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Processing Time & Total Waiting Time

Devilinspired is an official Lolita fashion and Kawaii fashion Taobao reseller. According to the different lengths of needed time that one item could arrive in Devilinspired’s warehouse, all items could be classified into 3 kinds:

1)Pre-order items:

The business of pre-order items splits the purchase of one item into 2 parts-the acceptance of orders and the processing of orders.  Therefore, customers need to pay 2 times for the front money and the left balance. In our store, the price of the pre-order items are the full amount and we will pay the front money and the balance on behalf of you. That would be more convenient for our dear customers to buy pre-order items on Devilinspired.  

The business doesn’t have any stock when it starts to accept the order of the pre-order item. The business produces the item according to how many people had paid the money for the item during a LIMITED time of the acceptance of it. The processing times that stated on pages are depending on the estimate from business. So the exact processing time will be not so accurate.

Here are two sub-modes under this situation: 

1. Time-Limited Acceptance Pre-order 

2. Quantity-Limited Acceptance Pre-order

In the first situation, customers who want to get the item should make an order within a specific period of time. For example, if a page displays that the pre-order ends on one day of the month, only customers who place the order on or before that date will get the item successfully. And in the second situation, there isn’t an exact deadline of the acceptance. Instead, the business could only produce a specific quantity of the item. And the pre-order will end when the purchase number reaches that quantity. 

Total waiting time of ‘Time-Limited Acceptance Pre-order’ items is: 

From Now to the Deadline + Stated Processing Time + Shipping Time from Devilinspired’s Warehouse to Destination

Total waiting time of s ‘Quantity-Limited Acceptance Pre-order’ item is: 

Stated Processing Time + Shipping Time from Devilinspired’s Warehouse to Destination

2) Make-to-order Items:

Make-to-order item is produced since an order was placed. The processing times of them might different from each other and are depending on the exact businesses. Please note that the processing times are estimated by corresponding businesses, so they may not so accurate. Devilinspired states the processing time of one item after ‘Processing Time’ on ‘Time of Shipping Out’ part. 

Total waiting time of ‘Make-to-Order Items’: 

Stated Processing Time + Shipping Time from Devilinspired’s Warehouse to Destination

3) Stock in indie shops:

This kind of items is the stock in different indie shops’ warehouse. When an order is placed, Devilinspired firstly inspects the exact inventory situation of all items, if there aren’t any problems, then starting to purchase items according to the order. After items arrive at the warehouse, Devilinspired arranges the shipment. Averagely, Devilinspired needs 2 weeks to check the inventory on Taobao, receive the stock from businesses and arrange the shipment.

Total waiting time of Stock in indie shops:

2 weeks + Shipping Time from Devilinspired’s Warehouse to Destination

Shipping Time and Methods

Shipping time is the transportation time of one parcel from Devilinspired’s warehouse to hands of customers. Here are 2 shipping methods available: ‘Expedited Shipping’ and ‘Standard Shipping’.

When a parcel is shipped by ‘Expedited Shipping’, it is shipped by International Express companies, mainly FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS and etc. For ‘Standard Shipping’, the parcels are shipping by ePacket mainly. 

We have long term partnership with Official or Agencies of International Express companies/postal service. When the parcels are handed over to them, we could not withdraw the shipment and the shipping will occur inevitably.  

Average estimated shipping time:

 Expedited Shipping: 5-7 days

 Standard Shipping: 15-25 days

Please note the estimated is are only for reference, the actual time might be different according to the actual condition. 

Tracking websites of some international express companies and China Post:





SF Express:

China Post:

ePacket and How to Tracking An ePacket Parcel

ePacket delivery is a shipping option offered by POST OFFICES between different countries. It is an agreement between the US Postal Service (USPS) and Hong Kong Post.


Asia Japan, Indonesia, Israel, Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam

Austria,  Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg,

Netherlands,  Norway,  Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,  United Kindom, Ukraine

North America Canada, USA
South America Brazil, Mexico
Australia, New Zealand
Arica /

(Refers from the official  ePacket  website, might have changes)

The delivery range of ePacket:

(1) United States - all territories and all overseas military mailing addresses;

(2) United Kingdom - the mainland and the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man;

(3) France - only the mainland, overseas territories cannot be delivered, including Corsica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Reunion, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Mayotte;

(4) Other countries and regions - only mainland. 

Support languages of ePacket are English; Japanese; Italian, Spanish and Russian. So please choose one language from these five when filling in the shipping addresses if choose ‘Standard Shipping’ methods in Devilinspired. 

How to track an ePacket parcel:

When a parcel is entered transportation system, customers could track it on both website of China Post and destination country’s Official Postal Office’s website. For customer who locates in the USA, parcels could be tracked on the website of USPS; for customers who locate in the UK, parcels could be tracked on the website of Royal Mail, and for customers who locate in France, parcels can be tracked on La Poste. Customers in other countries/locations could use the same ways to track. 


We really beg your forgive that Customs duty is out of our control for this situation. We can't guarantee there will be always no tax fee. And dear customers are responsible for the tax fee if it occurs.

In order to avoid high tax fee, the descriptions of your parcel would be ‘Dress sample’ or ‘Gift’, and the claiming value of your item(s) would be much lower than the practical value.  

Unfortunately, if your parcel is held by customs, we will contact you timely by email. Please pay more attention to your mailbox and offer the relevant information that needed.


1. P.O. Box or APO/FPO addresses could only be shipped by ePacket shipping method even if the expedited shipping method was chosen. 

2. Please remember to leave TEL/PHONE number. Otherwise, the parcels will not be able to ship. 

3. The shipping fee will automatically change along with the weight of the parcel.

4. For customers who from Brazil, please leave a message to provide your 11-digit CPF number.