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Valentine's Day is coming up, are you ready for this year's Couples Coordinates? Wearing aesthetically pleasing is a must, and wearing a couples outfit with your boyfriends or girlfriend will let you have a great turnaround rate on the street!

When you trying to create a couple's coordination you must have such a problem: you don't want to appear outside in the same clothes as other couples.

The key of Couples Outfit can be more than two different sizes of the same style tops. You can create a CP vibe by following these few rules:
    ①You can choose clothing with the same color scheme. For example, you can wear a top and trousers in the same color to create the echo effect.
    ②Choose pieces with the same pattern or similar elements, like camouflage or plaid elements.
    ③The outfits can also just be similar in style, like Military-style, Alice in the Wonderland, and so on.
Coordinating this way, you can not only show off your sweetness but also be stylish.

Of course, you can also choose the already-match CP vibe outfits on our website. I recommend 20 couple clothes that I have collected for a long time to you. Let's have a look now!

COORD 1:  JSK/OP+Shirt

Black and White Alice

This Black and White Alice outfit has vibrant colors and Alice-themed prints. The JSK has a solid color top and a printed bottom, which is a typical fabric patchwork design. The patterns on the skirt body match well with the shirt.

The blue shirt goes well with the blue JSK,  while the black shirt goes well with the red or pink JSK. They all have a bittersweet vibe.

Beware of Dog

I love the lavender color scheme of this series! The JSK is elegant, stylish, and cute. The dog paw prints on the shirt are adorable, and It is not incompatible for men to wear.

Flowers in the Moon

This series also features the same pattern on the dress and shirts. They are bittersweet. The moon and flowers prints give off a myth and elegant vibe. 

It has a JSK version or SK with a shirt version to choose from for girls.

Cassette Tape

The shirt is stylish and retro for its cassette-tape-themed prints. The JSK version is cool and fancy, while the OP version is elegant.

Little Leopard Cat

This JSK and Shirt are classic and cool. Leopard print never goes out of style!

The next few coordinates are all sweet, have themes like cream, strawberries, cherries, and so on.

Strawberry Ranch

The polka dot patterns on the dress and shirt are sweet and elegant, bringing romantic French touch.

Fruit Cubes

The fruit cubes patterns on OP are cute, the pink trimming with little bowknots on cuffs and turndown collar is charming. The asymmetrical color design on the shirt is also a good point.

Strawberry Universe

The red JSK is bittersweet, while the pink one is sweet and 100% cute. The design of the black or white shirt is simple, the strawberry prints on the pocket complete the Couples Coordination.

Creamy Sweet Wine

This one is simple and cute. The whole pink scheme makes this OP a touch of old-school Lolita. The Pocket design in the shirt is stylish.

The Pokemon OP series is also old-school.

The dark blue OP with an apron reminds you of a maid, while the light blue OP is dreamy with its tulle overlay.

Spotted Dog

One JSK is an all spotted pattern design, the other is a different color patchwork design. You can also wear it with your close girlfriend!

The shirt here does not have the same pattern as the JSK anymore, instead, it has a subtle design with the same color scheme. 

COORD 2:  JSK/OP+Sweartshirt/Hoodie

The usage of sweatshirts or hoodies will make your Couples Coordination more casual and suitable for cold weather.

Fruit Cubes

The patchwork with hoodie and skirt is creative. The red and black patchwork design in the hoodie makes the whole style cool and sweet.


Putting on a hoodie over a JSK is a new fashion, as long it matches the dress!  Sweatshirt for man shares the same color scheme with girl's hoodie.

Gingerbread Bear

There is another OP with the creative patchwork with hoodie and skirt below. The brown color and the bear-shaped plush fabric on the top make it a great choice for autumn and winter.

Long Playing Record

The style of this dress is classic and retro for its prints of phonograph disc records. Each color option has a different design: the green one has a patchwork design, while the blue one is an OP and the yellow one is a JSK.

In addition to the regular Sweet/Classic Lolita dresses above, there are some less everyday themes to choose from, like Military style, Nurse-themed, Qi/Han/Wa Style, Ouji style, Gothic style, Elegant/Aristocrat Style, JK style, and Sport/Daily-Wear style.

COORD 3: Military Style

Little Sentry

The OP features a studded girdle, pointed hem, two pockets on the skirt, and an open-front skirt design. The shorts are also one-piece. It features a turndown collar, a hangover chain, and shoulder badges.

The following military lolita dresses are recommended to wear with your best friend.

Oath of the Judge

The tooling shorts feature a pocket front. The long basic skirt features a pleated skirt, ruffled hemline, and a high waist with buttons front. The basic shirt features short sleeves, a pocket front, and a turndown collar with star decorations. 

Mega Snake II

This OP has a turndown collar, short sleeves, and asymmetric skirt. It's very cool and I 100% recommend you to wear it with your bosom friend.

COORD 4: Ouji Style


This preppy style Ouji outfit is very elegant. 

The vest has pointed lapel collars. The coat features a lapel collar with embroidery and double breast. The cape also has royal embroidery on the lapels. 

Alice Detective Agency

The outfit below is Ouji style. It coordinates well with the OP.

The vest features a stand collar with tie front, long sleeves, buttons front, V-neck, a placket with two buckles, back with lace-up, and pointed hem.

COORD 5: Nurse-Themed

Nurse-style OP below is another challenging theme of CP Coordinations.

The white shirt features a red or blue cross on the placket and red or blue trimming on the cuffs, which is both suitable for girls and boys to wear.

COORD 6: Qi/Wa Style



This Qi style dress has a strong Chinese Qipao style. The OP has a Mandarin collar, plush cuffs, and tiered hem. Sleepy cats on the dress are adorable! The robe for man features a plush collar, a girdle with plush trim, and a Tibetan or Mongolian ceremonial scarf.


The next Qi-style CP Coordinate is very cute for its panda patterns.


Paddy and Lotus

The Haori below is suitable for girls and boys.

The biggest feature of this coordination is its Japanese monster prints. The image of the moon and clouds on them add a mysterious vibe.

Wolf Detective

This Wa-style Lolita JSK has a strong Japanese Ninja vibe. It also has a touch of a gothic feeling.

The matching bolero has Chinese cheongsam buttons and wide sleeves. The JSK has many Japanese Ninjia relative elements, like amulets and wolves prints. It features a square neckline with a bowknot front, a hangover amulet ribbon, an empire waist, a shirring back, and a flounce hemline.

The satin shirt is very gothic and matches well with a JK skirt.


The outfit below has vibrant prints and bright colors.

It's a great choice to wear at Fireworks Festival!

Paper Crane Legend

This Wa-style is very elegant and has a strong poetic flavor.

It's a great choice for girls to wear together. There are three combinations as shown below.

For CP Coord, the combinate will be completely different by changing the Haori or just wearing the black shirt without a Haori.

COORD 7: Gothic Style

The dark and cool gothic style is also worth trying.

Animal Disease Building

The biggest feature of this dress is its grey and black color combination in the turtleneck sweatshirt.

The disabled nurse bunny prints add a terror vibe to the dress and sweatshirt. The black tulle overlay and animal-disease-building patterns on the dress are mysterious and dark. You can also change the style by using a girdle on the waist.

Borken Bunny Doll

The OP features a navy collar and black-red or white-red stripes. The JSK also has a patchwork navy collar. The patterns of broken bunny dolls, swords, and crosses are very gothic, which has a great Halloween vibe.


The crossbody bag is also available on our website.

Doll Collection

This series's prints are puppets and dolls themed. This shirt has a similar color scheme to match the dress. The colors and prints are not identical but go well with each other.

COORD 8: Elegant/Aristocrat Style

The Duke of Death and His Maid

This maid-style OP is very elegant. It features a lace collar with a blue bowknot front, long bishop sleeves, and elaborate golden rose prints on the skirt.

The shirt has a tie, buttons on cuffs, and rose prints. The tie of the shirt has the same color as the roses prints.


This OP features an uneven hemline, metal buttons front, and a navy collar. The Jacket for men is elegant and matches well with the girl's dress.

Dueling Chess Pawns

This suit is very retro and reminds you of a knight from Europen old age. The skirt is also very elegant and gothic.

COORD 9: JK Style

JK uniforms are a new tendency now. Here are some JK-style CP Coordinate below.

Alice Academy JK Uniform Set

This JSK is an American-style JK uniform set, which you can wear with your boyfriend.

Plus Size Castle College Couple Suit

This basic suit jacket features a lapel collar, two metal buttons front, and a school crest on the chest.

Academy Couple Padded Baseball Jacket

This padded jacket features a round neckline, long sleeves, a placket with five buttons, and a pocket on both sides.

Liquid Cat

The print sweater features a round neckline and long sleeves. The double-layer skirt features an elastic waist and drawstring design on the hemline.

The cardigan features a v-neck, long sleeves, a placket with five buttons, and two pockets on the front.

The print dress features a bat collar, long puff sleeves, and an empire waist. The matching short vest has a V-neckline, chain decoration on the front, eyelet lace-up on the back waist, and a pointed hem. 

COORD 10: Daily-Wear Style

The couple sport sets below are also very recommended for couples to wear daily.

Mickey Mouse Retro College Street Style Hoodie / Pants

The hoodie has long sleeves and an embroidery front.

Winnie the Pooh Tigger Couple Hoodie

This couple hoodie has asymmetrical plush patterns on the sleeves, which is unique and cute.

Nick Wilde Green Couple Winter Down Jacket

The winter down jacket is made from cotton. The red fox ears decoration on the hoodie is very cute.

Couple JK Long Sleeves Full-zip Hoodie

This couple hoodie has two ghost shape plush balls, which gives off a strong Halloween vibe.

Gothic Print Oversize Couple Hoodie

This gothic couple hoodie features a round neckline with metal chain crops decoration, long sleeves with metal ring crop decoration, and a print pattern front the chest.

Strawberry Daily

The shirt below is very bittersweet, which will be cool to wear with your boyfriend.

Goose Goose Goose

The theme of the couple set below is about the goose. It's cute and fresh to wear in summer.


The stare series set below is very elegant and stylish. The color scheme is very fairy tale.

That's all the ten recommended CP Coordinates, what do you think about those coords? Do you have any other coords that appeal to you? Please tell us by leaving a comment!