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What is Country Lolita? 15 Chic Cottagecore Coord for Country Loli


What is Country Lolita?

Country Lolita is a rustic lolita substyle, which is between Classic and Sweet Lolita. Generally, you need to balance it between childish and mature for Country Lolita. It uses fewer accessories than other styles of Lolita Fashion. And a full-sized straw hat or a basket can always finish off a good country lolita coordinate. 

This simple, modest lolita substyle is often related to Cottagecore Fashionsince they are both inspired by countryside elementsCountry Lolita is quite welcomed among girls who love nature, and especially loved in the blossom of spring! It's also suitable for your Spring Lolita Meetups, Easter Egg Hunt, etc.

  • *Tips on Cottagecore Fashion:
  • Cottagecore fashion is inspired by romantic rural and farm lifestyles. The themes of Cottagecore Fashion are often about countryside scenery, nostalgic dresses, flowy dresses, billowy blouses, gingham, peasant-themed clothing, and rustic handmade crafts.

The Anatomy of Country Lolita

A typical Country Lolita coordinate may have straw hats, basket purses, crochet shawls, gingham patterns, fruit patterns, and floral patterns in a small, dainty way. And themes like spring picnic, the Little Red Riding Hood, The Wizard of Oz, farming, gardening, and other outdoor activities are often seen in Country Lolita. The anatomy of country lolita below will help you make a good country lolita coordinate if it's your first time to do it!  

1. Color Scheme - Go with Pastel or Neutral Colors
Colors in Country Lolita can not be "cute" or too dark. Country Lolita loves pastel colors and some neutral colors, such as beige, cream, white, gray, taupe, brown, and black. For example, a pale yellow main piece can remind me of daisies or sunshiney fields. Their main pieces are often in solid colors or have some small prints on them.

2. Themes - Embrace Countryside
Country Lolita's themes are inspired by all kinds of countryside elements such as fruit, flowers, mushroom, Little Red Riding Hood, The Wizard of Oz, gardening, farming, and having picnics or other outdoor activities.

As a result, their accessories tend to be rustic like straw hats, simple bonnets, baskets, basket purses, crochet shawls, and simple tote bags. It can also be a little bit mature by carrying a parasol, flowers hair clips (Hanamaru), or some other fruit/flower-themed accessories.

3. Fabric - As Natural As Possible
Country Lolita prefers cotton, linen, and other lightweight summer fabrics. Those fabrics will add a rustic but meanwhile romantic vibe to a country lolita outfit.

4. Design- Choose a Small, Delicate Floral Design or Gingham Pattern 
Loli who loves simple style would love country lolita!  Country lolita clothing often focused on simple patterns like polka dot patterns, gingham, floral, and fruit patterns. In addition, the design of dresses' trim is mainly made of ruffles or eyelet lace with simple motifs like flowers, hearts, fruit, etc.

So, just try not to wear anything covered with very bold prints. Just never go with those too cute prints or something like big flower clutter prints if you want to finish off your country lolita coordinate well. Please choose those prints covered with small and delicate flowers or gingham patterns. For example, a light blue gingham dress will remind you of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy's Light Blue Gingham Dress from the Wizard of Oz:

5. Hairstyles / Makeup - Modest and Natural
The hairstyles can be anything modest, you can have loose curls, waves, a simple braid, and can even loop your braid fixing with a bow if you want something more.
For makeup, it should be neat and clean. Neutral eyeshadow, slightly flush cheeks, and a hint of pink to your lips are everything you need to do for a country lolita coordinate!

6. Accessories  - Keep Everything Simple
Keeping the whole outfit simple is one of the keys to making a good country lolita coordinate. Do not load up on your accessories.
You can pair your country lolita outfit with simple classic or sweet shoes/boots in neutral colors. A pair of white crochet gloves can make your country lolita outfit extra cute, and carrying a parasol can not only keep the sun off but also give off a little bit elegant vibe.

15 Chic Cottagecore Lolita Dresses for Country Loli

Spring Picnic Vibe

1 Picnic Country Style Lolita Dress JSK + Matching Apron / Scarf 

2 Tokyo Traveler Green Plaid Lolita Dress JSK (Gingham Pattern)

Autumn Vibe

3 Autumn Ballad Lolita Dress JSK (Gingham Pattern)


Romantic Rural Vibe

4 Secret Garden Square Neckline Short Puff Sleeves Country Lolita Dress OP (Polka Dot Pattern)

5 Girl's Mind Elegant Lolita Dress JSK / Lace Cape Set


Ranch Vibe

6 Ranch Maiden Country Lolita Skirt Set SK / Vest + Ranch Maiden Country Lolita Apron

7 April Xiuman Country Style Lolita Dress OP

8 Cotton Country Lolita Dress with Asymmetrical Designed Skirt

Little Red Riding Hood Vibe(Outdoor Activities)

9 Little Red Riding Hood Long Sleeves Lolita Dress OP

The Wizard of Oz Vibe(Outdoor Activities)

10 The Wizard of Oz Plaid Lolita Dress OP + Lily of the Valley Poem Simulation Flowers Bonnet Headband Brooch Hat

Sunflower Vibe

11 Sunflower Story Square Neckline Elegant Lolita Dress JSK / Tulle Coat Set

Tulip Vibe

12 Ostara's Tulips Floral Print Lolita Dress Three Color Options Lolita OP / JSK / SK

Lavender Vibe

13 South Wind Crossing Square Neckline Detachable Long Sleeves Country Lolita Dress OP

Chrysanthemum Vibe

14 Chrysanthemum Jaquard Country Style Lolita Dress JSK Cape Set

Berry Vibe

15 Berry Branch Short Sleeves Vintage Lolita Dress OP

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Straw Hats / Scarves / Bonnets 

Rose Garden at Dusk Elegant Palace Versailles Tea Party Wide-brimmed Straw Hat

Flower Mist in the Clouds Vintage Long Dress Matching Straw Hat

Strawberry Maria Lolita Dress Matching Scarf / Bag / Straw Hat

Weaving Heartbeat Lolita Handmade Straw Hat

The Straw Vintage Elegant Lady Photo Privacy Hat

Tracery Wall Classic Elegant Floral Lolita Bonnet

Lily of the Valley Poem Simulation Flowers Bonnet Headband Brooch Hat

Country Lolita Headpiece Triangle Scarf

Autumn Ballad Lolita Dress Matching Scarf

Finch in The Mirror Country Lolita Dress Matching Neck Tie Scarf

Song of Makino Country Lolita Dress Headpiece Scarf

Country-style Bags 

Freya Elegant Lolita Rattan Tote Bag

The Death of the Butterfly Elegant Lolita Dress Matching Bag

Flower-themed Accessories

Lilia Garden Vintage Long Dress Matching Brooch

Flower Love Fairy Flower Bow Lace Tassel Hair Clip

Monet's Garden Lolita Vintage Oil Painting Frame Flower Pill Lace Hair Band

Flower Embroidery Sweet Lolita Stockings

Sunflower Polka Dot Criss-cross Sweet Lolita Stockings

Little Daisy Spring Bowknots Lolita Tights

Pansy Purple Sweet Lolita Stockings / Socks

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