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Qi/Han Lolita

Qi / Han Lolita is a mixture of Lolita and traditional Chinese clothing Qipao and Hanfu(Chinese Han Dynasty costumes). 

Qipao(Chinese Qing Dynasty Costumes, aka Cheongsam) is very popular in Qi Lolita while Hanfu is very popular in Han Lolita. 

Qi Lolita often has special Chinese-themed prints (like Chinese Palace Lanterns, fans, butterflies, etc.) and details (like mandarin collars, Chinese frogs, etc.).

Han Lolita features a very high waistline and long flowing sleeves.

Han Lolita is similar to Wa Lolita. Click Wa Lolita v.s. Han Lolita to tell the differences between them.

This collection includes Qi Lolita dresses, lolita tops with Qiao-style collars, Han Lolita dresses, Chinese-style prints clothing, and other accessories.

Click Wa Lolita to check out the Japanese style lolita outfits collection.

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