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What is Sailor Lolita?

Sailor Lolita is a lolita substyle that is inspired by Japanese sailor uniforms (or some other traditional navy uniforms from various countries) and nautical motifs. It's similar to classic lolita but with an obvious sailor-like theme. Besides that, Sailor lolita can be any style: sweet, gothic, and even be punk.

In general, it's a lolita fashion incorporated with sailor elements like navy collars, sailor color schemes(navy blue, white, red,) stripes, and nautical motifs(anchor, wheels, sailboat, compass, shell, seahorse, etc).

Sailor Lolita is a popular trend in summer are back to Lolita Fashion now!

Sailor Lolita v.s. Sailor Fuku Uniform



1. Inspired by Sailor Outfits
According to the image above, you can see a sailor collar and navy blue colors in both of them. This is because both Sailor Lolita and Sailor Fuku are inspired by sailor outfits.

2. Popuar street fashion in Harajuku, Japan
Lolita Fashion and Kawaii fashion both originated from Harajuku, Japan. You can see sailor lolita and sailor fuku a lot in anime as they both give off a strong summer holiday vibe and reminds you of energetic young girls on the beach.


1. Lolita Fashion V.S. Casual Kawaii Fashion
Sailor Lolita is a combination between Lolita Fashion and Sailor Elements, which means it follows the basic rules of Lolita Fashion. While Sailor Fuku is a casual Kawaii street fashion.
Sailor Fuku(セーラー服) is a common style of JK uniform, worn by Japanese female students in junior high school. Sailor Fuku normally contains a sailor fuku top(normally with a sailor collar, or a bowtie) and an adorable pleated skirt(normally high waist).
As far as I'm concerned, Sailor Lolita can take inspiration from Sailor Fuku, but Sailor Fuku can not do it in verse.

2. Optional Pleated skirts V.S. Shorter Pleated Skirts with more pleats
Although sometimes a sailor lolita skirt can be pleated, it's they are very different from a JK Uniform pleated skirt. The shape and length of the skirt and the numbers of the pleats are all different! Sailor Lolita skirts are longer and have fewer pleats than JK Uniform skirts.

  • *Tips on JK Uniforms
  • JK shorts for Joshi Koukousei (女子高中生) which means female high school student. The JK uniform is the uniform that Japanese girls must wear every day in school.
  • JK Uniform outfit is now considered a kawaii casual daily outfit.

How to Build a Sailor Lolita Wardrobe

There are two types of sailor lolita: sailor-like lolita outfits and nautical-themed lolita outfits. A sailor-like lolita outfit probably contains a navy collar but still has a strong classic or sweet lolita vibe. While a nautical-themed lolita outfit may not remind you of a sailor immediately they just have nautical-themed motifs covered on the dress. 

Sailor-like lolita outfits are more popular than nautical-themed lolita outfits. And It's easier for us to separate Sailor Lolita from other lolita substyles. As a result, Sailor Lolita we called most of the time are sailor-like lolita outfits.

A good sailor lolita coord can be finished off by following the 10 key factors below.

10 Key Factors of Sailor Lolita Coord:
1. Sailor/Navy Collars (It's the stamp of a traditional navy uniform)
2. Dark Blue/ Navy Blue (remind you of the sea)
3.  White (remind you of clouds, sea waves)
4. Stripes (striped socks are stylish for sailor-style lolita coordinate)
5.  Nautical Motifs (anchor, wheels, sailboat, compass, shell, seahorse, etc).
6. Follow the rules of Lolita Fashion (a little bit similar to Classic Lolita BUT with some sailor elements)
7. Bell-shaped or A-line shaped skirts are optional (Sailor Lolita can also be sweet, gothic, and even be punk)
8. Skirt can be Pleated (It's important to note that a JK Uniform skirt is not the same shape as a sailor lolita skirt.)
9. Puff short sleeve blouses with pockets are commonly seen
10. Minimal makeup (some lip-gloss will work well)

If you are Lolita girls who love sea, beach, pirate stories, and other nautical themes, just go for Sailor Lolita!

Sailor Lolita Collection

Here are some sailor-like lolita dresses below which can remind you of a sailor immediately by the color combination of dark blue, white, and red stripes.

Sailor-like Lolita Dresses 

The first dress has a great navy blue color and the red stripe on the collar just nails the point. Star and moon embroidery on the chest add a touch of mystery to the sailor lolita dress below.

The next also has a typical dark blue and white color scheme. This dress also has sky blue and light pink versions.

Except for choosing a dark blue color, the navy collar is also the key to giving off a strong sailor vibe.

The navy style beret and gloves are also adding points!

Girl Sailor Lolita Dress Matching Beret / Gloves

Light blue is also optional in Sailor Lolita. In addition, some cartoon motifs on the dress are not forbidden things and will make you a cute sailor~

Here is the other cotton dress covered with plenty of cute stars and planets embroidered motifs. It also has a loose dress version.


The pastel blue will make the whole sailor-style more dreamy.

The sea breeze lolita op below has a softer navy collar design, which turns into an elegant sailor girl.

The purple otherwise can make a slightly elegant or mysterious vibe.


Light blue and white can always create a cool summer atmosphere here. And a pink-and-black color version is also available if you want a bittersweet twist.


The dark color schemes are not very suitable for Sailor Lolita, but this dark brown OP has a Nautical Teddy theme which combines sailor themes with fairy tales perfectly. It's more like an adventurous sailor teddy who can take any challenges now.


The OP below is also very special for it is themed with falling whale and sea motifs.

Sailor Collar Lolita Dresses

Here are some lolita dresses with a navy collar that may not remind you of a sailor but still have a strong "summer holiday on the beach" vibe.

The first one is in solid color and has a very modest vibe.

The plaid pattern also suits Sailor Lolita coordinate which will make the whole coord modest and fresh.

The other color options are also good choices to try. Pale yellow reminds you of spring, pastel blue reminds you of the cool summer, and the wine red can bring you a sweet vibe.

Some small floral prints make your sailor lolita coord leisurely and bring an elegant vibe.

Some floral motifs like Sunflowers covered in the dresses below can turn the sailor vibe into a spring picnic for your coord.

Soft Blue in solid color and uses of plenty lace will bring a sweet and old-school vibe.

Different motifs will give different feelings. For instance, milk box prints, cute bunny prints, doughnuts prints, and polka dots patterns can deliver different degrees of sweetness.


Idol-style Sailor Lolita Outfit

Idol-style sailor lolita outfits are a new trend now! Those sailor collar top and skirt outfits always remind you of energetic cute girls.

The outfit below can give you a "sailor moon girl" vibe

The outfit below takes inspiration from jellyfish which you can tell from the flowy ribbon and ruffles.


You can also find punk-style sailor lolita outfits by using a Scottish plaid pattern. They are really cool and bittersweet!

The last one also has flowy ruffles and open-front designed skirts.


Sailor Fuku Uniform Collection

Sailor Fuku as a casual kawaii fashion is a new trend this summer. Here are some recommended Sailor Kawaii Uniforms.

Sailor Kawaii Outfits

Kawaii Sailor Girl Vibe

Scottish Sailor Vibe

Good School Girl Vibe

Japanese Bad School Girl(不良少女, ふりょう しょうじょ) Vibe

Pastel Girl Vibe

Sanrio Character Vibe

Navy Collar Casual Kawaii Sailor Dresses

Snow White Vibe

Sailor Moon Girl Vibe

JK Navy Collar Short Puff Sleeves Bowknot Two Pieces Sets Cropped Top and Pleated Skirt

Winter Sailor Vibe

Sailor Collar JK Uniform Tops


Sailor Outfits for Kids

Navy Style Swimsuit

Do you have any other sailor lolita outfit ideas? Share it with us by leaving a comment.