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5 Tips to Help You Create A Clown Lolita Coord


Today, let's get to know about Clown Lolita or Circus Lolita. Anyone who likes impact style should give this themed lolita a go especially if you're into circus, or amusement parks. Besides, clown lolita is also an excellent choice for this year's Halloween cosplay theme.

You gonna learn some tips on how to coord this playful clown-core lolita theme along with some clown-themed lolita outfit recommendations in this article. 


How to Coord a Clown-style Lolita Outift


1. Dress Design — Clown Costume Inspired

Clown-costume-inspired lolita dresses usually feature decorative star elements, decorative colorful balls, pointed collars, and pointed skirt hem designs. Other typical accessories are little clown hats, mini top hats, clown-hat-inspired KC, tights with stripes, polka dots, rhombus, star patterns, and so on.


Clown-Costume-Inspired Details


Clown Hat Inspired Lolita Headbow
 Mini Top Hat
Fantasy Alice Lolita Dress Bunny Magician Hat


Clown Circus Tights/Overkeen Stockings


Pointed Collar


2. Prints' Theme

The prints of clown-inspired dresses usually have a "Clown" theme.  But beyond that, themes like Circus, Amusement Park(popcorn, carousel, merry-go-round), Carnival, Theater, Joker, and Mad Hatters from Alice in Wonderland can also create a playful clown-core vibe. 

Rhombus, Stars, Stripes, and Polka Dot patterns are also commonly used.


Amusement-Park-themed Prints 


3. Color

The colors in a clown-style lolita outfit are relatively brighter and more colorful than other lolita themes, but darker colors like wine red, dark blue, and dark green can also be used to create a Gothic or Punk Clown Vibe. 

For example, the dresses below give off a strong carnival vibe through their circus prints, contrast color combinations, and striped skirt ruffles.

Contrast Color Schemes


4. The Usage of Vintage Vest & Jabot/Ruffle Collar Blouse

As shown below, a button-up or corset lacing vest paired with a long-sleeve blouse with a ruffle/jabot collar is essential to finish a typical circus lolita outfit.


5. Be Bold On Style

You can literally try any style of clown you like in this theme. You can be retro by adding corset lacing or ruffle collar elements, or be an elegant and classic Circus Master by wearing a top hat, or be mysterious by having the main piece that gives off a magic night vibe(like a Mad-Hatters-inspired clown or a darker-themed-Alice inspired Clown), or be OTT sweet via cute dress designs like bud skirt hem, sweet amusement-park-themed prints, and brighter color schemes, or be Gothic by wearing a dark-themed joker lolita dress(like a Harley-Quinn-inspired clown). 


6. Actual Clown-Inspired Lolita Coord

You can find different styled circus-themed coordinates on our website. Let's have a look now!

Here are some actual clown lolita coord examples for reference.

Coord 1 - Gothic Lolita Vibe


Coord 2 - Sweet Lolita Vibe


Coord 3 - Hime Lolita Vibe



20 Recommended Circus-themed Lolita Coord


1. "Whirling Tiger" Sweet Circus Lolita JSK

Black and White Coord

Pink and Green Coord


2. "Go to Circus" OP

Beige Coord


3. "Star Circus" JSK + Blouse Set

Colorful Sweet Coord


4. "Cloud Circus" Black-and-White JSK

Black and White Coord


5. "Cloud Circus" Bud Skirt OP/Tiered JSK

Red and White Coord

Dark Blue and White Coord


6."Rabbit Circus" JSK/OP

Carnival Ride Vibe Coord



7. "Weird Hut Circus" SK Set

SK + Blouse + Mini Top Hat Set

SK + Vest+ Blouse + Mini Top Hat Set


8. "The Circus" JSK

Circus-themed Prints Coord


9. "Little Confused" OP

Gothic Clown Lolita Vibe


10. "Circus Night" Overall Dress

Sweet Rhombus Coord



11. "Weird Hut Circus" JSK Set

Corset-lacing JSK + Blouse Set


12. "Fantasy Circus" OP

Fantasy Circus Vibe


13. "Little Witch Amusement Park" OP +Fakr Collar 

Amusement Park Vibe


14. "Bear Circus" JSK/OP

Bear Circus Vibe OP

Bear Circus Vibe JSK


15. "Circus" Stripe JSK

Classic Circus-themed Lolita Coord


16." Stars and Birds" OP

Gothic Circus-themed Lolita Coord


17. "Alice" Poker Element JSK

Magic Alice Vibe


18. "Lolitimes Christmas Teddy" OP

Teddy Clown Vibe


19." Christmas Magic Night" OP

Chrismas Clown Vibe


20. "Circus" SK

Punk Clown Vibe


Which one of the above 20 Circus-inspired lolita outfits is your favorite? Let us know via leaving a comment or sharing your fantastic idea of making a clown lolita coord. You can also click Clown-inspired Lolita to find more circus-themed lolita dresses and accessories.