series also have OP and JSK version.

6. Go Spring Outing Duck 

This dress will be very suitable for a picnic for its combination of apricot, soft blue, and soft brown. It has duck embroidery on the front and a ruffled hemline covered with floral prints. The bowknots on the waist also have the same floral prints.

Any simple elegant blouse will match this dress and I finish the whole coordination with an apricot Mary Janes and cream or white ankle socks.

7. Rock Lolita 

This punk-style overall dress reminds me of a rock sweetie. It features a heart-shaped bodice, bowknots with black-white stripes, a Scottish plaid pattern, and adjustable straps with ruffles.

I would style this dress with a Martens, a polka dot or striped stockings, a really cool leather jacket, and a blouse or a black-white striped high-neck sweatshirt.

8. Bear Coronation

This dress is also a bittersweet one. It features cute bear coronation prints, a bowknot on the chest, a big bowknot with golden lines on the back waist, and four metal buttons on the bodice. The plaid pattern and the dropped waist make this overall dress much more casual.

Styling this dress with a matching plaid pattern beret, a pair of dark-colored Martens, or flatforms with buckle ankle straps would be a good idea.

9. Antique Toy Stores

This overall dress features a removable heart-shaped bodice, antique toy prints, adjustable shoulder straps, and an elastic waist. 


This dress is very versatile. It can be a sweet lolita dress styling with a cute peter pan blouse or a casual kawaii skirt styling with a simple prints lolita top.

10. Alice Adventure

The last recommendation is Alice-in-the-Wonderland-themed. It features a typical Alice white-blue color scheme, checkered patterns, and 4 poker badges.

Styling it with a checkered pattern stocking, a pair of blue Mary Janes, and a white lolita top would be a good idea.

That's all the 10 lolita salopettes coordination ideas for you. Which one appeals to me most? Do you have any other wonderful coord ideas for this romper-style lolita salopettes? Feel free to leave a comment.