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Six Proper Steps to Shop for Plus Size Lolita Fashion

This blog is going to talk about how to shop for plus-size lolita fashion properly. If you are plus-size and very new to Lolita Fashion this blog will give your practical steps for you to follow.

Step 1: Know Your Measurement

The first important thing is to know all your measurements before your start shopping. You can get all your body data according to the body measurement chart below.

Tips on How to Properly Measure Yourself:
a. Just grab a measuring tape to wrap it around any part of your body you want to measure. 
b. Make the tape as flat as possible and make sure nothing is drooping when measuring if you want to get an accurate measurement.
c. You need circumference measurement for the bust, waist, hips, wrist, arm girth, thigh girth, and so on. 
d. But for shoulder, leg, and bodice we need length measurement instead. Especially when you are buying blouses or OPs.
e. For shoulder-length measurement, you can stick the tape on one seam of your t-shirt shoulder and measure to the other seam then you can get your full shoulder width.

You can read the blog Body Size Measuring Guide & Website Clothes Size Guide to find more details about the questions of "Am I measuring right? How to get my body measurement?" and "Which size should I choose? How to choose the right size for myself?"

Step 2: Understanding Chinese Clothing Sizes 

There is a huge disparity between US sizing and Chinese sizing. The fact is Chinese size runs smaller in major lolita brands on our websites. So don't be frustrated when you find things labeled as plus size friendly and then eventually find out that they are not plus-size according to the American standards. 

American Sizing V.S. Chinese Sizing

For instance, a size L in China would be a size 10 in the US. A US 18 is considered plus-sized while a Chinese size 3XL(equal to a US 14) is considered plus size. Chinese Size 2XL is generally equal to a US 12 according to the clothing size charts below.

NOTE 1: Almost all Asian sizes of charts are listed in centimeters

NOTE 2: All the garments areNOT in a standard size because they are from different indie brands. Please check the actual garment size charts in the description of the item before purchasing.

NOTE 3: Most garments on our website generally follow the Chinese Clothing Size chart above, but some garments that are specially made for plus-size lolitas run bigger than other garments.

Here is the other countries' clothing size chart that you can refer to.

Step 3: Knowing the Information of Plus-Size Models/Influencers

The model card will give us the most direct information about whether this lolita clothing will suit us or not. Here are a few model cards from our website, which you can check out as a reference before adding anything to your shopping cart.

Plus Size Lolita Models' Information on Devilinspired
  • 2. Rui Rui(蕊蕊)
  • Height: 161cm
  • Weight: 72kg
  • Bust/Waist/Hip: 103/88/105cm
  • Brand: Hard Candy
  • Clothing: Retro Teddy OP Size XL
  • 3. Xiao Zhu (小猪)
  • Height:163cm
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Bust/Waist:102/98cm
  • Shoulder Length: 38cm
  • Brand: NSG Lolita
  • Clothing: Forest Bookmark JSK Size XL/L
  • 4. Xiao Qin(小琴)
  • Height: 158cm
  • Weight: 62kg
  • Brands: Cheese Day
  • Clothing: Fairy Tale Dream Snow Size L
Plus Size Lolita Influencers from Weibo/Xiaohongshu
  • 1. Dengdeng
  • Weight: 70±2kg
  • Height: 160±2cm
  • Bust/Waist/Hips: 105/77/100cm
  • Shoulder Length: 36~37cm
  • Shoes: 230~235cm 
  • Clothing: Size L/XL, rarely Size M
  • Weibo ID: @网友小夜灯
  • 2. Nainai
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Height: 165cm
  • Bust/Waist: 96/77cm
  • Shoulder Length: 37cm
  • Shoes: —
  • Clothing: Size L/XL
  • Weibo ID: @桃园奈子cookie
  • 3. Y-Kun
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Height: 163cm
  • Bust/Waist/Hips: 98/80/102cm
  • Shoulder Length:  —
  • Shoes: —
  • Clothing: Size L/XL/XXL
  • Weibo ID: @Y 君酱酱子
  • 4. Caomei
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Height: 165cm
  • Bust/Waist: 98/79/104cm
  • Shoulder Length:  37.5~38.5cm
  • Shoes: —
  • Clothing: Size M/XL
  • Weibo ID: @一只大草莓r_
  • 5. Feichang
  • Weight: 75kg
  • Height: 170cm
  • Bust/Waist: 97/81cm
  • Thigh circumference: 60cm
  • Calf circumference: 40cm
  • Clothing: Size L/XL
  • Xiaohongshu ID: Feichang111
  • 6. Ao-Kun
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Height: 161cm
  • Bust/Waist/Thigh/Calf: 100/76/60/38cm
  • Shoulder Length: 41cm
  • Shoes: 230~235cm
  • Clothing: Size XL/XXL
  • Weibo ID: @嗷嗷嗷傲君
  • 7. Zhizi
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Height: 158cm
  • Bust/Waist: 100/82cm
  • Shoulder Length: 39cm
  • Shoes: 230~235cm
  • Clothing: Size L/XL
  • Weibo ID: @-椎川千枝子-
  • Xiaohongshu ID: 959511421
  • 8. Kuangbao
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Height: 156cm
  • Bust/Waist/Hips: 85/74/104cm
  • Shoulder Length: 38cm
  • Shoes: 230~235cm
  • Clothing: Size L/XL
  • Weibo ID: @框宝框宝
  • Xiaohongshu ID: 946125507

Step 4: Find Your Perfect Fit

We always don't know how to find our perfect fit when shopping online, especially when you are in plus size. There are extra things you should consider when purchasing a garment as a "plus-size" Lolita girl. Don't worry about it because here are some tips on how to choose a plus-sized lolita dress that fits you well. I hope those tips can really hope you!

Tip 1:Always Have Pre-allowance for extra size (4cm at minimum)

The key factor to getting the right size for yourself is the pre-allowance for extra size. Allow the garment you buy slightly larger than your body size. The range of 4~8cm is acceptable or you can depend on your needs.

Tip 2: Choose Dresses with Full Back Shirring orPartial Shirring

Dresses with Full Shirring & Partial Shirring

Shirring is probably the greatest invention when it comes to lolita. Since the fabric is gathered by a special technique that uses elasticized threads, the shirring part can expand and tighten when needed.

But it doesn't mean that a dress with full back shirring is going to stretch enough to fit you. So you still need to check the detailed size chart before buying, it will normally give you a range of sizes that you can refer to.

Tip 3: Choose Natural Waistrather than High Waist 

You'd better choose a natural waist dress rather than a high/empire waist if you have a big bust.

A high waist dress sometimes makes you look like a pregnant lady, especially when the dress doesn't have a good fit. In a world, a high waist design will highlight your bust which is not friendly for plus-size girls.

Take the Size XL dress below as an example, the natural waist normally has a bodice length of 36cm while the high waist has a bodice length of 33cm.

Natural Waist(36cm Bodice)      High Wasit(33cm Bodice) 

In addition, there are also other factors you should consider if you have a big bust. The upper part of the dress should be as simple as possible, try not to have large lace, ruffles around the bust, floral prints, and other complex decorative elements, these will make the chest look bigger. Just remember to choose a dress that can show your waistline well

Tip 4:Choose OPs with a Narrower Shoulder Line or JSKs with Wider Straps

Choose an OP with a narrower shoulder line or a JSK with straps that are not too close together if you have a wide shoulder.

Tip 5: Beware of OPs with Puff Sleeves 

You should also beware of puff sleeves OPs if you have a wider shoulder.

But it doesn't mean an OP with puffed sleeves will always make you look like a "rugby player". The puffed sleeves with a good shoulder line can perfectly hide your actual shoulder width, refine your upper arm line, and adjust your head-to-shoulder ratio. A good shoulder line is a little bit further in than a normal dress, which most puffed sleeves OP would have on our website. 

Tip 6: About How to Choose Neckline or Collar Types of OPs or JSKs

It's difficult for plus-size girls to choose between OPs and JSKs. OPs have a better fit and comfort than JSKs. While JSKs can have more coord options.

For the design of OPs or the matching blouses for JSKs, here are some rules you can follow to narrow your shoulder width: The square neckline is better than the round neckline, the large neckline is better than the small neckline, large puff sleeves are better than small puff sleeves, large lapels are better than small lapel, and small lapels are better than stand-up collars.

Tip 7: Pay Attention to the Bodice Length if you have a Big Bust

Bodice length is shoulder to the waist length and is also known as torso length. Make sure you check the bodice length so that you can have enough space for your bust.

Tip 8: Pay Attention to the Sleeve Length if you're tall

It's embarrassing when you find the length of the sleeves insufficient. So make sure you check the sleeve length of the dress if you are tall.

Tip 9: Pay Attention to Bicep Length/Cuff Girth if you have a wide shoulder/bigger upper arm

If the bicep length is available you can use it as a comparison to your arm girth. Or you can choose shoulder length to make sure your upper arm has enough space.

Tip 10: Beware of any "free-size" Items

They will not stretch enough for you most of the time. For example,  one-size legwear is your last choice if you are tall or have thick thighs.

Step 5:  Shop from Plus Size Friendly Lolita Brands

Here are some recommended indie lolita brands that sell plus-size lolita clothing. Most of the brands have, at the minimum, a bust of 98cm and a waist of 92cm.

1. NSG Lolita

Nan Shen Ge Lolita, aka NSG Lolita, is an indie lolita brand that offers a lot of plus-size lolita clothing.

Weibo ID: 南笙阁原创Lolita

 Blank Letter Shirring JSK
L(Bust: 88~110cm)    XL(Bust: 105~130)

Lily of the Valley OP
XL/2XL/3XL    Bust: 108~130cm

Resplendent Night Sky OP
XL/2XL/3XL    Bust: 104~120cm

Honey Plaid JSK
Bust:<105cm    Waist:<100cm

Forest Bookmark JSK
Bust: 98~110cm Waist: 92~104cm

Forest Bookmark OP
Bust: 98~110cm Waist: 92~104cm

Wings of A Butterfly JSK
Pink/Black/Beige     XL/2XL/3XL
Bust: 91~105cm Waist: 78~84cm

Oil Painting Series Seeker Shirring JSK
Large    Bust:120~135cm

Oil Painting Series Quiet Environment OP
XL/2XL    Bust: 110~125cm

Oil Painting Series Lakeside Shirring OP

Oil Painting Series Early Summer Lolita Shirt
XL    Waist:90~110cm

 Mint Kitten SK

Wasit: 75~110cm Length: 65cm

Teddy Cake SK

Wasit: 79~110cm Length: 65cm

Cotton Lolita Shirt
Bust: 90~120cm


HARD CANDY primarily offersKawaii clothing with plus sizes. It also offers some plus-size lolita clothing.

Weibo ID: 硬糖大码原创HardCandy

Rosette Embroidery JSK
Bust:92~118cm    Waist:106~130cm

Retro Teddy OP

Miss Daisy Vest/Shirt/Skirt Set
Bust: 104~130cm Waist: 76~118cm   

 Heartbeat Warning JSK

Notre Dame Convent OP
Bust:106~130cm    Waist:90~114cm

Sweet Cherry Cami Dress
Bust:90~130cm    Waist:80~126cm

 Christmas Magic Night OP
Bust:106~130cm    Waist:90~114cm

 Life Passes Like A Dream Wa Lolita Cami Dress/Haori Set
Bust: 80~132cm

Sanrio Authorized CharactersKawaii Dress
Bust: 108~132cm    Waist:90~114cm

3. Lollipops Lolita

Lollipops Lolita is a sweet indie lolita brand but it sometimes offers plus-size versions specialized for plus-size girls.

Princess Marionette OP
XL/2XL   Black/Beige/Lavender
Bust: 104~116cm    Waist: 88~110cm
High Waist Bodice:33~34cm    Natural Waist Bodice: 36~37cm

Princess Marionette JSK
XL   Black/Beige/Lavender
Bust: 93~112cm    Waist: 78~97cm
High Waist Bodice:33cm    Natural Waist Bodice: 36cm

Princess Marionette Lolita Shirt
Bust: 98~104cm    Waist: 82~88cm
Shoulder Length:36~37cm

4. Plus Size Kawaii Brands

Cheese Day is a plus-size kawaii brand that offers casual kawaii outfits.

Cheese Day Collection

Fairy Tale Dream Snow White Dress
Bust: 108~120cm    Waist: 98~110cm

Hazelnut LatteFake Two-piece Dress
Bust: 120~132cm    Shoulder: 62~65cm

Songli Tea Plaid Dress
Bust: 120~130cm    Shoulder: 43~46cm

Captain Blue Plaid Overall Dress
Bust/Waist: 102~114cm    

Step 6: Custom Sizing is Recommended if you're in US 16 or over

In addition to these plus-size brands, there are many Lolita dresses on our website that have XL or over 2XL sizes or even offer custom size service. Such as Plus Size Wa Lolita, Plus Size Gothic Lolita, Plus Sweet Lolita, Plus Classic Lolita, etc.

If you are in US 16 or over, the Custom Size service is highly recommended.

There are plenty of indie brands that offer custom-size services on our websites. You can click Custom Size Collection to find items that offer custom-size services. They are made especially for plus-sized lolitas.

1. Plus Size Wa Lolita Dress

Falling Sakura JSK 
Custom Size Available     Purple-red/Pink/Black
Size XL    Bust: 99~110cm Waist: 90~100cm

Nine-Tailed Fox Striped SK
Custom Size Available     White-Red/Black-Red
Size XL    Waist: 78~90cm

2. Plus Size Sweet Lolita Dress

Strawberry Prints Shirring JSK
Custom Size Available    Red/Pink/Mint/Ivory
Size XL Waist: 93~108cm Waist: 80~92cm Bodice: 36cm

3. Plus Size Elegant Lolita Dress

Magic Night in Museum Shirring JSK
Custom Size Available     Light Blue/Dark Green/Wine Red/ Beige/Black
Size XL Bust:93~108cm   Waist:80~92cm

4. Plus Size Classic Lolita Dress

Ode To Joy Shirring JSK
Custom Size  Bust<120cm Wasit<100cm
L/XL/2XL Bust: 100~102cm Waist: 92~100cm Bodice:38~40cm

Asian Impressions Shirring JSK
Custom Size Available    White/Black/Dark Blue
Size L    Bust: 87~102cm  Waist: 82~94cm

5. Plus Size Gothic Lolita Dress

Dark BalletFairy Skirt JSK 
Custom Size Available     Rose Red/White/Black
Size XL    Bust:93~108cm Waist:80~92cm

Little Witch Shirring JSK
Custom Size Available
Size XL     Bust: 81~111cm   Waist:72~99cm   Bodice:35cm

That's all the 6 steps you need to take before buying a plus-size lolita dress and I hope this blog can really help you. Please leave a comment if you have any other suggestions for plus-size lolita girls!