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Today's blog is going to show you a dress collection of Old-school Lolita. Those dresses are mainly from indie Lolita fashion brands in China and I have chosen the most typical black and white color scheme in Old-school Lolita as the standard, hoping to introduce you to good-looking old-school dresses while also giving you some references in choosing designs.

For better background information, Let's first learn about what is Old-school Lolita!

What is Old-school Lolita?

Old-school Lolita is a style of Lolita Fashion that is the original version of fashion. It consists of cute, girly dresses made of plain, natural-toned fabrics (usually cotton) and lace. The focus of this style is the way basic colors and lace are combined. They can be coordinated with different materials to obtain different feminine looks in different shapes. It is a typical and timeless Lolita style. 

Since the movie "Kamikaze Girl" (2004), Old-School Lolita became popular in Japan. Japanese girls copied the costume of Momoko, the girl who loved Lolita costumes in this movie, wearing simple and lovely cotton Lolita costumes with a strong French Rococo style.

Momoko's Lolita dress in "Kamikaze Girl" (2004):

Old-School Lolita is less print-based and more design-based. As the picture above showed, Old-school Lolita has a simple design and color tone such as black and white, pink and white, blue and white, red and white, pure white, and so on. Black and white designs are very common to see in Old-School Lolita.

A Lolita fashion beginner will prefer the look of Old-School Lolita because this style is much more elegant and appear to be much more user-friendly and accessible for newer Lolis or girls who are getting into the fashion.

Why Choosing Old-school Lolita?

1. Simplicity: It's a simpler style! There was more focus on detail, design, quality, and lace/ruffles/pin tucks
2. Elegant and Understated: It's a much Less Exaggerated and Cheaper style than the OTT Sweet Lolita.
3. Easy to Coordinate: just use items that match the dress's simple color scheme.
4. Fewer Accessories:  a pair of platforms or classic mary janes, simple headdresses(usually a slim rectangle headdress),  a brand tote(or a simple square purse).
5. Simple Daily makeup: No wig, fake eyelashes, circle lenses, or tricks with white eyeliner that make your eyes look huge and alien.  Just need natural and clean-looking makeup jobs(like a little bit of eyeshadow and lipsticks in a color that matches your coordinate).
6. Good Wearability for Everyday Wear: More practical than current styles and that means they translate well to daily life. It's a more tone down yet still detailed middle sweet lolita dress.
7. Easy to Care: Most old-school Lolita dresses are made of cotton or velveteen(velvets are rarer), so they are friendly for daily cleaning and care.


Old-school Lolita is totally back in fashion and many lolita brands are starting to release some updated "old-school ideas". Its charm is also gradually being explored by newer in Lolita Fashion and becomes welcome again.  

Black-white Lolita dresses are our main theme today. Now, I will show you 45 different dresses(26 JSKs and 19 OPs) from indie Lolita fashion brands in China and they are all black-white. Because they are too many so I will only choose some to introduce Let's have a look!

Black-White JSK Collection:

1. Miss Leif JSK by Gummy Bear

This JSK looks great either with Peter Pan collar white blouse or with a small cardigan. It's fluffy and makes people slim, even without the petticoats is still a very beautiful dress. It's The large bow at the waist and the three bows at the hem are fixed bows, and the two in the middle of the skirt are detachable bows.

2. Baby Annie JSK by Mewroco

The black and white version of this series is full of antique feeling, the contrasts of black and white will show the details of the cotton material of the dress, and reveal the fineness of the lace. It has a square neckline with bowknot, criss-cross and lace front, empire waist, flounce hemline, and a shirring back. If coordinated with a black headdress, you will be full of aristocratic lady sense.

3. Black Sugar Sweetheart JSK by Eieyomi

This JSK is a more Sweet Cool Style. It features a square neckline, empire waist, ruffles on shoulders, back waist with self-tie. The big bowknot on the front, the bowknot on the waist, the two bowknot decorations on the shoulder straps, the heart-shaped pattern, and the bowknot on the skirt all have a Polka-dot design. Two layers of black and white lace interlaced flounce hemline are the biggest feature of this dress.

4. The Maze JSK by UNI LOLITA

Compared with the cyan and red version, the black and white one is more mature and not less lovely. This JSK has a shirring back and the bow has a white edge design. A delicate maze-like lace line design makes this JSK definitely beautiful to dance.

5. Young Madam JSK by Your Highness

Another dress with a full sense of antiquity, like a real aristocratic lady, will be better with a petticoat. It has a square neckline with bowknot and lace front, frills and bowknots on the skirt, flounce hemline, and a shirring back.

6. Shoujo Byou JSK by Rose Maze

Made of cotton and linen fabric, comfortable and breathable but easy to wrinkle. A large bow on the chest and 5 small bows on the hem are fixed, and heart-shaped pins on the chest are detachable. The back ties can be tied into a large knot bow.

7. PeiQi JSK by Magic Tea Party

It has a large lace bow on the waist, a shirring back, and 5 small bows of pink ribbon on the hem of the dress that are detachable. The multi-layer lace on the front and three-part lace patchwork dress hem are very unique. 

8. Marguerite Plaid JSK by Alice Girl

Marguerite Plaid is the brand Alice Girl's old version of 2018, with upgraded details and re-selling. The style is inspired by symmetry and patchwork style using the overall symmetrical design combined with cotton materials to create a subtle and quiet style. The patchwork of plaid and plain fabrics adds to the overall design. The hem and neckline ruffle and cotton lace at the stitching matches the different materials of the bow on the neckline, waist, and hem to bring a sweet but not greasy visual impact.

9. Campanula JSK & SK by Doris Night

This one is a typical Old-school Lolita JSK. It has an empire waist, laced up grommets, two rows of lace running down the front of the skirt with tiers of lace on the side, shirring on the front, pintucks, and an A-lined shape.


The SK version is also a good choice because you can match it with a classic Lolita blouse and is more common for everyday wear.

10. Humanoid Angel JSK by Cocoa Butter Lolita

The JSK below has the brightest white fabric for a truly lovely look. It has a square neckline, a frill in the back, and an empire waistband. This tiered flounced skirt doll Lolita dress also has three bows in the front and two bows on the hem in plain white.


11. Candy Maid JSK by PinkyWinky

This JSK is just like that one above but simpler you will have a different look by wearing an apron which will give you a sense of maid or housekeeper. The JSK set includes a JSK with matching bowknots, a heart-shaped decoration on the bodice, and an apron. The full set includes a JSK with matching bowknots, a heart-shaped decoration on the bodice, an apron, a KC, a hairband, a pair of wrist cuffs, two hair clips. 



Normally you will see two options of one Old-school Lolita series just like the picture below. In my opinion, you can choose the OP option for easier coordination or the JSK option for a different design. The differences between them are the design of the flounced hem and decorations on the front, but they are all very cute anyway.


13. Doll Story by BacioBouquet

However, some brands can give you even more options of one series like the picture blew.

As you can see from the pictures, you can tell a slightly different design from them and they all have their own unique features. From these pictures, you can also clearly see that the most suitable accessories with an old-school Lolita dress are: a parasol, an elegant small square bag, black Mary Jane shoes, black knee-high socks, a KC/ headband, an apron, and cute wrist-cuffs.


14. Rainbow Poem JSK by Sibyl Heisei

For a slight change of style, a cardigan with a suitable bonnet is one of the most common coordinations in Old-school Lolita. With a cardigan, this JSK will have a feel of "Sibyl'(Witch).

Besides, the brand will also launch a reverse color dress just like the picture below to create a contrast. You can wear them with your friends and they are definitely cute when appearing together.


15. Black and White Plaid Shop JSK by U.Rtto

This JSK is more classic and has a unique flounce hemline with two pink bowknots on the hem and frills on the skirt. Unique alignment to form two heart-shaped patterns which make it cuter. It also features a square neckline, big bowknots on the criss-cross front, and an empire waist. 


After those 15 JSKs above, I believe that you have already learned about the basic coord of black-white Old-school Lolita dress. So the remaining 11 JSKs below I will not give details because they are all in a similar design. You can just have a quick look for a design reference.

1. Anohana JSK by Shepherding de Sisi

2. Starry Night JSK by SAKURA JELLY

3. Melita JSK by Pick Pink

This JSK is unique for a sweetheart neckline. It also has a shirring back, bowknots front, ruffled hem apron, an empire waist, and tiered flounce hemline. 

4. Sugar Doll JSK by Honey Fox 

5. Creamy Cocoa JSK by HeyBaby

6. Olivia JSK by Hidden Mercury

7. Xing JSK by Tululu Lolita

8. Jenny Cocoa JSK by MOMO Bear

9. The Great Divide Layer JSK by Kinokoko

10. Miss Pinellia JSK by Fantasyland

11. Witch Game JSK by C C Cat 



Black-White OP Collection:

Because of the convenience of one-pieces, lots of brands also launch out OP versions only. Let's have a look at Old-school Lolita's special charm in OP!

1. Maid Lolita OP by Angel's Heart

Angel's Heart Lolita is a small but special brand whose famous series is 'Robin'. It's a well-known indie shop that has products with high quality and rich creativity in China. Angel's Heart usually offers only one themed product during a period of time.

And this OP is inspired by the lively and lovely maid in the ancient castle. This dress uses the classic doll collar and bubble sleeve design. The exquisite multi-layered lace and super-large hemline make the dress more multi-level. An added belt makes it very versatile without a petticoat. A row of openable love buttons on the chest is convenient for daily wear. The full set includes a short sleeves OP, wrist cuffs, a heart-shaped badge, an apron, a KC or a matching hat, and a bowknot on the chest. This OP has a natural waist and the choice of KC will make you like an elegant aristocratic lady while an apron and a matching hat will make you like a professional maid.


2. Little Butler OP by Phoebe Cat 

This Op is nurse-themed. You can coordinate it with a nurse's hat or a KC and it has a slightly Gothic feeling. Full set includes a short/long sleeves OP, a hair clip, a KC, a train, detachable sleeves, and a nurse hat.


3. Melody of the Night OP by Angel's Heart

This Op has a lace cross decoration on the chest which adds a feeling of "church". The full set includes a short sleeves OP, detachable large Hime sleeves, a false collar, a headband, two girdles, and wrist-cuffs. The fake collar and detachable Hime sleeves allow you to switch from adorable to gorgeous.


4. Little Betty OP by Doll Night

Its heart-shaped front and the lovely bow choker are the biggest features of this OP. The full set includes a short sleeves OP, a bow choker, 2 hair clips, a KC, and a matching apron. The usage of an apron will add more doll lolita sense to the overall style.


5. Lilian Sisters OP by Star Box

This OP is more elegant, just like a gentle and cultured lady would wear. It comes in a short version and a long version. It features a Peter Pan collar and ruffles on the shoulders. Its lace hemline really makes it a doll Lolita dress.


6. Letter from the Castle OP by Chris House Lolita

This OP is made of Velvet. So it's very comfortable to wear and also gives you a sense of an Aristocratic lady. It has a high neck, long bishop sleeves, an empire waist, and a flounce hemline. Bonnet is simply very suitable for old-school Lolita, the brim has a wire ring that can adjust the size to get different looks, whereas the edge of the hairband presents natural wave shape and is more suitable for everyday wear.


7. Classical Doll OP by Pumpkin Cat

This OP is also a typical doll lolita dress. It features a peter pan collar, short puff sleeves, or matching detachable long sleeves. The pink ribbons through the lace and its empire waist add more sweetness to this dress.

8. Tali OP by Bears Dinner

It has a square neckline, shirring, criss-cross front, and tiered skirt with lots of black bowknots on the hemline. This dress is very simple and suitable for daily wear.

9. Doll No.9 OP by C C Cat

 It has a stand collar with ruffles, bowknots front, long bishop sleeves, and an empire waist. And this tiered dress is made of polyester which makes it easy to care.

10. Cradle Doll OP by Annie Parcel

This one also has a vibe of "church' for its unique front design. It features a round neckline, lace-up design on both sides of the neckline, long sleeves, bowknots at the cuffs, an empire waist. Ruffles and two bowknots on the front add more elegance and two bowknots on the flounce hem add more cuteness. 

To summarize, an OP old-school Lolita is likely to have a vibe of maid, housekeeper, nurse, or "church" from the 10 OPs above. Same, you can have a quick look at the remaining 9 OP dresses. Compared to JSK they are generally more conservative and elegant.

11. Little Friend OP by CRUCIS


12. Peter Pan OP by Star Fantasy

13. Lovely Elva Doll OP by Sweety Honey 

14. Sweet Chocolate OP by ByleeBear

15. Love of Roses OP by Shepherding de Sisi

16. Rainbow Candy OP by MOMO Bear 

17. Rococo dance music OP by Phoebe Cat 

18. Little Painter OP by Heart Pawnshop

19. Cream Puffs OP by Little Bear Lolita

After all, classical old-school lolita will have details like empire waists, laced up grommets, heart-shaped pockets, 2 rows of lace running down the front of the skirt with tiers of lace on the side, shirring either all around or in the front, pintucks, and A-lined dresses. They just relied more on texture rather than color and print.
The old-school style never really went away completely, it's been there all along just waiting to be rediscovered!

Other Color Schemes of Old-school Lolita

What's more, old-school lolita does not just include the basic 'black and white JSK/OP, white blouse, white socks, black shoes' look. They also have other color schemes like pink and white, blue and white, red and white, and so on. Just like the picture below:

1. Pink-black dress: Berlin Girls JSK by  Cocoa Butter Lolita

This pink-black dress has a square neckline, bowknots on the front and waist, a shirring back, adjustable shoulder straps, an empire waist, and a tiered flounce hemline. The pink satin has a reflective effect and contrasts with the black fabric.

This one is sweeter but not less elegant than a black-white dress. 

2. Blue-white dressBlue Girl OP by With PUJI

The OP features a square neckline with ruffles, bowknots front, short puffy sleeves, tiered flounce skirt, irregular hemline. 

3. Red-white dressCotton Summer Sweetheart JSK by Little Fairy Tale

It features a self-tie on the sweetheart neckline, bowknots decoration on the front, two bowknots on empire waist, back waist with self-tie. There is shirring and lace-up on the back tiered flounce hemline.

4. White dress: Little Daisy OP by Little strawberry

White Lolita dress, also known as Shiro Lolita is also a popular choice for old-fashion coordination. It's also very friendly to a Lolita Fashion beginner.

5. Black dress: Rainbow Poem JSK by Sibyl Heisei

This black dress is not just simple and elegant but also cute.

Leave a comment if you want me to do another dress collection about them. Thank you for your reading and hope you can find the special old-fashion lolita dress you want.