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25 Budget Lolita Dresses Under $39.9 for Lolita Newbies

If you are new to lolita fashion you would be very intimidated by the price of lolita fashion. You don't know where to find budget lolita and how to afford a full set of adorable lolita outfits wisely at the beginning, especially when you are a high school/college school student and your budget is very tight.

However, there are a lot of lolita dresses from indie brands there for you to discover, most of which are cheap and of good quality. This article will provide some tips for those who are not as fortunate or have financial struggles BUT still want to participate in this fashion.

The 25 recommendations in this article are all under $39.9 and a whole lolita coord under $100, such as sweet, classic, gothic, and so on, will show in this article as an actual reference for you.

What's more, the dresses on our site are all designed and distributed by indie brands and are free from low quality, lace monster, and itchy fabric issues. So don't worry about replicas and low-quality issues here. If you're a lolita newbie that doesn't know where to buy cheap lolita, come check it out! 

1. 7 Tips on How to Buy Lolita on a Tight Budget

Tip 1: Shop Off-brand

We all know that big lolita brands like Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, Alice on the Pirates, etc. are really expensive. Therefore, some off-brands would be a good choice for lolita newbies. They are so much cheaper and just as good of quality too.

As far as I'm concerned, you don't need to buy brands to be a lolita. There are so many fantastic indie brands here which provide good-quality lolita fashion at a reasonable price.

Tip 2: Never Buy Replicas

If you do want to buy brands, then don't buy them new you can try them secondhand.

Always remember that "there is no free lunch." and be aware of those websites that sell brands with low prices. What they sell are 100% replicas. It may seem like the cheaper option but in reality, you are literally just wasting your money and time and end up getting a dress that you will never wear out to meet-ups.

All in all, stay away from replicas.

Tip 3: Choose Items that Match Your Wardrobe

When you are shopping for lolita dresses and accessories, you'd better try to buy items that you know you can wear with other items in your wardrobe. Otherwise, it would stay in your closet with dust forever and definitely be a waste of money.

Making sure everything matches well in your wardrobe is the key to reducing impulsive shopping.

Tip 4: Don't Bundle

Don't Bundle unless you are putting together a new lolita coord. If you are newbies you can definitely add more to the same order to save on shipping.

However, if you just need one specific item you'd better stop the extra purchases. You would spend less overall if you just buy one object that you want, and you would be happier with your purchases overall. This will reduce unnecessary purchases. Even if you later decide to buy another thing the total savings would outweigh the additional shipping.

Tip 5: Stick to One Style or Theme at the beginning

It's wise to have the same general style and theme if you are lolita newbies with financial struggles. Limiting yourself to one style will limit you to a similar color scheme.

For example, a white blouse will match every sweet lolita dress well. And then, you can choose a black or pink one when you have an extra budget. They go well with Gothic or Classic lolita.

Tip 6: Limit Your "Must-haves"

Don't buy too many basics like blouses and petticoats. They are cheaper than the main pieces but the quantity will increase uncontrollably.

In my opinion, a good quality petticoat can be used for years. Click the article All Things about How to Choose the Most Suitable Lolita Petticoat to know how to choose a suitable petticoat.

A white blouse is perfect as your first one to match everything. And always let your JSKs and OPs decide your next versatile blouse.

For shoes, a pair of simple mary jane shoes would be enough for most styles. The suitable colors are black, white, brown, or pink. Black is perfect when you are starting out and you'd better have another one in those colors for cold weather.

Tip 7: Buy things that you "like and will wear"

If you don't like it just think the items will be used one day then don't buy them.  Also, make sure you will wear it because sometimes you will not wear it outside even though you do love it.

To sum up, never buy things that you will wear "someday."


2. Recommendations: 25 Lolita Dress under $39.9

The dresses recommended in this collection are all under $39.99.

There is currently a "Sitewide Free Standard Shipping over $169" sale on our site, so why not take this opportunity to build your budget lolita wardrobe by following the tips provided in this article?

 Budget Sweet Lolita Dresses 

(1) Kitty Print knot Lolita JSK

 JSK $18.82 

Dress Length: 95cm \ Bust: 86~105cm \ Back Shirring

This dress feature three color options and cute kitty prints. The white blouse, cut print OTKs, and pink flat shoes will put together a good sweet lolita coord on budget.


Affordable Sweet Lolita Coord Idea ① —— Pink Coord
 Blouse $14.00Chiffon Off-the-shoulder Middle Sleeves Lolita Blouse  Matching Blouse $6.80
Sweet Heartbeat Overknee Stockings
Tea Party Shoes $37.00 
Grand Total(including JSK): $76.62


(2) Sweet Candy Kitty Print High Waist Lolita JSK

 JSK  $19.00 

Dress Length: 92cm \ Bust: 74~104cm \ Back Shirring

JSK/Blouse/Overlay Full Set $30.43

Blouse: Sleeve Length: 46cm \ Bust:110cm \ Full Length:50cm

Overlay: 200*62cm

This JSK has 4 color options: purple, blue, pink, and apricot. It features a white bib bodice with two bowknots and sweet original motifs. The elegant cats on the prints are in different postures and very cute.

What's more, the matching overlay and blouse would add a touch of romance to the whole look. The matching blouse is also very affordable which is semi-sheer and features star lace patterns.


Affordable Sweet Lolita Coord Idea ② —— Purple Coord
 JSK $19.00   Matching Blouse $11.43 

Matching Overlay $2.86

Tea Party Shoes $37.00

Grand Total:  $67.43


(3) Shell Jacquard Polka-dot Ruffle Hemline Sweet High Waist Lolita JSK

 JSK $24.54 

Dress Length: 94cm \ Bust: 74~98cm \ Back Shirring

 Matching Blouse $10.25

Blouse: Full Length: 47cm \ Bust: 74~98cm \ Shoulder Width: 36cm \ Sleeve Length:61cm

This light blue jumper skirt features jacquard fabric, showing shell patterns under the light. It also has lace details and bowknots decorated on the bodice, and the overlay over the dress is fixed and sheer. The matching white trumpet sleeve blouse is also at a reasonable price. Lolita who loves the sea theme should try this outfit!

It would be much more lovely to have the shell-shaped bag below to match this dress.

Affordable Sweet Lolita Coord Idea ③ —— Sky Blue Coord
Tea Party Shoes $31.59
Bow Accents A Bit Round Low/Middle Heels Mary Janes

Seashell-Shaped Bag $19.50

Grand Total (Including JSK+ Blouse):  $85.88


(4) Bear and Bunny Print Sweet Lolita JSK

JSK $25.39

Dress Length: 92cm \ Bust 76cm \ Back Shirring

This sweet JSK is at a very reasonable price. The bear and bunny print is vivid, and the lace trimmings and the bowknot on the chest are all of good quality.

Always remember that print lolita dresses go well with print OTKs like the lolita coord idea shown below.


 Affordable Sweet Lolita Coord Idea ④ —— Yellow Coord
 JSK $24.54   Peter Pan Collar Blouse $17.00Chiffon Peter Pan Collar 3/4 Sleeves Lolita Blouse
Print OTKs $8.30Little Candy Cotton Over Knee Stockings

Heels $29.00

Grand Total:  $78.84

(5) Bunny Print Bowknot Details Drawstring Lolita JSK

JSK $28.08

Dress Length: 92cm \ Bust 76cm \ Back Shirring

The bunny print on this dress is very cute and vibrant. You can match it with print OTKs or ruffle cuff white socks. For bags, sweet lolita matches well with heart-shaped bags or cute plush crossbody bags.


 Affordable Sweet Lolita Coord Idea ⑤ —— Blue Coord
JSK $28.08
Heart-Shaped Bag $11.14Large Size Heart-shaped Zip Closure Sweet Shoulder Bag
Print OTKs $7.70Holy Scepter Velvet Over Knee Stockings Heels $29.00
Grand Total:  $75.92


(6) Doris Red Lace-up Bodice Doll Print Tiered Flounce Hem Sweet Lolita JSK

JSK $39.30

Doris Red Lace-up Bodice Doll Print Tiered Flounce Hem Sweet Lolita JSK


(7) Alice Blue Diamond/Heart-shaped Pattern Print Sailor Collar Long Sleeves Lolita OP

OP $23.97

Bunny Print Ruffle Shoulder Straps Overall DressBunny Print Ruffle Shoulder Straps Overall Dress


(8) Bear Diary Bear Print Polka-dot Bowknot Details High Waist Lolita JSK

JSK $29.19

(9)  Cherry Dessert Print Lace-up Detail High Waist Lolita JSK

JSK $17.14

(10) Cherry Print High Waist Sweet Lolita JSK

JSK $18.86

(11) Bear Bunny Strawberry Print Plaid Pattern Lolita JSK

JSK $18.86

(12) Sunflower Bear Print Plaid Pattern High Waist Lolita JSK

JSK $17.14



 Budget Old-school Lolita Dresses 

(1) 5 Colors Halter Neck High Waist Short Puff Sleeves Lolita OP

 OP $27.39 

Dress Length: 89cm \ Bust:83~102cm

Sleeve Length:18cm \ Shoulder Width:35cm \  Back Shirring

This one-piece dress has a strong old-school vibe. It features many exquisite lace details and ruffled pleats on the dress. An old-school rectangle headband, solid colored socks with lace ruffles, and a pair of cute flat shoes would put together a good old-school lolita coord on budget.


Old-school Lolita Coord Idea ① —— Red Coord
OP $27.39 Rectangle headdress $8.54 

Ruffle Cuff Socks  $5.00
Small Bowknots Girls Underknee Lolita Stockings

Tea Party Shoes $37.00 
Grand Total:  $77.93


(2) Halter Neck Tiered Skirt Lolita OP with Removable Long Sleeves

 OP $34.02 

Dress Length: 92cm \ Bust: 74~98cm \ Back Shirring

Removable Sleeve Length: 45cm

This jumper skirt has a strong Rococo vibe. It features removable trumpet sleeves and lace details. You can put on the sleeves for a romantic and old-school look, or take off the sleeves for a cool and fresh summer look.


Old-School Lolita Coord Idea ② —— Blue Coord
OP $34.02 Tea Party Shoes $29.00
Bow Accents Alice Tea Party Mary Janes

Bowknot KC $5.68

Ruffle Cuff Socks  $5.00
Grand Total:  $63.70


(3) Cherry Manor Ruffle Neckline Cherry Decorative Bodice Bowknot Hem Lolita JSK

JSK $28.54


(4) Bear Diary Bear Print Polka-dot Bowknot Details High Waist Lolita JSK

JSK $29.19


 Budget Gothic Lolita Dresses 

(1) Dragon Driving Witch Girl and Dragon Print Lace-up Detail Sweetheart Neckline Tiered Skirt Lolita JSK

 JSK $39.73 

This gorgeous dress is themed with "dragon driving witch girl", the print is original and very gothic.

JSK $39.73
Dragon Driving Witch Girl and Dragon Print  Lace-up Detail Sweetheart Neckline Tiered Skirt Lolita JSK
Original Print "dragon driving witch girl"


You can choose the black version of this JSK to put together a dark gothic lolita coord on a budget under $100. Just find a pair of black mary jane shoes,  a black blouse from your wardrobe, and maybe a gothic headdress or a handmade choker to match it. The white version is also very gothic if you want to create a gothic "White Queen" vibe.


Here is an example of putting together a gothic lolita coord on a tight budget under $100 from our site.


Affordable Gothic Lolita Coord Idea ①
Blouse $13.20
Ruffled Round Neckline Short Sleeves Lolita Perspective Blouse

Headpieces $7.00
Forest Deer Lolita Dress KC / Hairband / Hairlip

Socks $7.50Girlish Black Lace Patchwork Cotton Socks

Shoes $27.29

Grand Total:  $94.97



(2) Ancient Castle Night Dragon and Girl Print Peter Pan Collar Long Sleeves Lolita OP

OP $28.54

This one-piece dress is another recommended one for gothic lolita. It features "ancient castle, night, dragon, and girl" prints, the prints even show up on the sleeves, white trims on ruffled hemline, bishop cuffs, and bib neckline.

The bow tie on the chest and bowknot on the waist adds a touch of elegance to the whole dark look. It goes well with any black socks and shoes.


Affordable Gothic Lolita Coord Idea ②
Solid Colored Socks $4.40
Girls Overknee Lolita Stockings
Tea Party Shoes $37.00 
Grand Total(including OP): $69.94


(3) Castle Print High Waist Bowknot Button Decoration Short Sleeves Lolita OP

OP $23.97

Dress Length: 92cm \ Bust: 83~102cm \ Sleeve Length: 18cm \ Shoulder Width: 35cm \ Back Shirring

This OP features pearl button decoration and cross patterns on the chest, sheer overlay, castle print, and short sleeves. The black version is a good choice for putting together a dark gothic lolita coord while the white version reminds you of white witches in the church.

The black version of this dress goes well with the second gothic lolita coord idea above.

(4) Diamond Pattern Girl Print Stars Tassels Hemline Lolita JSK

JSK $18.86


 Hime Gothic Lolita Dresses 

(1) 5 Colors Lace-up Detail Sweetheart Neckline Tiered Ruffle Lolita JSK

JSK $28.54

Dress Length: 74/76/78cm

Bust: 80~100cm/88~104cm/96~110cm

This solid-colored dress's biggest feature is the lace-up details on the bodice. The fabric is a jacquard fabric in which you can see exquisite floral patterns. The sweetheart neckline adds a lot of sweetness to the overall look.

The black and white version is pure and romantic, reminding you of a young bride at the wedding. The other color options are cute with a touch of a "hot girl" vibe.


Hime Lolita Coord Idea ① —— Black Coord
JSK $28.54
Heels $29.00
Grand Total(including OP): $57.54


(2) 7 Colors Bowknot Ruffle Neckline Flounce Hemline Lolita JSK

JSK $24.54

Dress Length: 78/80/82cm

Bust: 76~88cm/78~90cm/80~92cm

This jumper skirt also gives off a wedding bride vibe. The color options of the lace-up are lighter than the first hime lolita dress above. What's more, the bowknot on the chest makes this dress cuter.


Hime Lolita Coord Idea ②—— Black Coord
JSK $24.54
Heels $29.00
Grand Total(including OP): $53.54


(3)  Red Rose Ruffle Neckline Thin Shoulder Straps High Waist Lolita JSK

JSK $19.97

Red Rose Ruffle Neckline Thin Shoulder Straps High Waist Lolita JSK


 Budget Classic Lolita Dresses 

It's hard to put together a classic lolita coord on a tight budget. The key is to find a floral print or oiling painting print lolita dress with a below-knee length.

(1) Plus Size Blank Letter Criss-cross front Lolita Dress JSK

JSK $35.99

Plus-size budget lolita dresses are also available on our site. The dresses above have Size XL for 105~130cm bust.


(2) Plus Size Oil Painting Series Seeker Lolita Dress

OP $35.99

Oil painting print dresses or skirts are a very good choice to put together a library or museum lolita coordinate.

In fact, skirts are more casual and cheaper than lolita dresses, which are more suitable for lolita newbies to choose from at the beginning. There are oil painting print oil-colored skirts in different styles on our site. Click Skirts to find more.


Classic Lolita Coord Idea ① —— Library Coord
Hat $24.54
Bag $22.29 Tea Party Shoes $37.00 
Grand Total(including OP): $119.82



(3) Sunflower Print Square Neckline Tiered Ruffles Skirt Lolita JSK/Full Set

 JSK $31.89

Sunflower Print Square Neckline Tiered Ruffles Skirt Lolita JSK/Full Set

Overdress $22.50

Sunflower Print Square Neckline Tiered Ruffles Skirt Lolita JSK/Full Set

Light-colored jumper skirts with floral prints are easier to create a budget lolita coordinate. As the coord idea example shows below, it's wise to style it with a lace shawl for summertime, and a white or apricot cardigan for cold weather. The straw hat is always a good accessory to create a countryside-core lolita coordinate.


Classic Lolita Coord Idea —— Cottagecore Coord
Shawl $22.50
Summer Song Ruffle Trim Shawl
Cardigan $21.14
Berry Rose Beige/Blue Cardigan
Hat $14.00
Handmade Lace Design Straw Bucket Hat for Adult/Kids
Grand Total(including JSK): $66.03


(4) Little Rose Floral Embroidery Short Sleeves Lolita OP

OP $29.00


That's all the recommendations for lolitas who are on a tight budget. Please let us know if you have any other tips on how to get a full lolita coord on budget.