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2022 Top 15 Recommended Christmas Lolita Dresses


Christmas is around the corner and we lolitas are all very ready to embrace the new year. But for us, it's also a great opportunity to upgrade our wardrobe with some Christmas-inspired lolita clothing!

Today, this blog will show you the top 15 recommended Christmas lolita coordinates that can be found on our website.  Hopefully, it will bring some inspiration to anyone who does not know what theme to choose this Christmas.

Coord 1:   Santa Claus Vibe Lolita Coord

Santa Claus Vibe Lolita Coord

*Link: JSK $72.25 Cape $51.08 • Plush Scrunchies $5.11 Knitted Top $25.43 Shoes $53.11


The dress and cape are both in a classic Christmas red, which always is our No.1 color choice when it comes to Christmas-themed lolita outfits. 

Those small pom-poms on the dress hem are adorable. The big plush balls on the shoulder straps, the white plush trim on the bust area, and the bowknot with a bell all give off a strong Santa Claus vibe.

On top of that, the lace-up design on the chest and the dress silhouette retains the aesthetics of lolita fashion perfectly.



Coord 2: Reindeer Vibe Lolita Coord

Reindeer Vibe Lolita Coord

*Link: JSK $39.00 • Antlers Plush KC $19.71 • Plush UTKs $7.29 Shoes $53.11


Reindeer is another welcomed theme for Christmas. And a KC, hair clips, berets, or even a plush hooded coat with antlers are all good accessories to build up a reindeer vibe Christmas lolita coordinate.


Reindeer Vibe Lolita Coord


Here are some deer-themed accessory recommendations on our site.


Antlers KC / Hair Clips 

Reindeer Gingle Bells Plush Christmas Reindeer Hairband






Deer Town  Hairclips



Antlers Berets 









Antlers Hooded Coat





Coord 3: Santa Claus Vibe Lolita Coord

Santa Claus Vibe Lolita Coord

*Link: JSK $39.00 • Velvet KC $18.99 Knitted Top $19.71 • Plush UTKs $6.14 Shoes $53.11


Not as sweet as the previous Santa Claus lolita coordinate, this one is more playful and with a touch of sexy. A pair of wine-red platforms can really slay, combined with a big head-eating bowknot KC and plush UTKs.

The whole dress-up has a strong atmosphere of Christmas celebration. The gingerbread man motif on the knitted top also adds some casualness.

Santa Claus Vibe Lolita Coord



Coord 4: Jing Bell Vibe Lolita Coord

Jing Bell Vibe Lolita Coord

*Link: OP $53.51 • Cape $34.59 • Bow Hairclip $8.23 Socks $9.99 Platforms $53.11


Red and Green are great color combinations for Christmas. This OP has this green trim on the collar and tiered skirts to make the whole dress a "Christmas tree" point. The ribbons on the sleeves and the bowknots with bells on the chest also have a nice expression of the feeling of the " Christmas gift". 

Ribbons are very suitable for Christmas, and that could be your standard to choose your headpieces and legwear.

Jing Bell Vibe Lolita Coord



Coord 5: Lunar Year Bunny Big Sister Vibe Lolita Coord

Lunar Year Bunny Sister Vibe Lolita Coord

*Link: OP $109.50 • Bowknot Clip $13.14 Plush Bowknot Train $29.19 • Mary Janes $49.00


This is the outfit that you can celebrate Christmas and New Year with. The upcoming new year is the year of rabbits and you can not miss this outfit if you are also a lover of Qi Lolita.

The OP is very Chinese Qi Pao style: the lucy red color, the mandarin collar, and the Pankou (Chinese Frog, a type of button). I really love the big train and bowknot hair clips, all of which are plush and suit for winter.

The OP also adds some maid elements with an adjustable apron. The embroidered bunny motifs on the apron are hyper-cute.

Lunar Year Bunny Sister Vibe Lolita Coord


Coord 6: Lunar Year Bunny Younger Sister Vibe Lolita Coord

Lunar Year Bunny Sister Vibe Lolita Coord

*Link: SK $72.00 • Sweater $28.00 • Bunny Ear Clip $13.71 • Leg Warmers $19.43 Shoes $53.11


You can try the skirt version if you want to be more casual. This "younger sister" vibe lunar new year lolita coordinate is more energetic than the one up there.

The bunny ear hairclips are very Chinese-style and are so cute that you want to have them right away. In addition to the leg warmers that make you cute, casual, and warm, ordinary plush socks are also a choice.

Lunar Year Bunny Sister Vibe Lolita Coord



Coord 7: Snow Rabbit Vibe Lolita Coord

Snow Rabbit Vibe Lolita Coord

*Link: JSK $28.29 • Knitted Top $28.00 • Leg Warmers $15.00 Mary Janes $49.00


Being bored with bold red every Christmas and New Year? Here is another color combination you can choose this year.

Behold this light blue plush JSK. It features a plush hem and a plush bust area, which keeps you warm on a cold day. Not to mention how well the houndstooth pattern and snowy days match!

You can totally put together a "snow rabbit" vibe lolita coordinate easily by adding a flurry bunny ear headpiece.


White Bunny Ear KC / Hair Clips








Bunny Ear Hooded Coat






Coord 8: Wine Red Kuma Lolita Coord

Wine Red Kuma Lolita Coord

*Link: OP $54.99 • Bow Hairclip $9.14 • Lace Tights $15.00 Mary Janes $53.11


People who like the daily lolita dresses with sweet prints also do not need to be discouraged.

Except for these lolita dresses with a very obvious Christmas and New Year's theme, even with dresses you already have in your wardrobe you can also put together a good Christmas lolita coordinate. 

All you need is a wine-red lolita dress, and a big bowknot hairband or hairclip. The motif themes can be teddy bears, deer, gift boxes, holy night dinners, or any desserts you like. To achieve a stronger Christmas vibe, you can pick up any deer antler KC as long as you like it.

Here is an example of a teddy bear print lolita dress, and of course, you can keep it the simplest way you like at Christmas. Adding a cute plush coat is also not a bad thing when you are out.



Coord 9: Christmas Sweets Vibe Red Lolita Coord

Christmas Sweets Vibe Red Lolita Coord

*Link: JSK $50.00 • Bowknots $5.00 • KC $15.00 • UTKs $16.90 • Mary Janes $53.11


Here come the lolita dresses with sweets print. And it's time to choose some Christmas-themed OTKs or UTKs to twist your ordinary sweet lolita into a Christmas lolita coordinate.


Christmas-themed Legwear

Crew Socks $12.50

UTKs $16.90

UTKs $16.90

OTKs $21.30









Coord 10: Christmas Dessert Vibe Brown Lolita Coord

Christmas Dessert Vibe Brown Lolita Coord

*Link: JSK $70.99 • Blouse $23.99 • Hair Ties $4.80 • KC $5.50 • OTKs $10.17 Shoes $42.30


The brown color is very trending in autumn and winter, especially in classic lolita. To achieve an elegant and decent brown lolita coord you need a pair of nice shoes.

Ankle boots, lace-up boots, and Mary Janes in dark colors are all good choices.


Recommended Lolita Shoes

with lining $42.16

with lining $47.70




with lining $13.00



Coord 11: Christmas Green Hime Lolita Coord

Christmas Green Hime Lolita Coord

*Link: OP $108.25 • Bow Ties $12.29 • Waist Belt $26.57 • Socks $7.03 Shoes $53.11


A royal princess at Christmas would be stunning in the crowd. And this fantastic dress is highly recommended for this Christmas!

This hime lolita dress really has a good balance between white and dark green. The dark green spread out on the dress hem, waist belt, cuff trims, ribbons, and bowknots on the shoulder, which is decent and elegant. The pearl ornaments on the details also add a touch of glory to this beautiful dress.



Coord 12: Strawberry Kuma Vibe Casual Lolita Coord

Strawberry Kuma Vibe Casual Lolita Coord

*Link: Overall Pants $54.75 • Sweater $29.46 • Hat $19.71 • Leg Warmers $29.19 Platforms $53.11


Strawberry and bear, both are favorites of sweet lolita. And there is no doubt that you can also be casual, warm, and sweet in cold winter.

Strawberry Kuma Vibe Casual Lolita Coord


There are many other kawaii plush overall pants you can choose from on our site.

Strawberry Pop-boo Bear Bowknot Detail Coffee Plush Overall Pants


Strawberry Pop-boo Bear Bowknot Detail Coffee Sweater





Coord 13: Christmas Tree Vibe Causal Lolita Coord

Christmas Tree Vibe Causal Lolita Coord

*Link: SK $42.70 • Sweater $64.50 • Bear Ear KC $9.00 • Socks $5.60 Shoes $42.30


This one is a typical "Christmas tree" vibe casual lolita coordinate. A tiered green skirt, a Christmas sweater, and an animal ear KC —— that's all you need!

Therefore, you can definitely try to put up your own Christmas casual lolita coordination by pairing a normal lolita skirt from your wardrobe with a Christmas sweater. Believe it or not, it's would be more in tune than you expect when you try it out as long as your whole outfit is in balance and still suits the lolita fashion aesthetic.


Recommended Christmas Sweaters

Christmas Tree Reindeer Gingerbread Man Santa Claus Snow Man Pattern Round Neck Green Sweater


Christmas Round Neck Bowknot Details Red Sweater


Christmas Tree Red Round Neck Sweater



Christmas Green Diamond Plaid Little Bear Pattern Round Neck  Sweater


Christmas Diamond Pattern Turtle Neck Red  Sweater


Christmas Dark Blue Diamond Plaid Pattern Round Neck Sweater


Christmas Tree Fleece Lining Winter Warm Sweater


Christmas Teddy Bears Embroidery Wine Red Sweat Shirt




Coord 14: Scottish Plaid Twin Lolita Coord

 Scottish Plaid Twin Lolita Coord

*Link: JSK $49.75 • Blouse $19.75 • KC $7.60 • Tights $6.00 Shoes $53.11


Lolita Dress with a Scottish pattern or tartan is also very popular in winter.  And you can click Tartan Collection to find more plaid dresses on our site.

This plaid dress has JSK and Sk versions, which allow us to make a twin lolita outfit with them.


Coord 15: Scottish Plaid Twin Lolita Coord

 Scottish Plaid Twin Lolita Coord

*Link: SK $42.25 • Blouse $19.75 • KC $7.60 • OTKs $10.17 Shoes $53.11


Except for the plaid pattern, there are also other popular patterns for us to make twin outfits.


Recommended Twin Outfits

Candy Castle Puff Sleeves Blouse+Overall Shorts Lolita Full Set


Magic Spiky Bowknot Details Short Sleeves Lolita OP


Magic Spiky Bowknot Details Short Sleeves Lolita OP

Candy Castle


End the War Color Black and Silver Lolita JSK Set / Blazer + Shorts Ouji Lolita Set


End the War Color Black and Silver Lolita JSK Set / Blazer + Shorts Ouji Lolita Set


End the War Color Black and Silver Lolita JSK Set / Blazer + Shorts Ouji Lolita Set

End the War


Letter and Poetry Black and Red Banded Collar Rose Embroidery Ouji Outerwear

$45.41 • $21.80

Letter and Poetry Black and Red Plush Hemline Velvet Lolita JSK


Letter and Poetry Black and Red Bonnet/Hat

Letter and Poetry


You can click Editor's Picks for 2022 Christmas to find more Christmas-themed clothing on our site.

Do you have any ideas for Christmas? Let us know by leaving a message below!