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For lolitas, creating a balanced winter lolita coordinate is a big challenge, and it's increasingly harder each year. We not only have to make the whole look fit the lolita aesthetic and silhouette but also have to consider the cold-proof aspect.

In this blog, winter lolita coordination ideas will be given according to the different temperatures. Therefore, you must check this article if you are someone who wants to wear lolita in the cold winter.


20°C ±

Coordinate Idea 1:

OP + Cardigans + 80~120D Tights/OTKs


Elegant Lady Vibe


When the weather has just turned cool, you only need to add a cardigan to keep warm, and you can choose opaque tights of 40 deniers or more.

When you wear a cardigan you can reveal the collar of your dress or blouse, it will look much cuter. You can actually find all kinds of cardigans in different colors and designs on our site.


Knitted Cardigans

Light-knitted cardigans are a good choice when the weather is not too cold yet still have the need to cover our arms. The details of ruffles and ribbons on those adorable cardigans can definitely add an accent of elegance to the overall look.


Plush Cardigans

When the temperature goes lower, a plush cardigan in your wardrobe would be a blessing. The furry material makes it a good warmth and windproof effect, but at the same time cute and comfortable. Plush cardigans here have very good quality and are not made from those materials that will make you itchy. 


Heavy Cardigans
Detachable Bowknot Flounce Hem Knitted White Cardigan

Heavy cardigans are also optional depending on the sensory temperature in your district.


Christmas-vibed Cardigans

Besides, Christmas-vibed cardigans can also be added to your shopping cart as this festival is around the corner.


Tips on Coordinate a Cardigan

1. Choose cardigan colors from a touch of color from the dress.

2. Short-waisted cardigans match sweet lolita well for they won't restrain the silhouette of the lolita dress.

3. Extra points for being able to reveal the ruffle collar of the dress or the lace on the chest

4. Cardigans with a moderate amount of ruffles, frills, bows, and lace details are huge welcomed.

5. V-neck cardigans go well with any lolita style, especially preppy style lolita coordinate.


V-neck Cardigans



15°C ±


 Coordinate Idea 2: 

SK + High-neck sweater + Cardigans + Above 120D Tights


Literature Youth Vibe

This winter coordinate replacing the summer blouse with a knitted top, which is not only warm but also windproof. The key to choosing a knitted top or sweater for lolita fashion is to keep your eyes on those knitted tops with cute and girly details. 

With these details, those knitted tops/sweaters or plush tops are cute and decent enough to be paired with sweet or classic lolita.


High Neck Knitted Top

High neck knitted top would be the first choice when you try to find a lolitable one.


Peter Pan Collar Knitted Sweater

Ruffle Collar Knitted Top

Knitted tops with ruffles on collars, cuffs, and hems are also commonly seen in winter lolita coordinates.

Plush Top

Fleece Pullover

For people with higher warmth needs, cute plush tops and fleece pullovers in solid colors are also optional.



 Coordinate Idea 3: 

JSK + Knitted Top + Cape + Above 120D Tights

Santa Claus Vibe


Reindeer Vibe


Bear/Kuma Vibe


Cat/Neko Vibe


Plush capes or velvet cloaks are another option on a windy day. 


Plush Cape



Hooded Cloak


New-Year-Themed Cape


10°C ±

♡ Coordinate Idea 4: 

JSK + Knitted Top + Short Outerwear + Velvet Petticoat and Boomers + Above 150D Tights


Cow Pattern Coord


Navy Blue Bunny Coord


Here is the time to put on your velvet petticoat/boomers and wear thick tights. The short-waisted woolen jacket is very suitable for sweet or classic lolita dresses, which have the need to show a bell or A-line shape.


Short-waisted Woolen Jacket



 Coordinate Idea 5: 

OP + Cardigans + Short Outerwear + Velvet Petticoat and Boomers + Above 150D Tights


Pink Poodle Coord


To take a further step, a short-waisted plush coat is very necessary because it won't be wise to get sick because of beauty. Not to mention that we have plenty of adorable warm outerwear to choose from.


Short-waisted Plush Coat - Bear Ear


Short-waisted Plush Coat - Bunny Ear


Short-waisted Plush Coat - Deer, Cow


Those plush coats on our site are normally all wool, wool-polyester blend, or wool-nylon blend. 

You'd better choose short plush coats that sit at the natural waistline, which makes sure your dress shape is unruined. And animal ear-hooded coats like bear ears, bunny ears, or even deer antlers are frequently seen.


New Year Vibe Plush Coat


Under 10°C 

 Coordinate Idea 6: 

OP + Cardigans + Long Coat + Velvet Petticoat and Boomers + Scarves/Gloves + Above 300D Tights


Wine Red Bear Coord


Pink Bear Coord


Brown Bear Coord


Lunar Year Bunny Coord


Snow Rabbit Coord


Long woolen coats are great for layering clothes as temps start dropping. You maybe worry about whether a long coat would suit lolita fashion. Actually, there are plenty of long winter coats on our site that are made to be worn over your adorable dresses with petticoats.


Furry Coat



Woolen Coat


Velvet Coat


Duffel Coat


Preppy Style Winter Coat


Under 0°C 

 Coordinate Idea 7: 

OP + Cardigans + Thermal Underwear + Down Jacket + Velvet Petticoat and Boomers + Above 500D Tights + UGG Boots


Lavender Coord


Sax Coord


For lolita dresses, I personally think tartan pattern, stripe pattern, and preppy style lolita dresses in a thick fabric would be a perfect option in winter.


Tips on Coordinate Winter Lolita Dresses

1. Long sleeves, heavy fabric lolita dresses are rare but you can still find some in velvet plush, or tartan.

2. Thermal underwear under the dress is the base, better choose those with low-cut.

3. The other trick is to have velvet or even downy petticoats, and long boomers in thick fabric.

4. Down Jacket can be worn over lolita dresses.

5. Scarves, earmuffs, and plush gloves can be used on a windy day.

6. Cute UGG boots also work with lolita dresses or choose shoes with fleece lining.


Winter Lolita Dresses - Tartan Pattern

Little Detective Fake Two-pieces Design Plaid Pattern Long Sleeves Lolita OPBear's Tea Party Bear Print Plaid Pattern Short Sleeves Lolita OPBird Song Peter Pan Collar Ruffled Trim Long Sleeves Lolita OPOde To Joy Plaid Lolita Dress JSK by Miss Point Custom Size AvailableAgatha Incident Book Detective Lolita Dress OPBriar Rose Christmas Round Neckline Sweet Lolita Dress JSK


Winter Lolita Dresses - Strips Pattern

Forest Traveler Color Light Khaki Striped Pattern Peter Pan Collar Long Sleeves Lolita OPForest Traveler Color Gray Striped Pattern Peter Pan Collar Long Sleeves Lolita OPForest Traveler Color Green Striped Pattern Peter Pan Collar Long Sleeves Lolita OP

In Stock South of the Forest Halter Underbust Classic Lolita Dress JSK Stripped PatternIn Stock South of the Forest Halter Underbust Classic Lolita Dress JSK Stripped PatternNorth of the Forest Gray / Pink Classic Lolita SK


Winter Lolita Dresses - Preppy Style

Forest Traveler Color Black Peter Pan Collar Long Sleeves Lolita OPLondon Girl Pointed Flat Collar Short Sleeves Lolita OPIn Stock Letter from Ville Grey Short/Long Version Flounce Hem Scoop Neckline Lolita JSKLove Letter Rabbit Ears Bowknot Details High Waist Tiered Skirt and Flounce Hem Long Sleeves Lolita OPBook of Lies Sweetheart Neckline Military Lolita Dress JSK with TieAkanegumo Gakuen JK Uniform V-neckline Overall Dress JSK / Jacket Set


Winter Lolita Dresses -  Plush Dresses

Hot Milk Cow Pattern Plush Bubble Lolita Overall DressPlush Turndown Collar Short Sleeves Maid Lolita Dress OP Full SetWinter Fairy Tale White and Pink Plush Balls Bowknot Details Lolita JSK + Black Blouse SetWinter Fairy Tale White and Blue Plush Balls Bowknot Details Lolita JSK + White Blouse SetWarm Temperature Color White and Blue Houndstooth Plaid Plush Neckline Lolita JSK

*Please click  to find more recommendations for winter lolita dresses.


No matter how many layers you add, it won't be as warm as a down jacket.  From my point of view, a down jacket in pastel colors can match any pastel-colored lolita dress well, as long as they have a balanced overall look when paired together.


Down Jacket


Except for the ultra-warm down jackets, we can add those must-haves below to warm and cozy the whole winter.


Thick Velvet Tights  


Fleece-lined Leggings


Tips on Coordinate Legwear in winter

1. Choose velvet tights above 150 deniers when the temperature drops.

2. You can wear cute socks over tights to achieve a cute yet warm look.

3. Leg warmers or loose socks are highly recommended. They can give off a strong Gyaru(spice girl) or punk vibe to your coordination.

You can click  to find leg warmers in different styles on our site


Warm Lining Shoes


Plush and Knitted Scarves



Handmade Panda Plush EarmuffsHandmade Cat Ear Earmuffs/HairbandHandmade Bear Ear Plush Earmuffs




Faux Fur Headpieces


Plush Hats

Plush Berets

*Please click Winter Headwear to find more plush hats, hairclips, berets, etc.


That's all the 7 winter lolita coordinate ideas, and I really hope you can take somehow inspiration from this "Winter Lolita One Week Coordinate". Anyway, don't be afraid to try your style of winter lolita and comment below to let us know your excellent idea, and always remember to be as warm as possible.