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Lolita Legwear Shop Guide For Lolita Newbies

In this article, you gonna learn about how to choose a suitable length or type of legwear in Lolita Fashion.

Legwear is essential in Lolita Fashion. A lolita fashion without socks/stockings/tights would lose a part of the soul of the kawaii aesthetic. The reason is that Lolita Fashion's main goal is to cover most parts of the body and the socks will block the ankle which has a certain age-defying effect.

The socks in Lolita Fashion are very exquisite, mostly with lace or ruffle decoration. All kinds of simply designed lolita shoes as long as matched with a pair of cute lace socks, immediately have the feeling of lolita fashion.

How to Shop a Suitable Legwear for Your Wardrobe

Step 1. Check the Main Piece's Skirt Length

If the lolita dress's skirt length is around 40cm, then the dress would reach half of your thighs such as punk lolita or idol lolita dresses, so OTKs or Knee-highs would be good choices. Tights are also good if you want to be more modest or for cold weather.

If the lolita dress's skirt is around 55cm, then the dress would reach over knee or knee-high. This length would be slighter longer and sweet lolita dress length is most in this range. You can choose any length of legwear to suit this length of lolita dress.

If the length is below the knee, most elegant gothic lolita dresses are in this length, then you can choose shorter socks/stockings like mid-calf, crew-length, or ankle socks to finish off your coordinate.

Step 2. Choose One That Matches the Theme/Color

The color of your legwear should be lighter or slightly lighter than your main piece's color in case the focus may shift away, especially when you choose a pastel-colored dress.

Likewise, you can also choose lolita legwear depending on the theme of your main pieces. For example, if your dress has Alice-in-wonderland-themed prints then you can choose stockings/socks with poker or bunny elements as long as the color is also matching.

Step 3. Check the Legwear Size Before Buying

There are mainly three important data in the size chart of legwear on our site: Full Length, Boot Height (Crew Length/Tube Height), and Max Leg Girth.

How to Shop Lolita Legwear Properly:

Take lolita legwear indie brand ROJI ROJI's size chart as an example. My calf girth is 40cm and my shoe size is 23.5cm. The OTKs' crew height is 55cm, max body girth is 56cm, and free size (22~25cm shoe size). So the sweet lolita OTKs below would definitely suit me.

Step 4. Clean and Clear

If you are new to lolita fashion, you need to be careful with some lolita legwear, especially those made from glass fiber fabric.

Glass fiber socks are made of glass fiber and a small amount of spandex blend, with relatively good elasticity and excellent breathability, and are comfortable to wear. Glass fiber socks, like nylon socks, are easy to hook so be careful when you wear or wash them.

*Note: There are a few threads inside the glass fiber socks, the threads are left due to the machine cutting line, which is a normal phenomenon.

Cotton Socks are also commonly seen in lolita fashion. It has good elasticity and is breathable, soft, and comfortable to wear. It's not easy to hook, has vibrant prints, and is suitable for autumn and winter. It may be slightly deformed after overstretching (if your leg circumference is large, there will be a tight feeling and the socks will be strangled). It also pills if you rub too much.

Velvet Socks/Stockings/Tights are very stretchy and commonly used in OTKs and Knee-highs. They are warm and comfortable. 20~40 denier velvet socks are also easy to hook, so be careful about that. We have all kinds of velvet stockings/tights on our site.

Types of Lolita Legwear

We divided some common lolita legwear according to length(mostly boot height (crew/tube height) on our site. You can find all kinds of exquisite lolita legwear on our site by clicking here.

1. Tights/Pantyhose

Tights/Pantyhose covers the area from the waist down to the end of the toes. Tights are often used in the U.K. which refer to close-fitting opaque covering. While pantyhose, also known as Nylons or sheer tights, are often used in the U.S.

Actually, tights and pantyhose are slightly different. Pantyhose are usually under 40 deniers and tights are above 40 deniers. So normally tights are thicker than pantyhose and better for cold weather. Pantyhose are normally sheer or semi-sheer, which suits for wear in summer. 

Printed Lolita Tights (120D)
Sakura Print Lolita TightsBowknots Ribbon Print TightsCotton Strawberry and Bowknots Print Tights

Symmetrical Cross Ribbon Bowknots Prints White Lolita TightsSymmetrical Lace Prints Striped Punk Lolita Tights

Sheer Tights (10D/20D)
Sheer TightsBunny Print Nude TightsSheer Butterfly  Print Tights

Semi-sheer Tights (20D/40D)
Cutout Front Small Bowknots Lolita TightsBowknot Criss-cross Pattern Summer Lolita Tights
Candy TightsStarfish and Gravel 20D Summer Lolita TightsJoker Tights

Gothic Lolita Tights 
To Die To live Gothic PantyhoseGothic Hollow Out Lace Striped Mesh TightsGothic Steampunk Vintage Lace Eyelash Tights
Gothic Hot Asymetrical Mesh TightsGothic Hot Star Mesh TightsBowknot Details Gothic  Lolita Tights

Solid Color Lolita Tights (80D/120D/140D)
Basic Style Solid Color TightsBasic Style Solid Color Tights
Striped Pattern Lolita TightsHeart Pattern Tights

Winter Lolita Tights(500D)
Winter Lolita Cotton Tights with BowknotsWinter Lolita Cotton Tights with BowknotsWinter Lolita Cotton Tights with Bowknots
Winter Lolita Cotton Tights with BowknotsWinter Lolita Cotton Tights with BowknotsWinter Lolita Cotton Tights with Bowknots

2. Thigh Highs (OTKs)

Thigh highs, or over-the-knee socks, cover the area from the end of the toes to the middle area of the thigh. Overknee socks/stockings' tube height is above 50cm. Thigh highs' tube height is above 60cm

They match well with lolita dress with mini skirts.

Sweet Prints OTKs
Love Cycle Velvet Over Knee StockingsKitty Print StockingsHalloween Striped Print Lolita Stockings

Summer Sheer/Semi-sheer OTKs

Flower Wedding Dress Sprcial Version Over-knee StockingsDream to Be Alice Lolita Overknee StockingsDiamond Glass Filament Stockings

Gothic Lolita OTKs
Scissors Cotton Knitted Gothic Lolita Over Knee StockingsCroto's Heart Spider Web Gothic Lolita Overknee Stockings
Print Design Over Knee StockingsBowknot Details Heart Print StockingsStaff in November Lolita Overknee Stockings

Punk Lolita OTKs
Harajuku Spider Web Overknee Punk Lolita StockingsCool Asymmetrical Hallow Punk Lolita Stockings

Solid Color OTKs
Secondary element Solid Colore PantyoseSolid Color Overknee StockingsRuffle Trim with Bowknot Cuff StockingsLace Ruffled Cuff Overknee StockingsBlack Bowknot Beading Chain Overknee Lolita StockingsRed Bowknot Front Overknee Lolita StockingsPlush Teddy Front Overknee Lolita StockingsWine Red Bowknots Overknee Lolita StockingsBlack Bowknot Overknee Lolita Stockings

3. Knee Highs (UTKs)

Knee highs, also known as under-the-knee socks or over-calf socks, cover the area from the end of the toes to the lower part of the knee. So knee-high socks are actually below your kneecaps. The tube height of knee highs is 35~45cm.

Print Sweet Lolita UTKs
Alice in Wonderland Lolita Asymmetric StockingsThe Monster Lolita Cotton StockingsMacaron Lolita Stripe StockingsHalloween Lolita Cotton Stockings
Bandage Colorful JK Uniform Winter Lolita StockingsRibbed Trim Cotton Print Stockings
Polka-dot Pattern Bowknot Details Stockings

Ruffled Cuff UTKs (Old-school)
Lolita Bowknot Underknee StockingsLittle Jenny Lolita Bowknot Underknee Stockings
Ruffled Cuff Gemstone Chandelier Print StockingsRuffled Cuff Kitty Print Stockings

Sheer/Semi-sheer Lolita Summer UTKs
Heart Polka Dot Lolita Mini Bowknot Underknee StockingsSheer Criss-cross Lolita Mini Bowknot Underknee StockingsCross Holy Covenant Underknee StockingsCotton Cloud Summer Two-styles StockingsRuffled Cuff Bowknot Details Overknee StockingsArtificial Gem Ultra Thin Cross Underknee Lolita StockingsFloral Pattern Nylon Under Knee StockingsLace Underknee Lolita JK StockingsBeige Under Knee Lolita Stockings

Elegant Lolita Knee Highs (Classic Lolita)
Diamond Pattern Cotton Under Knee StockingsNutcracker Lolita Cotton Underknee Stockings
Artificial Gem Underknee Lolita Stockings

Punk Lolita UTKs
Girls Flounce Lace Lolita StockingsGothic Angel Leg Wear with Chain Underknee Lolita StockingsPrint Design Cotton Stockings

4. Calf Socks

There are two tube heights in calf socks — over-calf, and mid-calf socks. Over-calf socks cover the whole calf and reach the upper part of the calf. While mid-calf socks reach the middle part of the calf. Over-calf socks' tube height is 30~40cm and mid-calf socks' tube height is 25~30cm.

Mid Calf Lolita Socks


5. Crew & Ankle Socks

Crew socks, also known as running socks, are longer than ankle socks and reach up to the mid-calf. Short crew shorts' tube height is 12~15cm, normal crew socks' tube length is 16~19cm, and long crew socks' tube height is 20~24cm.

Knitted crew socks are sporty and suit for four seasons. The prints on them are vibrant and go well with sweet lolita.

Semi-sheer crew socks made from tulle, glass filament, or lace organza are breathable, cute, and suitable for wear in summer.

Ankle socks with ruffles are also popular in lolita fashion, which gives off a strong old-school, retro, and elegant vibe. Ankle socks' boot height is 5~8cm.

 Long Knitted Crew Socks (Sweet and Classic Lolita)

Short Knitted Crew Socks

Ruffle Ankle Socks (Elegant Lolita)
Satin Ruffle Trim SocksElegant Satin Ruffle Cotton Lolita SocksFlounce Lace Trim Lolita Socks
Sweet Whimsical World Asymmetrical Lolita SocksAegean Sea Sweet Lolita Flounce Ankle SocksAegean Sea Black Lolita Flounce Ankle Socks
Gem Sweetheart Sweet Lolita Flounce Ankle SocksBear Print Lace Details SocksLace Flounce Ankle Lolita Socks

Semi-sheer Summer Socks
Akuya Lolita SocksElegant Plaid Bowknot Ruffle Lace Lolita SocksSummer Plaid Bowknots Socks
White / Black Glass Filament Lolita SocksFlounce Ankle Polka Dot / Striped Lolita SocksSweet Heartbeat Lolita Socks

6. Leg Warmers & Loose Socks

Leg warmers and loose socks are both  '80s fashion styles. Leg warmers cover the lower legs, similar to socks but thicker and footless. Leg warmers are worn to keep warm in colder weather and are suitable in punk lolita.

Loose socks, or bubble socks, are a style of baggy socks worn by Japanese high school girls. They expressed rebellious deviation from Japan's strict dress code for school uniforms in the '80s. It's a part of Kogal ("schoolgirls") culture and Fairy Kei.

Loose socks can flatter plump calves and are mostly seen in 不良JK("bad schoolgirls") or Y2K hot girls' outfits or Fairy Kei kawaii outfits. It works well with punk lolita sometimes.

Leg Warmers & Loose Socks —— (Y2K Fashion, Casual Kawaii Fashion, Fairy Kei)
Knitting Lolita Leg WarmersKnit Leg WarmersY2K Buttons Front Knitted Legwears
Y2K Red Plaid Rivet Cross Decorative LegwearsAerospace Bunny JK Uniform Lolita LegwearsAerospace Bunny JK Uniform Lolita Legwears

*All the above socks are suitable for people with 30~45cm calf circumference(depends on different indie brands), people who are larger than this size can choose custom size or plus-size available items.