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Size Guide

Content of This Paragraph

  • Clothing Size Conversion
  • Garment Size Chart VS Body Size Chart
  • How to Get Body Measurements
  • Shoe Size Conversion
  • How to Get Foot Measurements

Clothing Size Conversion

Firstly, all sizes of charts are listed in centimetres. We are an Asian-based boutique so all ready-to-wear's reset sizes are CHINESE sizes.

All dresses are not in a standard size though they are from different indie brands who have different size ranges for the same Letter Size from each other. So all tops, shoes and other kinds of stuff are in the same situation. 

Mainly, the apparel of us falls into the Miss US size 4-14. 

If you are in US 16 or over, Custom Size part is highly recommended.

US, UK, EU to Chinese Size Conversion

US UKEURec. Size in Our StoreBust in inchWaist in inch
Bust in cmWaist in cm

Each Stuff are listed in DIFFERENT SIZE. Please check every size chart carefully and select the size according to the exact data of the size charts rather than choosing the size depending on the habit.

Measure Ways of Different Measurements

Measure at Girth


Waist/Underbust Girth


Sweep/Upper-arm Girth

Thigh Girth/Calf Girth

Measure at Diameter/Length

Shoulder Width

Full Length

Garment Size Chart VS Body Size Chart

You may notice that size charts for clothes may be titled with TWO different names in our store-GARMENT SIZE and BODY SIZE.

GARMENT SIZE CHART lists data that measured from the garment. Normally, there is a 1-2 centimetres manual error in measurements. Deduct 3 centimetres from the Bust and Waist measurements of the charts for leaving the space of movement; deduct 5 centimetres or more especially for heavy winter apparel or when under wearing will be added.

Ex. 1  Garment Size of a Dress

(no elasticity on bust and waist)

Garment Size in cmSML
Full length929394

If a person is in bust 84 cm and waist 70 cm, size M will be fit. Size S will be tight on the waist. M size will be more suitable.

When Garment Size Charts list measurements in different ranges(usually in Bust and Waist girth), it always means that the stuff features elasticity on its bust and waist parts. Choose the size according to the upper limits and use the same way above to find fit clothes.  

Ex.  2 Garment Size of a Dress

(features elasticity on bust and waist)

Garment Size in cmSML
Full length929394

S size will be fit for the person lists in example 1. 

BODY SIZE CHART is a size chart that indicates the fit human body size range. When reading this kind of size charts, please select one size directly according to your own measurements. 

Ex.  3 Body Size Chart of a Dress

Body Size in cmSML

The charts are the same but this time it offers the fit body measurements. Now size S will be fit for person lists in example 1. 

Sometimes, Body Size charts lists data feature different ranges. 

Ex.  4 Body Size Chart of a Dress Features Data in Ranges

Body Size in cmSML

How to Get Body Measurements

Here are the standard ways to acquire all measurements that used to choose the sizes in the store or getting the right data for a custom product.

(1) Shoulder Width: The length from one side of shoulder acromion to the other side of shoulder acromion. The tape should horizontally to the floor and alongside the skin of back when measures. 

(2) Armhole Girth: Wrap the tape measure from the shoulder to the armpit and back up to the shoulder. 

(3) Upper Arm Girth: Measures at the mid-point of the acromion (boney point of shoulder) and the olecranon (boney point of elbow) the upper arm. 

(4) Waist: The circumference of the waist and measures at 2 centimetres above the navel. 

(5) Bust: The circumference of the breasts and measures at the fullest part of them. 

(6) Underbust: The circumference just under the bust. Please keep the tape horizontally to the floor when measures. 

(7) Hips: The circumference that measures at the fullest part of hips. 

(8) Thigh Girth: The circumference that measures at the thickest part of the thigh.

(9) Calf Girth: The circumference that measures at the thickest part of the calf.

(10) Leg Length: It refers to the true leg length. True leg length is from ASIS to the tip of the medial malleolus. ASIS is an abbreviation of ‘Anterior superior iliac spine’. The video of how to measure the ‘True Leg Length’ is

(11) Shoulder to Waist: It measures on the front size of the body. It measures from the level of shoulder acromion and to the horizontal level of the waist. Keep the tape vertically to the floor and flattering the body shape. 

(12) Arm Length:From shoulder acromion to the wrist.

Here is the garment measurements:

Shoe Size Conversion

Standard Chinese Shoe Size Measurements

StandardChinese Sizes NumberFit Foot Length(millimetre)
Fit Foot Width(millimetre)

Shoe Size Conversion

Attention: The chart is for reference only. There are so many shoe size standards so the chart might not be applicable to all situations.

How to Get Foot Measurements

(1) Foot length: The length of a person's foot is commonly defined as (a) the distance between two parallel lines that are perpendicular to the foot and (b) in contact with the most prominent toe and the most prominent part of the heel. (Quoted from Wiki)

(2) Foot width: The width of a person’s foot is defined as (a) the distance between two points that measured at the widest part of the foot. 

(3) Foot girth: Foot girth is the circumference of the widest part of the foot.

(4) Instep girth: It is the circumference that measured at the instep part of the foot.