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Punk Lolita, Cyberpunk Lolita, and Steampunk: Which one is your favorite?

In this blog, we're going to dive deep into Punk Lolita, Cyberpunk Lolita, and Steampunk Lolita. You will find out what punk lolita fashion is and learn some useful coordinate ideas for punk lolita and I will recommend you some punk lolita dresses, cyberpunk fashion, and steampunk fashion for you. 

Even though Punk Lolita is a particularly difficult and challenging style of Lolita Fashion, there are still many lolitas who are fascinated by it. I hope this blog will really help people who are new to punk lolita fashion.


Punk Lolita

Apparently, Punk lolita is a combination of Punk Fashion and Japanese Lolita Fashion. This punk style lolita fashion first appeared due to the rise of Japanese visual rock bands. Some well-known Japanese visual rock bands like X-Japan dressed up in very shocking hairstyles and costumes while having a concert. And this started a craze of fans imitating visual punk costumes to attend concerts. 

The main features of Punk Lolita are plaid fabrics, metal buttons, metal chains, rivets, studs, leather belts and etc.  Nowadays,  the style is more loved by younger girls, which reflects their liveliness and rebelliousness.

Punk Lolita is not as common as other lolita styles and is very challenging, and here are some tips and coordinate ideas for you if you want to have a good punk lolita coordinate.


15 Coordinate Tips for Punk Lolita

Coord Tip 1: Be Edgy or "Rock"

The key to doing a good punk lolita coord is to be edgy or "rock". Just imagine yourself as a cool girl who "doesn't want to fit in" and can hop in a rock concert at any time. 

Nevertheless, you should make sure the main piece you choose still follows the general shape (usually bell shape) of Lolita Fashion. 

Coord Tip 2More Casual and Has Shorter Skirt Length

A good punk Lolita coordinate tends to be more casual than some other lolita substyles. The skirt's length is shorter and the skirt is less fluffy but usually has pleats. 

The length of a punk lolita dress is normally knee-high length. While a thigh-high length is very common for styling a punk lolita coordination with a rock girl vibe. So if you are a tall loli who is over 160cm, please be aware that a punk lolita dress will be relatively shorter for you.

Coord Tip 3: Irregular Hem Design and Fewer Frills/Ruffles

For details, Irregular hem designs are commonly seen in Punk Lolita. What's more, Punk Lolita has relatively fewer frills and ruffles than other lolita styles. The amount of lace and ribbons are also relatively small. And you will barely see puff sleeves in this lolita style. The usage of layering is also popular.

Coord Tip 4: Rich and Bold Colors

Rich and bold colors are welcomed in Punk Lolita. You can choose colors like black, red, purple, gold, navy, black-red, black-white, pink, and yellow. It could be two or three color combinations but you have to make sure the color balance works well in your whole outfit. 

Coord Tip 5: Tartan/Plaid and Other Popular Patterns 

Tartan and plaid patterns are popular in Punk Lolita. The other popular patterns are polka dot, checkerboard, diamond, rhombus, striped, spider web, leopard, and so on.

Coord Tip 6: Punk-style Fabric Texture

And the texture is also one of the important parts of Punk Lolita. Fabric is usually deconstructed with several layers. Leather or pleather is used sometimes.

Deconstructed fabrics like raw edges, fraying, revealed linings, exposed zippers, and sewn seams are very commonly seen in a punk lolita main piece. However, the key is to combine those elements cool and nicely with punk fashion.

In addition, adding a fishnet element would bring you a touch of a sexy and cool rock-girl vibe.

Coord Tip 7: Dark or Horrible Motifs

As far as I'm concerned, Punk Lolita is like a mixture of cute and scary. So, some dark or horrible motifs are very suitable for Punk Lolita, such as skulls, crosses, crowns, and stars. Butterflies are also very popular because they're considered the symbol of death in many cultures(they believe that butterflies are the souls of the departed.) In addition, the deconstructed or mismatched motifs are commonly seen in many punk lolita dresses, tops, or accessories.

Coord Tip 8Punk Lolita V.S. Gothic Lolita

Please note that Punk Lolita is similar to Gothic Lolita in sharing some dark motifs, but it doesn't mean they are the same. In general, Punk Lolita is more casual, edgy, or  "rocky" and has a hint of psychobilly. While Gothic Lolita is more modest and elegant, and usually contains religious elements.

Tips on psychobilly:
A genre of popular music, blending rockabilly with punk rock, that has grotesque or humorous lyrics which often draw heavily on the imagery of 1950s science fiction and horror films.

Coord Tip 9Common Coord Choices for a Punk Lolita Outfit

A typical Punk Lolita outfit would include a keen-high or thigh-high pleated skirt, A simple cutsew with deconstructed lolitable prints, a pair of chunky platform boots, some metal accessories, and sometimes bubble legwear/arm warmers.

Blazers and biker jackets also work for punk lolita if you want to be creative and experiment.

Coord Tip 10: Metal Details Like Chains and Belts

There are more metal chains and belts used in Punk Lolita. You can see other metal detains like buckles and grommets on punk lolita clothing. Likewise, the metal accessories also work for Punk Lolita, such as waist belts with chains, shoes with rivets, studded belts, studded bracelets, and studded chockers. 

Badges and safety pins are also punk-related. Spiked collars are less common. From my point of view, metal accessories like rivets, chains, and studs are always one of the safe choices to be incorporated in a punk lolita outfit.

Coord Tip 11: Shoes

For shoes, you can style your punk lolita outfit with platform Mary Janes, chunky platform boots, Martens, platform Oxford shoes, sneakers, and creepers.

Coord Tip 12: Headwear

For headwear, you can choose mini top hats, triangle scarves,  punk-style head bows, or a punk-related KC.

Coord Tip 13: Hairstyles

Punk Lolitas usually wear short choppy hair or you can keep your hair simple, straight, or curly, and sometimes Hime-Gyaru-inspired styles.

Coord Tip 14: Makeup

The makeup for Punk lolita is bolder. You can wear mascara(or fake eyelashes if you prefer), eyeliner, dark eyeshadow, red or pink plush, nude/pink/red lipstick, and colored contacts to achieve a relatively visually impactful look.

Coord Tip 15: Legwear

For legwear, fishnet tights, plaid tights/socks, striped knee/over knee socks, bubble stockings, torn tights, and stockings with mismatched prints all works for punk lolita.


Punk Lolita Dresses Recommendation

1. Blackberry Bear JSK Set

This fresh, lively JSK has a strong cute, dark bittersweet style. The skirt has a black-pink color patchwork design. The main elements of its pattern are a giant doll bear, candy canes, gears, game consoles, crowns, skulls, and so on.

Two types are available:

Type 1: JSK+Outwear

Type 2: SK with adjustable straps+T-shirt

2. Plaid Patchwork JSK with Leather Buckle Waist Closure

I love the leather buckle details, the lace-up design on the waist closure, and those grommets details on the shoulder straps and the choker.

The shoulder straps are adjustable. This cute JSK also features a plaid patchwork design, a sweetheart neckline with a bowknot front, a back shirring with lace-up, and a plaid patterned waist bowknot and ruffles. 

You can wear it with or without a petticoat as it's full and flouncy enough on its own.

Styling it with a choker with a metal ring, a leather bowknot with metal chains and stars decoration, plaid arm wear that matches the color of the JSK, and a pair of black Mary Jane shoes or leather platforms.


"I'm in love with this dress! it's so cute, super flattering, and even though I am wearing it with a petticoat in the picture, it's full and flouncy enough on its own that you could absolutely wear it without one. The fabric is maybe not the highest quality, but it doesn't feel flimsy or cheap, and there are no flaws in the construction and no loose threads. I also appreciate that the straps are fully adjustable and that it comes with two replacement buttons."

You can also find other color options on our websites.

Styling this JSK with a sheer black blouse will add a touch of sweetness.


3. Imprisonment JSK/Top/Sleeves Set

The JSK set features a v-neckline zipper front, a tiered skirt with metal details, a pair of lace-up detachable sleeves, and a top. The dress has a unique jacquard pattern and some black lace ruffles on the shoulder straps. The leather decoration on the top brings you strong visual stimulation.

The metal zipper and leather tassels on the chest are very cool. The leather waist with buckles has a metal chain hanging on one side. The round rivets are decorated along the hemline, and the flowy leather design and metal details give off a strong punk vibe.


4. Endless Fantasy JSK Full Set

The Bolero has a lace-up design from the shoulder to the waist, which is very punk-related. The leather waist has three belts crossover design with irregular hemline veils covered over the skirt.


The brown version is very cyberpunk if you style it with a gear or goggles top hat in brown.


5. Fairy Faith JSK

The JSK features a square neckline, adjustable shoulder straps, a leather girdle, and tiered skirts. The texture of this dress is similar to leather, which is durable but softer, and gives off cold lights when you wear it.


6. Praise of Black Crow Skirt/Top/JSK Set

The top features a cutout shoulder design, a metal chest chain with a metal hand bone decoration, metal front buttons, metal cross decoration on the chest, and leather cuffs with metal details. The black basic skirt has an irregular hem and an undetachable overlay.


It matches well with a leather waist belt with metal chains, buckles, or grommets.

7. Little Milk Leopard JSK

8. Alice Irregular Hem Skirt Punk Lolita Dress OP Set


9. Pirate Punk Lolita Dress JSK Set



10. Witch Nana JSK Set

The gingham is a popular choice for punk lolita coordinate.

This JSK features a back shirring, a lace v-neckline with a front bowknot, a criss-cross design on the waist, and a tiered flounce hemline. The black-blue or black-red color combination brings you a bittersweet vibe.



11. Spicy Sugar Blouse/Tank Top/Skirt Set

This set features a romantic polka dot pattern.

This set is relatively sweeter than other recommendations. You can style it with a polka dot pattern hairclips or KC.

Spicy Sugar Polka-Dot Pattern Dark Blue/Pink KC/Bowknot Hairclips


12. Laws of Cardiac JSK

The Scottish plaid pattern is also one of the popular patterns for Punk Lolita.



13. Little Grey JSK

This JSK is another Scottish patterned dress with an irregular hem design.



14. Machine Otaku Top/Fake Collar/Skirt Set

The following recommendations have shorter skirt lengths and are full of "hot girl" energy.



15. Leopard Cat Shirt/Skirt Set



16. Forbidden Love OP Set



17. Forest Traveller JSK

The last punk lolita recommendation is more elegant than the others.

This JSK is longer than a normal punk lolita dress, and still has a touch of punk vibe achieved by the metal grommet details on the chest and the unique belt design, which has a small practical bag hung on. The color options are also very creative.


Cyberpunk Lolita

Cyberpunk Lolita is inspired by cyberpunk video games. The whole point is to incorporate Lolita Fashion with a strong mix of technology and mechanics. As a result, you can see iridescent colors and irregular hemline designs a lot in a cyberpunk lolita coord.

In addition, the futuristic motifs are also one important feature of cyberpunk lolita.


Cyberpunk Lolita Dresses Recommdation

Cyber Maid Housekeeper OP Set


Lily And Sisi Bolero/Long Side High Slit Cami Top/Black Skirt or White Bloomers Set
Lily And Sisi Jacquard Black Short Sleeves / White Sleeveless BoleroLily And Sisi Jacquard Black Short Sleeves / White Sleeveless BoleroLily And Sisi Jacquard Black Short Sleeves / White Sleeveless Bolero



Cyberpunk Fashion Recommdation

Reflective Copped Top/Pants Set 
Cyberpunk Reflective High Waist Skinny Pants
Reflective Sweatpants/ Coat
Cyberpunk Reflective SweatpantsCyberpunk Reflective Long Outwear

 Reflective Drawstring Print Legwear
Cyberpunk Reflective Drawstring Print Legwear

Silver Buckle Cyberpunk KC
Handmade Y2K Silver Buckle Cyberpunk KC
Silver Bowknot Cyberpunk KC
Handmade Y2K Silver Bowknot Cyberpunk KC
Metal Silver Buckle Cyberpunk KC
Handmade Y2K Metal Silver Buckle Cyberpunk KC
Laser Rivet Cyberpunk KC
Handmade Y2K Laser Rivet Cyberpunk KC
 Cyberpunk Chain KC
Handmade Y2K Cyberpunk Chain KC
Cyberpunk Chain Hairclip
Handmade Y2K Cyberpunk Chain Hairclip



Steampunk Lolita

Steampunk Lolita combines Lolita fashion with Steampunk Fashion, which is inspired by western science fiction that features 19th-century steam-powered industrial machinery.

Tips on Steampunk:

Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction which is inspired by nineteenth-century steam-powered industrial machinery. It combines vintage technology and beauty.

Steampunk works are frequently set in the Victorian era or in an alternate history of the American "Wild West," where steam power is still the norm, or in a fantasy world that also uses steam power.

Steampunk Lolita features a solid theme — that is always about the "futuristic" Victorian era. A typical outfit of steampunk may use fishbone corsets, oil or metal color schemes, and high-low ruffled skirts or just a JSK/OP with steampunk-themed motifs. What's more, it uses plenty of steam-power-related accessories like gears, leather, items made of bronze/copper, top hats with gears or goggles, and so on.

The main color schemes of Steampunk Lolita are brown, cream, or bronze

Brown, Bronze/Copper Color in Steampunk Lolita:

Steam Punk Lolita has a strong Victorian-era-related theme. As a result, it may appear to be a costume and not suitable for everyday wear. However, here are some recommendations that may appeal to you.


Steampunk Lolita Dresses Recommendation

1. Blurred Manual OP


2. Hairy I Sweetheart Neckline Punk Wa Lolita Dress JSK


3. Steampunk Cat JSK

4. The Fight Between Braves SK


5. Massacre JSK

6. Endless Fantasy JSK Set — Brown Version


7. Custom Size Available Suede Punk Irregular Hemline JSK

8. Mechanical Astronomical Clock OP

9. Flange Oath Series


Bat Hemline JSK

Hi-lo Shirring Back SK

Halter Collar Fake Two Pieces JSK


10. Little Detective Overall Dress



Steampunk Fashion Recommendation

1. Hi-lo Irregular Skirt

Victoria White Chiffon Multilayer Skirt

Steampunk Victoria White Chiffon Multilayer Vintage High Waist Long Skirt Steampunk Victoria White Chiffon Multilayer Vintage High Waist Long Skirt

Ruffled Open Shoulder Irregular Lace Dress

Steampunk Ruffled Open Shoulder Short Sleeves Irregular Lace DressSteampunk Ruffled Open Shoulder Short Sleeves Irregular Lace Dress

Steampunk Plaid Irregular Knee Length Skirt

Steampunk Plaid Irregular Knee Length SkirtSteampunk Plaid Irregular Knee Length Skirt

Brown Empire Waist A-line Skirt

Steampunk Brown Empire Waist A-line SkirtSteampunk Brown Empire Waist A-line Skirt

Off-the-shoulder Neckline Top with Girdle

Steampunk Off-the-shoulder Neckline Long Sleeves Top with GirdleSteampunk Off-the-shoulder Neckline Long Sleeves Top with Girdle

High Waist PU Leather Skirt

Steampunk High Waist PU Leather SkirtSteampunk High Waist PU Leather Skirt

Elastic Waist Asymmetrical Skirt

Steampunk Elastic Waist Asymmetrical SkirtSteampunk Elastic Waist Asymmetrical Skirt

Off-the-shoulder Neckline Asymmetrical Dress

Steampunk Off-the-shoulder Neckline Short Sleeves Asymmetrical DressSteampunk Off-the-shoulder Neckline Short Sleeves Asymmetrical Dress

Waist Chain/Belt/Corset/Bustier

2. Waist Chain/Belt/Corset/Bustier

Bowknot Decorative Bustier

Steampunk Vintage Gothic Bowknot Decorative Bustier

Cross Butterfly Waist Chain

Gothic Lolita Steampunk Cross Metal Chian Butterfly Waist Chain

Vintage Fish Bone Corset

Steampunk Vintage Fish Bone Corset

Tactics Waist Hanging Strap

Steampunk Tactics Waist Seal Chest Hanging Strap Double Shoulder Strap

Steampunk Strap Vest

Steampunk Strap Vest

Multi-pocket Belt With Waist Bag

Steampunk Retro Coffee Multi-pocket Belt With Waist Bag


3. Top Hats

Wool Black Flat Hat
Wool Black Flat Hat Steampunk Lolita Hat
Lace Rose Goggles Wool Top Hat
Steampunk White Lace Rose Goggles Wool Top Hat
Feather Goggles Wool Top Hat
Handmade Steampunk Vintage Feather Goggles Wool Top Hat


4. Hairclips

Vintage Mechanical Gear Hairclip
Steampunk Lolita Vintage Mechanical Gear Hairclip
Fan Gear Metal Chain Hairclip
Steampunk Lolita Vintage Fan Gear Metal Chain Hairclip
Mechanical Gear Wing Hairclip
Steampunk Lolita Mechanical Gear Wing Hairclip
Bowknot Gear Hairclip
Steampunk Lolita Bowknot Gear Hairclip

 Butterfly Gear Hairclip
Steampunk Lolita Butterfly Gear Hairclip

 Bowknot Gear  Hairclip
Steampunk Lolita Vintage Bowknot Gear Metal Chain Hairclip


5. Necklaces/Choker

Layered Necklace
In Stock Steampunk Layered Necklace
Victoria Metal Gear Necklace
Steampunk Victoria Vintage Metal Gear Necklace
Metal Dragonfly Necklace
Steampunk Retro Metal Dragonfly Mechanical Gear Pendant Necklace
Tassel Gear Black Lace Choker
Steampunk Lolita Tassel Gear Black Lace Choker
Vintage Clock Gear Bow Tie
Steampunk Lolita Vintage Clock Gear Bow Tie
Vintage Gear Bow Tie
Steampunk Lolita Vintage Gear Bow Tie


5. Brooches/Bracelets

Vintage Key Gear Brooch
Steampunk Vintage Key Gear Brooch
Vintage Fake Clock Gear Brooch
Steampunk Lolita Vintage Fake Clock Gear Brooch
Mechanical Gear Wing Brooch
Steampunk Lolita Mechanical Gear Silver Wing Brooch
Clock Gear Finger Ring Bracelet
Steampunk  Lolita Vintage Clock Gear Finger Ring Bracelet
Industrial Gear Wing Bracelet
Steampunk Metal Retro Industrial Gear Lace Black Wing Bracelet
Gear Clock Lace Bracelet
Steampunk Gothic Lolita Scalloped Lace Gear Clock Finger Ring Lace Bracelet


6. Earrings

Vintage Long  Needle Earrings
Steampunk Vintage Long Silver Needle Earrings
Metal Gear Clock Earrings
Steampunk Metal Vintage Gear Pointer Clock Earrings
Metal Gear Wings Star Earrings
Steampunk Metal Gear Wings Star Rose Earrings
Metal Gear Tassel Earrings
Handmade Steampunk Vintage Metal Gear Tassel Earrings
Emerald Gear Earrings
Handmade Steampunk Emerald Gear Earrings
Metal Gear Tassel Star Earrings
Handmade Steampunk Metal Gear Tassel Wooden Star Earrings


That's all the steampunk fashion recommendations, you can click Steampunk Collection to find more items.



Punk Lolita, Steampunk Lolita, and Cyberpunk Lolita, those three lolita substyles are all very challenging. And steampunk lolita and cyberpunk lolita may not be suitable for everyday wear. However, Punk Lolita tends to be relatively casual now.

It absorbs many other fashions like idol dresses from anime, which reminds you of energetic and cute idols sometimes by the short and flowy skirt designs. Anyway, never hesitate to try a punk lolita outfit you love! And I really hope the coordination tips of this article are useful for any lolis that don't know how to start.