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Purchase and Payment

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Payment Methods

Here are 2 available payments methods on the store: PayPal and Credit Card. 

For PayPal methods, anyone who owns a PayPal account could pay through it.

For credit card methods, a payment could be completed by Visa and MasterCard. 

Common Reasons for Couldn’t Add An Item to Cart

 1) A required option hasn’t been chosen, just like ‘Color’ option or ‘Size’ option. 

 2)A required option is empty, just like the picture below. Please contact with Devilinspired by email: [email protected] under this case.

 3) Other cases. Please contact with Devilinspired by email: [email protected] and offer a screenshot of the trouble if at convenience. 

How to Apply a Discount

 Firstly, you should know the coupon code of a specific discount or offer. Then apply the code in the ‘Use Coupon Code’blank on ‘View Cart’ page. Here are the illustrations:

Add items to cart, then clicking cart button:

Apply the code in the corresponding blank:

How the Difference Transferred Between Each Other

Pay difference to Devilinspired:

Devilinspired has a virtual good in the store. The link is 

You could pay 1 dollar difference to Devilinspired for each piece of it. For example, if you need to pay 15 dollars’ difference, the quantity on this page should be changed to be 15. The next steps are the same as a normal order. The single part that is different is the cost of the shipping fee. Because this is just a virtual order and you have paid the shipping fee for the original order, the shipping fee of the virtual order will be zero.

Difference transferred from Devilinspired:

In back-end of Devilinspired, there is a transaction number for every payment. The refund(difference) will be transferred to the original PayPal account or Credit Card when it occurs. 

Normally, the refund will need 2 weeks to be effective.