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In today's blog, I will guide you into monochrome lolita fashion: Shiro and Kuro Lolita. Have seen too many colorful lolita dresses with bright colors, this kind of all-white and all-black lolita fashion, on the contrary, is more eye-catching. 

Similar to plain and natural-toned Old-school Lolita, both Shiro lolita and Kuro lolita are also very suitable for lolita fashion newbies.

What is Shiro Lolita?

Shiro(白) refers to "white" in Japanese. Shiro Lolita is a Lolita outfit made entirely of white clothing. In addition, completely cream-colored and off-white-colored lolita outfits are also accepted as Shiro Lolita.

In general, Shiro Lolita refers to any all-white lolita outfits. As a result, this monochrome street lolita style can be taken from any style of lolita fashion. It can be Sweet, Classic, Gothic, or Hime Lolita. Here are some white Lolita Coordinates with different styles below.

  • 4 examples of white lolita street style

Shiro Lolita is very popular in Hime Lolita for bringing a dreamy wedding or little princess vibe.

Examples of Shiro Hime Lolita:

Jellyfish Sakurahime Lolita Dress Matching Balloon Sleeves

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*Tips on Coord a Shiro Lolita Outfit:

1. Pick an all-white/all-beige main piece first;

As the Shiro Lolita coords shows above, an all-white dress is a key to start.

2. Keep the Color Consistent

Use accessories( like headdresses, bags, and stockings) that have the same color as the main piece.

3. Avoid Black Shoes

Because, because it's weird to pair black shoes with white dresses. Just like the image"Shiro Lolita Coord 4" shown above, it's fine to use white-and-red shoes in Shiro Lolita and it can add some sweetness to the whole look.

4. Simple Makeup

The makeup for Shiro Lolita tends to be natural and simple. Too over makeup will distract your attention from the outfits, so flawless makeup like a simple eyeliner and red lips will be enough.

What is Kuro Lolita?

Kuro(黒) refers to "black" in Japanese. Kuro Lolita is a Lolita outfit made entirely of black clothing. No other colors are used in Kuro Lolita. So, Kuro Lolita refers to any all-black lolita dress and uses all-black coordinates.

Same as Shiro Lolita, Kuro Lolita can be taken from any style of lolita fashion, especially Gothic Lolita. So, it can also be considered as a micro-style by an extension of Gothic Lolita.

  • 4 examples of black lolita street style


Gothic Lolita V.S. Kuro Lolita

Some Gothic Lolita is indeed all black, but it is not usually referred to as Kuro Lolita. A loli would not likely use the term "Kuro Lolita" to describe their style because it just implies a specific color, unlike Gothic Lolita as a whole unique style.

In general, not all Gothic Lolita is all-black but an all-black outfit is definitely a Kuro Lolita.

Examples: Gothic Lolita on our website

As you can see from the examples of Gothic Lolita on our website, Gothic Lolita is not always in black and Kuro Lolita is closely related to the Gothic style. All 4 examples are Gothic Lolita, while only the last one is a Kuro Lolita.

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*Tips on How to Coord a Kuro Lolita:

1. Pick up a Black Mainpiece First

A decided main piece is a good start to coord a Kuro Lolita as you can take inspiration from the main piece. For example, if your black dress has a cross prints element then you can add similar elements to your black headpieces and printed dark color stockings.

2. No Need to Stick to All-Balck Accessories

Strictly speaking only black is allowed in Kuro Lolita. But you can be creative and add a personal touch by using accessories with maroon, crimson, deep purple, navy blue, and royal blue.

3. Use Gothic Elements

Since Kuro Lolita is somehow an extension of Gothic Lolita. It's perfect to accessorize black lolita dress with gothic elements like black crosses, coffins, skulls, black butterflies, and bats.

4. Avoid White Shoes

Believe me, a black dress paired with white shoes is the last thing you want to try.

Shiro Lolita and Kuro Lolita in Twin Outfits

To create an interesting contrast, Shiro Lolita and Kuro Lolita are often paired with each other in twin outfits!

  • Shiro and Kuro Twin Lolita Outfit

White Lolita Dress Collection

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White Lolita Tops

Rose Gallery Peter Pan Collar Virago Sleeves Classic Lolita Blouse

Custom Size Available Witness Your Blossom Round Neckline Lolita Blouse


White Lolita Legwear and Shoes

The Jade Hare Elegant Lolita TightsCross Pattern Lolita Tights

Artemis Lace Flounce Ankle Tulle Lolita SocksSweet Girl Three-dimensional Love Velvet Pantyhose

Small Bowknots Girls Underknee Lolita Stockings

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White Lolita Headpieces Other white accessories

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White Bags

Butterfly Sweetheart Pearl Chain Elegant Lolita Shoulder BagKoi Series Shaggy Lolita Crossbody Bag

Fur Heart-Shaped Metal Chain Strap Shoulder Bag


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Black Lolita Dress Collection

Black Lolita Dresses

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Erin Series Square Neckline Flounce Hemline Velvet Lolita Dress JSK

Velvet Cake V-neckline Long Sleeves Elegant Lolita Dress OP


Black Lolita Tops

Twin Cubs Peter Pan Collar Flounce Cuffs Sweet Lolita Blouse

Paper Dolls Removable Long Sleeves Gothic Halloween Lolita Bolero


Black Lolita Headpieces 

Church Stained Window Lolita Dress Matching KCNight Traveler Gothic Lolita Matching Hairband

Handmade Gothic Lolita Feather Rose KCHandmade Gothic Lolita Cross Hairband


Black Lolita Legwear and Shoes

Sea Box TightsFlying between Stars Constellation 20D Summer Lolita Tights

Halloween Black Skull Head Decoration Lolita TightsBlack Gothic Fishnet Lolita Tights

Miss Morgan Square Toe Punk Lolita ShoesSquare Head Punk Platform Boots Lolita Shoes


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