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15 Types of Headwear Every Lolita Must Have

​​​​The hair accessory is an important part of putting your whole Lolita coord together. There are many different types of headwear in Lolita Fashion. In this blog, 15 types of headpieces will be introduced to you so that every lolita even a newbie can do better in coordinating any Lolita substyles you love.

#Soft Hairband - Rectangle Headdress/Maxi Pad Headdress

Lolita Fashion has many kinds of hair accessories. First, let's talk about this "old-school" rectangle hairband.

Rectangle headdresses, also known as "Maxi Pad Headdresses", are usually made of a rectangular fabric decorated with lace or ribbon bows. It typically has straps on each side so that you can tie it with a satin bow around the head. Or you can use two hidden alligator clips underneath it to attach to your hair.

Famous sweet lolita brand Anglic Pretty used to release plenty of lovely rectangle headdresses, but in the name of "Lace Headdress". So you might see some lolitas call it "lace headdress" in the community sometimes. This soft rectangular lace headdress, especially those released by famous lolita brands, was a must-have back in the old days!  This is because a rectangle headdress can also bring your whole lolita coord a retro or "old-school" vibe. 

In the past, rectangle headdresses tend to have a little too many ruffles and only look good on a small group of people. Nowadays, rectangle headdresses are no longer too ruffly to wear. It becomes thinner and can attach many kinds of details to it, which makes it very wearable.

TIPS: How to Wear a Rectangle Headdress
The hairband normally gets two ribbons on each side for you to tie around your head. Or having two clips on the bottom used to attach to your hair or wig. Many Lolita indie brands provide the second design because it's more convenient than the ribbon version.
Besides, you don't need to always tie the straps under the chin. It's okay if you tie it behind your neck, use bobby pins to hide it in your hair, or even stitch it onto a stiff headband if you want to. I
t's all depending on how you style your hair and what look you want.
    You can also find some hairbands with both ribbons and clips on our websites. Click HairbandCollection to find more.


There are mainly 3 popular rectangular headdress types: simple lace headdress, lace-up headdress, and frilled headdress.

1. Simple Lace Headdress

Lace Headdress is the most common, modest type of rectangular headdress. It looks like those rectangle headdresses that were first released by Angelic Pretty, which is normally a thin strip of fabric with tiny lace trim and small ribbons. 

"The best way to update the rectangle headdress is to simplify it." As you can tell from its name, Lace Headdress features the simplest design and decorations: small ruffles, ladder lace, eyelet lace, small ribbon bows, and pearls or other decorations sometimes. Usually has a color combination with white lace, such as red-white, black-white, etc. Gingham patterns and polka dots patterns are also commonly seen.

A lace headdress can also be large. In this case, it will give off a strong retro or even gothic vibe. While a thinner one can be more casual for daily wear.

So, lace Headdress goes well with Old-school Lolita coord. However, with some subtle changes in colors, small prints, and decoration details, it can also be Gothic, Sweet, and Country-style.  For example, lace headdresses in gingham are very trendy in old-school or classic lolita coordinates.

Below are some recommendations for new-in simple lace headdresses.

Old-school Lace Headdress

 Solid Color

Gingham/Plaid/Tartan Pattern

Polka Dot Pattern

Elegant Lace Headdress

Sweet Lace Headdress

Small Fruit Elements

Classic Lace Headdress

Elegant Gothic Lace Headdress

Retro Lace Headdress

2. Lace-up Headdress

Lace-up headdresses have an obvious lace-up design which is created by crossed ribbons. Compared to the simple lace headdress, a lace-up headdress is more classical. Here are recommendations of very up-to-date lace-up rectangular headdresses in different styles.

Lace-up headdresses are relatively large than simple lace headdresses.

Sweet Lace-up Headdress

Princess-style Lace-up Headdress

Alice In the Wonderland / Snow White / Doll Kei / Little Red Riding Hood Vibe

Classic Lace-up Headdress

Gothic Lace-up Headdress

Mana-Sama Vibe

Elegant Gothic Lace-up Headdress

Punk Lace-up Headdress

3. Frilled Headdress/ Ruffle Headdress

Frilled headdresses, AKA ruffle headdresses, are very popular among Hime Lolita, Sweet Lolita, and Classic Lolita. It's a kind of rectangular headdress with frilled trims and sometimes with layers of ruffles to achieve the effect. A ruffle headdress is more feminine than others and can bring you a touch of a maid-like vibe.

What's more, some brands will extend one side of the ruffle parts to make the headdress have a "half bonnet shape."  This style is particularly welcome in country lolita or "Disney-princess-style" lolita coord. 

Ruffle Headdress 1.0 — Maid-like Headdress (one side with long ruffles)

Cyber Maid Ruffle Headdress

Sweet Ruffle Headdress

Country-style Ruffle Headdress

Hime Ruffle Headdress

Elegant Ruffle Headdress

Antique Doll Kei Ruffle Headdress

Ruffle Headdress 2.0 — with small ruffles; Elegant

Ruffle Headdress 3.0 — multi-layers of ruffles; Gorgeous Elegant Gothic Ruffle Headdress

There are also other rectangle headdress types to choose from. For example, a headdress suit for Gothic Lolita Coord is normally decorated with religious decorations like crosses, red roses, etc. While a headdress suit for Sweet/Classic Lolita Coord will have elements like animal ears, wildflowers, strawberries, ribbon bowknots, or veils.

Besides, combining double layers of ruffle lace with bows or jewelry can also make a much more gorgeous hairband version.

Rectangle Headdress with Bear Ears

Rectangle Headdress with Cat Ears

Rectangle Headdress with  Bunny Ears

Rectangle Headdress with Deer Ears

Rectangle Headdress with Decorative Flowers


Rectangle Headdress with Decorative Bows

Rectangle Headdress with Decorative Pearls

Rectangle Headdress with Veil

#Round Headdress

4. Round Headdress

The round headdress, also known as the circular headdress or "canotier" called by some lolita brands, is another older headpiece other than the rectangle headdress. It was popular around 2000~2010. During that time, Lolita brands like Metamorphose Temps de Fille, Alice and the Pirates, BTSSB, and AP, all released some popular gothic or sweet round headdresses for lolitas to choose from. Although the popularity has gone, round headdresses still have their small place among lolitas in the EGL community.

Therefore, if you are very into old-school lolita or gothic lolita, a round headdress is a good choice and it can go well with all kinds of hairstyles. 

The round headdress is usually made from a piece of round fabric attached with lace or tulle trims and decorative pieces like fabric roses, flowers, feathers, bows, chains, ribbons, etc. Like a rectangle headdress, a round headdress also has ribbons used to tie around your head. But now it tends to have a hair clip, comb, or safety pins on the back. Unlike a rectangle headdress, you wear it just on one side of your head to achieve an old-school or elegant effect. So, some lolitas treat a round headdress as a casual and feminine version of a low mini top hat.

If you are sort of tired of wearing a rectangle headdress and the head bow is too "loud" and sweet for you, the round headdress can definitely bring you a style twist.

We only have a few round headdresses on our website and most of them are gorgeous and suitable for Hime Lolita or Elegant Gothic Lolita.

Sweet Round Headdress

Hime Round Headdress

Gothic Round Headdress


#Kachuusha(KC) - Head Bow

Kachuusha(Japanese: カチューシャ), shorted for KC, is a headband usually with a big bow attached. Most lolitas will just call it head bow or Alice band. A KC is a must-have for a sweet lolita fashion lover.

5. KC with Big Bow (Head-eating Bow / Alice Band)

A headband attached with a big center bow is the most welcomed headpiece in sweet Lolita Fashion. The bow is big and takes up a large place on your head. This is why some lolitas call it a "Head-eating Bow." Or some lolitas call it "Alice Band" because it is the kind of headband Alice wears and the cuteness of it always gives off an "Alice-in-the-Wonderland" vibe.

Alice-in-the-Wonderland Vibe Head Bow

Sweet Head Bow


Kuromi Vibe Head Bow

Doll Kei Elegant Head Bow

Classic Head Bow

Japanese-style Head Bow

6. KC with One Side Bow

The one-side bow band will be smaller than the big center bow band.

KC With One Side Bow

The low bow headband is modest yet sweet. It's suitable for a daily lolita coord.

KC With Low Bow

7. KC with Ruffles - Maid Head Bow

This kind of head bow is usually attached with stand-up ruffles, which is commonly seen on a maid lolita coord.

Maid-like KC (Stand Ruffle Headband)


8. KC with Animal Ears

The animal ear headband is welcomed during the festival like Easter Egg, Halloween, and Christmas. You can also find some electric self-waggling flurry ear headbands on our website.

Electric Self-waggling Flurry Cat Ear KC

Cat Ear KC

Bunny Ear KC

Bear Ear KC

Deer Ear KC

There are also other headband styles, such as flower decorative headbands, gothic headbands, ribbon headbands, headbands with gingham/Polka Dot patterns, or even punk-style headbands with PU leather rivets and metal chains.

Click KC Collection, you can find more KC styles on our website.

Flower Decorative Headband

Punk-style Headband/KC

Gothic-style Headband

#Hair Clips

Hair clips are also very useful in Lolita Fashion for their wide variety and ease to wear. It goes well with almost any lolita style.


9. Ribbon/Bow Clips

Ribbon or bow hair clips are very common in Lolita Fashion. They have many styles and suit for all kinds of lolita coord.

Sweet Hair Clips

Gothic Hair Clips

Side Hair Clips

 Big Bowknot Hair Clip

Magical Girl Vibe Hair Clips

10. Flower Ball Clips (Hanamaru)

Flower ball hair clips, also known as Haramaru, are those clips with decorative flowers like roses. Hanamaru clips suit for Sweet Country, and Elegant Lolita coord. The suitable style all depends on the color, size, and fabric of the flower decoration of the clips.

11. Animal Ear Clips

Animal Ear Hair Clips

Gothic Animal Ear Hair Clips

Except for the example above, there are also other hair clip styles on our website, such as clips with decorative veils, pearl drops, butterflies, and spiders, clips with cute plush decorations, and so on. 

Click Hair Clips Collection to find more.


# Hats

12. Straw Hats

Straw hats go well with country lolita coord or sweet lolita coord. With some gorgeous decorations, straw hats are also a good choice for elegant lolita coord.

Straw Hats

13. Bonnets

The brim of a bonnet can not only protect you from sunlight but also be a part of your coord. A small brim bonnet is relatively more causal and cuter than a bonnet with a wide brim.

As a result, you can see lolitas who love Elegant gothic lolita in a dark-colored wide bonnet a lot.



14. Mini Hats

Mini hats have many styles, such as mini top hats, mini witch hats, mini falt hats, etc. They are all small and elaborate.

Mini Hats


15. Berets

Berets are the most casual hat. It usually goes well with a preppy style lolita coord, military lolita coord, or a sailor lolita coord.



Click Hat Collection, you can find more hat styles in our store.