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Souffle Song

Souffle Song (Neverland Lolita Taobao) is a very popular and professional brand of lolita clothing.

Their collections cover almost all lolita styles, they not only have the well known sweet, classic, gothic styles, and the all white SHIRO and all black KURO styles collections, also have collections themed as HIME (royal princess style), punk, sailor, academic and so on.

The update of Souffle Song is very frequent, so keep your eyes on!

All Souffle Song dresses can be customized, and an extra $10 will be charged as a customize fee, please leave us a message if you want a customized size, and cannot find the way to pay the customize fee.

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Light and Night Elegant Lolita Dress OP
Light and Night Elegant Lolita Dress OP
20% OFF