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25 Best Lolita Innerwear Brands For Lolita Newbies

We have already recommended many lolita indie brands in the last article for Lolita fashion beginners. But we still need other items other than the main piece to finish our whole coordination. The must-haves such as innerwear and legwear for your Lolita coordinates are also important!

Here are the 25 best lolita innerwear brands for lolita newbies. There are also brands of lolita blouses, tights, shoes, bags, wigs, accessories, and even make-up tools for you! 

Lolita Innerwear Brands



FLOWER FIELD HAPPY EVENT is an indie brand that focuses on Lolita petticoats. Their white/rainbow cloud petticoats are very popular for they can wear inside or just wear single as an A-line skirt. They also have adjustable fishbone petticoats with gold stars trimming for bell shape.

Weibo ID: LO花田囍事

FLOWER FIELD HAPPY EVENT's White Cloud Petticoat
50cm Length/A-line Shape

FLOWER FIELD HAPPY EVENT's Gold Stars Trimming Adjustable Fishbone Petticoat
68cm length/56~90cm waist 
Bell Shape

FLOWER FIELD HAPPY EVENT's Rainbow Cloud Petticoat
A-line shape

50/60cm Length


MANILO offers budget birdcage petticoats or adjustable fishbone petticoats. Their petticoats can give your dress a stable and perfect cupcake or A-line shape.

MANILO's Hollow Birdcage Fish-bone Adjustable Petticoat
60~90cm waist 

MANILO's Fish-bone Adjustable Petticoat
47cm Length/Elastic Waist


BOGUTA's length adjustable fishbone petticoats are popular for their versatile use. They can be short, long, A-line shape, Bell shape, or even a hi-lo shape. Their thigh-high organza petticoats are also very good quality and suitable for short lolita dresses. Their gold star-trimmed petticoats can even wear single as a skirt.

Weibo ID: Boguta少女品牌工作室

BOGUTA's Adjustable Fishbone Petticoat
Adjustable Length
A-line/Bell/Hi-lo Shape

Highly Recommend - Versatile Use Adjustable Fishbone Petticoat

BOGUTA's Thigh Length Organza Petticoat
35cm length/black/white

BOGUTA's Gold Stars Petticoat
Five color options

wear single as a skirt

60/70/80cm length


Half Sugar Sweetheart is an indie brand that focuses on sweet, princess-like, and classic lolita clothing. But it also sells good quality petticoats.

Weibo ID: 半糖甜心lolita原创设计

HALF SUGAR SWEETHEART's White Dream Petticoats
47/57cm - white
White Dream Elastic Waist Tulle Hem Lolita Petticoat


AURORA & ARIEL, aka AA, is a famous indie brand that sells lolita petticoats. Their petticoats feature layers of organza fabric and offer custom size service. The longer the organza fabric they use, the puffier the petticoats will be.

Weibo ID: AA喵派独立设计repo专用号

AURORA & ARIEL's Organza A-line Petticoat
45cm Length/12 Meters
Custom Size Available

AURORA & ARIEL's Super Puffy Organza Petticoat
45cm Length/16 Meters

AURORA & ARIEL's Mini Puffy A-line Organza Petticoat 
45cm Length/Cotton Lining


6. Sakurada Fawn

Sakurada Fawn is an indie brand that sells lolita dresses. They also sell lolita innerwear like blouses and bloomers with good quality.

Weibo ID: 樱田小鹿

Sakurada Fawn's Cotton Lolita Bloomers

7. WY

WY sells basic lolita innerwear mostly bloomers. You can find different types and lengths of bloomers from this brand.

Weibo ID: 王妍与夏季服装工作室

WY's Multi-layers ShortVersion Bloomers
45cm length
55-105cm waist/110cm hip/46-70cm thigh girth

WY's Multi-layers Long Version Bloomer
60/70/80cm length

Please click Petticoats and Bloomers to find more cute and comfy lolita bottoms on our websites.



DREAM AND BURNING THE WORLD is an indie brand that sells sweet and classic lolita dresses. They also sell lolita blouses.

Dresses & Blouses Collection: Dreaming and Burning the World

Loose Long Sleeves 

9. Tiny Garden

Tiny Garden is an indie brand that focuses on Old-school Lolita and Sweet Lolita. The dresses of this brand are close to daily lolita. The quality and workmanship of this brand are on average, in contrast, the price is lower than the average level. So it is very cost-effective.

They also sell lovely lolita blouses.

Weibo ID: tiny_garden小花园

Tiny Garden's Bishop Sleeve Blouse
Layered Lace Trimmed Neckline Bishop Sleeve Blouse
Tiny Garden's Lace Blouses


Time Memory offers classic style lolita blouses.

Weibo ID: 时光记忆lolita原创洋装店
Collection: Time Memory

TIME MEMORY's Earl Girl Chiffon Lolita Shirt
Pointed Collar/Leg-of-mutton Sleeves

TIME MEMORY's Raspberry Think Well Cotton Lolita Shirt
Peter Pan Collar/Lantern Sleeves
Raspberry Think Well Peter Pan Collar Lantern Sleeves Cotton Lolita ShirtRaspberry Think Well Peter Pan Collar Lantern Sleeves Cotton Lolita ShirtRaspberry Think Well Peter Pan Collar Lantern Sleeves Cotton Lolita Shirt


LUCKY STAR's cropped chiffon blouses are very welcomed in summer.

Weibo ID: 幸运星Lolita洋装

LUCKY STAR's Cropped Blouse
Short Wide Sleeves/Ruffled Neckline 

12. Bacio Bouquet

Bacio Bouquet is an indie brand that focuses oncasual lolita clothing. Their Sanrio Authorized shirts are also very cute.

Weibo ID: 榛果可可花束

Bacio Bouquet's Sanrio Authorized Shirt
Peter Pan Collar/Short Sleeves

Sakurada Fawn

Sakurada Fawn's Cheese Cocoa Chiffon Lolita Blouse
Plus Size/8 Color Options
Cheese Cocoa Round Neckline Lolita Blouse Plus Size

Sakurada Fawn's Sweetheart Bunny Short Sleeve Lolita Shirt
Plus Size

Sakurada Fawn's Chocolate Pie Cotton Short Sleeve Lolita Shirt
Plus Size
dark blue/black/beige/white/ginger

Please click Lolita Blouses and Shirts to find more lolita tops to finish your coordinates on our websites.

Other Brands

Lolita Legwear 


ROZEN MAIDEN offers a lot of original socks. Their stockings feature a sexy yet cute style and give off a strong "hot girls" vibe.

Weibo ID: 抵达一楼

ROZEN MAIDEN's Black Plaid Tights
Black Plaid Tights
ROZEN MAIDEN's Black Fishnet Dark Punk Tights
Black Fishnet Dark Punk Tights


NIGHT EXPERIMENT offers many stockings for cool girls. Their fishnet tights are very popular. Girls who love Harajuku street fashion should try this brand!

Collection: Night Experiment

NIGHT EXPERIMENT's JK Cross Strings Lolita Tights
White / Black 


ROJI ROJI is a Lolita socks, stockings, and tights indie brand. It always provides cute and kawaii designs. It has many cute tights that are suitable for sweet lolita coordination.

Weibo ID: 卖兔几的小袜子
Collection: ROJI ROJI

ROJI ROJI's Holy Scepter Velvet Over KneeStockings

ROJI ROJI's Little Candy Cotton Over Knee Stockings

ROJI ROJI's Circus Key Lolita Tights

ROJI ROJI's Parocheth of Moon Star Lolita Velvet Tights
pink/black/dark blue/light blue/light green/beige

ROJI ROJI's Love Cycle Velvet Over Knee Stockings
light blue/light purple/red/light pink

ROJI ROJI's Love and Oath Ribbon Lolita Tights

RUBY RABBIT's Colorful Window Pantyhose

16. Yidhra

Yidhra is an indie brand that sells socks, stockings, and tights with dreamy or "witch" elements. Their dark-themed designs are suitable for classic lolita, gothic lolita, and punk lolita coordination. They also have dreamy, princess-like styles, and some Chinese-style designs. They have autumn and winter stockings too!

Weibo ID:Yidhra梦之女巫
Collection: Yidhra

Yidhra's Rose Prints Asymmetrical Lolita Tights
Normal Version/Gorgeous Version

Yidhra's Laurel Bunny Elegant Lolita Tights

Yidhra's Starry Sky Dance Party Lolita Overknee Stockings


17. Ms. Sox

Ms. Sox is a brand concentrated on designingkawaii and cute stockings, tights, and socks.

Weibo ID: 袜贵人咕咕
Collection: Ms. Sox

Ms. Sox's Small Bowknots Girls Underknee Lolita Stockings
Small Bowknots Girls Underknee Lolita StockingsSmall Bowknots Girls Underknee Lolita Stockings

Ms. Sox's Cutout Front Small Bowknots Lolita Tights
Cutout Front Small Bowknots Lolita TightsCutout Front Small Bowknots Lolita Tights

Ms. Sox's Baroque Embroidery Flounce Sweet Lolita Socks
Baroque Embroidery Flounce Sweet Lolita Socks


Please ClickLolita Legwear Collection to find more Lolita cute and kawaii socks, tights, stockings, and winter leg warmers on our websites.

Lolita Shoes


GURURU sells manyround-toe platforms that match well with sweet lolita dresses.

Weibo ID: 咕噜噜原创设计-GURURU
Collection: GURURU

GURURU's Cat Tea Party Lolita Platforms
Round Toe/Bowknot Decorative

GURURU's Trainee Witch Punk Lolita Platforms
Round Toe
Matte Brown/Shiny Black/Shiny Pink/Matte Black/Dark Brown

19. See You Lolita

See You Lolita sells tea party shoes and flat bottom shoes. Their round head mid-heel lolita shoes are very elegant and sweet. and match well with sweet or classic lolita dresses.

Weibo ID:
Collection: See You Loltia

See You Lolita's Asteroid Flat Bottom Lolita Shoes
Round Head

See You Lolita's Sweet Mid-heel Lolita Shoes
Round Head

See You Lolita's Sweet Low-heel Lolita Shoes
Round Head

20. Witch's Night Lolita

Witch's Night Lolita sells lolita shoes for school girls' coordination. They have many sweet or classic flat shoes.

Weibo ID: 魔女之夜Lolita

Witch's Night Lolita's Caramel Cookies Lolita JK Loafers Shoes

21. Sentaro

Sentaro is an indie brand that sells different styles of lolita dresses. Their Japanese-style and Chinese-style shoes are beautifully made and sturdy. The strap is also adjustable and very comfortable.

Weibo ID: 仙太郎Sentaro
Collection: Sentaro

Sentaro's Dragon Scale Chinese Style Shoes

Sentaro's Sakura Japanese Style Middle-heels Shoes

Please ClickLolita Shoes Collection to find more cute shoes on our websites.

Old Dong Family's Jam Girl Love Bowknot Lace Girlish Shoes

Old Dong Family's Brilliant Stars Bowknots Decorated Ankle Strap Shoes

Falling Phoenix Lolita's Phoenix Under The Moon Elegant Lolita Heels Shoes

Lolita Bags


BULLY BUNNY is a brand that sells cute animals(such as bunny, bears, or kittens) plush bags. Their double head plush crossbody is very popular among Chinese Lolitas.

Weibo ID:别惹兔子bullybunny
Collection: Bully Bunny

BULLY BUNNY's Plush bags
Mint Color Double Heads Bear 

Double Heads Kitty Plush Bag

BULLY BUNNY's Double Heads Devil Bear Plush Bag
Black & Red Color


23. DRDR

DRDR has many cute and cool Itabags(bags that are not too "lolitable"). Their plush crossbody bags are also very cute.

Weibo ID: DRDR原创设计店

DRDR's Medical Kit Lolita Crossbody Itabag

DRDR's Sweet Kitty Lolita Plush Crossbody Bag

DRDR's Sweet Kitty Lolita Plush Crossbody Bag

DRDR's Sweet Strawberry Mouse Lolita Plush Crossbody Bag


BOGUTA's bowknot design backpacks are also very popular. 

 BOGUTA's  Bowknot Design 3 Size Options Lolita Backpack
Red and White Polka Dots

Pink and White Polka Dots

Sax Polka Dots


Navy Blue and White Polka Dots

Please click Lolita Bags to find more kawaii Itabag, crossbody, plush bags, and backpacks on our websites.

NANACO's Sweet Unicorn Plush Doll Crossbody Bag

Lovely Lota's Itabag


Lolita Makeup and Makeup Tools 

24. Flower Knows

Flower Knows is a makeup brand in China. Their Pretty Rock Baby Collaboration is very welcomed among the Chinese Lolita community.

Weibo ID: FlowerKnows花知晓

Flower Knows's Little Angel's 12 colored Eyeshadow Palette 
Pretty Rock Baby Collaboration

Flower Knows's The Queen of the Flower Series Blush
6 Colors Available

Flower Knows's Little Angel's Feather Lip Gloss
Pretty Rock Baby Collaboration

Flower Knows's The Queen of the Flower Series Lipstick 8 Colors Available

Flower Knows's Lovely Teddy Lipstick
Bacio Bouquet Collaboration

Flower Knows'sLittle Angel's Highlighter
Pretty Rock Baby Collaboration

Flower Knows's Unicorn Blush
6 Colors Available

Please click Lolita Makeup and Makeup Tools to find more lolita makeup and makeup tools on our websites.

Lolita Wigs

25. Dalao Home

You can findall kinds of wigs with elastic Korean net closed wefted caps and high-quality Japanese heat-friendly synthetic fiber in Dalao Home.

Weibo ID: 大佬家DalaoHome
Collection: Dalao Home

Dalao Home's Witch Tear Wavy Long Synthetic Wig

Dalao Home's Blue Sky Dream Wavy Long Synthetic Wig

Dalao Home's Wigs

Please click Lolita Wigs to find more wigs on our websites.

That's all the 25 best lolita innerwear and other brands. Those recommended items are hot sales and can be listed in your lolitas-must-haves list! Which brand is the familiar one for you? Have you found any other good innerwear brands on our websites?  Please let us know by leaving a comment!