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5 Most Recommended Halloween Themes Lolita Dresses

Halloween is on the corner, in this article we will recommend you 5 different themes Halloween Lolita Outfits.

1. The Most Welcomed Witch Lolita Dresses

Witch customs have become popular because of the Harry Potter series and other horror stories. We have seen too many children in witch customs on the street on Halloween.

 And Witch Lolita is also loved by many girls for its mystery and charm. Especially on Halloween, a Witch Lolita dress can not only give you a horror look but also can make you cute or breathtaking.

The first Witch Lolita dress I recommended is below. This dress's biggest feature is its Halloween prints of ghosts with witch hats, black cross, bat, and spider web. The big purple bowknot front also adds cuteness to the whole style.

The next is a pumpkin-themed dress. The main color of this dress is pumpkin yellow, and it is decorated with black bowknots. Orientating it with a cute pumpkin-shaped bag and a pointy witch hat will make you have a good sense of Halloween.

The third one is called "Nameless Poem". This dress has a strong flavor of the church. It has crosses embroidery and lace trimming skirt hemline. Its design is simple but impresses people a lot with its gothic look. Pretty suitable for a serious and solemn witch style.

The last one is what I most recommend for its asymmetrical skirt design and lovely bowknot front. More than that, its dedicated prints are also Halloween-themed and you can see skulls, poison crosses, and black hearts from the picture below.

Witch Hats recommended:

Witch hats have a lot of different shapes. Some have a fold at the top, while others stretch up like a tower
There are even witch hats that come with super-wide brims. A hat with a wide brim gives the perfect spooky witch vibes. If you're dressing to impress, you can look for a witch hat with cool details. Some witchy hats come with red roses or other bowknots make you mysterious and charming. Other witch hats with spiders, crosses, skulls, and creepy crawlies decorations will be chosen for your Gothic Lolita.

The first row from left to right are: Witch's Banque, Witch Sharp-horned Henning Hat, Velvet Daisy Witch Hat

The second row from left to right are: Suede Witch HatThe PotionGothic Lolita Witch Hat They are more suitable for dark-colored Lolita dresses.

Of course, there are also other interesting types of witch hats, you can click here to find more. 

2. Hime Lolita Dresses to be a Royal Princess

Hime Lolita is a style of Lolita that focuses on a princess-like appearance that is often OTT(over-the-top). It's difficult for Lolita Fashion beginners to try because it has too many decorations and luxurious details to handle with. You always need to coordinate Hime Lolita carefully or you will ruin the whole look. However, Why not try it on Halloween. It must be a wonderful choice.

First of all, I recommend a Hime Lolita less OTT for Halloween. The sweet pink dress below has layered lace trims and it has a heart-shaped front and irregular hemline. The big bowknots on the back and many cute pink bowknots on the ruffles make the look more lovely. The dress also has a white heart-shaped button front and two bowknots on the elastic waist, which makes it more Disneyland princess point.

The second dress is called "White Hanayome". It has a sweetheart neckline with a fantasy bowknot front, white and beautiful ruffles on the shoulders. This dress has an empire waist which makes you more elegant. What's more, multi-layer lace trims and flounce hemline give you a pure and fluttering feel.

The next recommendation is more fairy and luxurious. It's called "Song in the Moonlight Hanayome". Just like its name, this dress is super dreamy for its Kitty and flowers-themed print. The dress features a shirring back, detachable flowy sleeves, and a bowknot brooch on the neckline. It's quite dedicated and you can see more details from the picture below.

Lastly, I will recommend you two Chinese Hime Lolita dresses.

The first Chinese Hime Lolita is called "Flying Phoenixes". Its embroidered phoenixes and flowers prints make it has a few features of Chinese Qi dresses. Dresses below consist out of several layers of ruffles and details. It has a removable stand collar and V-neckline with bowknots front. The flowers on the waist and tiered flounce hemline make this dress fairy and pretty. 

The last one is called "Peacock Feather", which features the color of peacock and many characteristics of Chinese cheongsam(Qi Dresses). The dress has a lace embroidered shoulder and royal blue fabric with a peacock feather pattern, which makes it royal and luxurious. The irregular hemline with layered fabrics can give you a beautiful blue wave when you move. The butt buttons front and gorgeous gilt design are also the highlight of this dress.

3. Nurse / Maid Lolita Dresses

Nurse Lolita is a style of Lolita that is very much inspired by hospital imagery and often falls under Guro Lolita. It's also quite welcomed by people on Halloween.

 The dress below features a stand collar, long sleeves, red buttons, and cross front, detachable apron, heart-shaped badges on the skirt, lace ruffled hemline. Red ECG lines prints on the skirt add a Halloween horror atmosphere to this dress.

The next is Sweetheart Rescue Sweet Lolita Dress. This dress has short puff sleeves and an empire waist with a big bowknot,  which makes you taller and slimmer. Lace hemline is also quite distinctive and makes you think of spider webs.

The last recommendation for Nurse Lolita is Hell angel. It has a simple design but a more shocking visual experience with a big red cross over the skirt. The button design from top to bottom on the dress makes this dress a nurse's professional sense.

Maid Lolita dresses originated from the costumes of domestic servants of European aristocrats in the 19th century. After being introduced to Japan, many ACG ("Animation, Comics, and Games")  related elements have been incorporated.

The maid outfit in the popular sense now also refers to women's outfits that are modeled after real maid professional outfits. The popularized concept of Maid uniforms typically consists of a black dress, a white apron, and a hairband or cap. They are typically associated with maids that work in upper-class or noble settings.

The dress below is a typical Maid Lolita dress. The dress is called Housekeeper Alice. It has long sleeves, an empire waist, a back zipper, and a stand collar with a black bowknot. Ruffle shoulder straps, bowknot on the front, and flounce hem apron make it elegant and gentle.

The second one is called Afternoon Tea with Teresa, which is longer and more elegant for its long lace trimming apron and waist design. The special design of the neckline ribbon adds a little noble feeling to this dress. The cross straps and multi-layer lace design make the style more delicate.

This dress was inspired by the maid image in a Chinese game(Miracle Nikki). If you are an anime fan, you definitely need to try this dress.

Cyber maid is now trendy on the Internet, so the last one I will introduce to you is a cyber maid lolita dress. This dress has a zipper front and heart-shaped buckle waistbelt, which gives this skirt a strong sense of cyberpunk design. Ruffle on the shoulder strap and flounce hem apron makes this dress pure and cute.

Other than a black and white maid lolita dress, Sweet Maid Lolita is also a good one to choose for its sweetness and cuteness. You can click to have a look if you are interested.

4. Role-play Lolita Dresses

Alice in Wonderland

Speaking of Alice's Lolita clothing, there are generally two types.

One is to continue the image of Alice itself: blue OP, small apron, bow KC. just like the dress below.

The other is to print the elements and scenes that appear in the story of Alice on the skirt, which is what we call the theme print. Those theme prints include Poker cards, Rabbit, Mechanical clock, Pocketwatch, Tea party, and Cat. For Halloween, you can choose darker colors and elements.

The dress below is very detailed and unique for its wonderland print. It has two bowknots decorated straps and a big bowknot on the waist. A smoky blue skirt and poker cards hem makes this dress even more dreamy.

Snow White

Snow White, a fairy tale that everyone has heard since childhood. The image of this princess always has ebony hair, snow-white skin. What's more, the apple in her hand and the queen behind the apple are also all wonderful elements for the prints on the dress. It is no exaggeration to say that almost every girl dreamed of becoming Snow White when she was a child. The dress I recommend below can make your dream come true this Halloween.

This dress is a typical red and blue color. The red ribbon and bowknots match the blue fabric. And it looks especially Snow White with the white skirt as the base.

Little Red Riding Hood

This dress below is a typical theme for Little Red Riding Hood. It has a square neckline, ruffles shoulder straps, plaid bowknots, and flower-shaped buttons on the front. Those designs make you think of the wood where Little red riding hood goes to. Besides, the plaid fabric used in the hemline gives this dress more point of cuteness.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter, a well-known fantasy novel, is also one of the good choices for Halloween. Magic Academy's long capes below can give you the mystical feeling you want. The long cape comes with a special inner pocket for the magic wand. The length of the pocket is just right to fit an official magic wand. It will show a length of 3-5 cm for easy access to the magic wand.

Disneyland princess

Highly recommend that you try some Lolita dresses which have a vibe of Disneyland princess on Halloween.

This dress is made from Jacquard cotton. It features a square neckline, short puff sleeves, and cross string on the front.

Its empire waist and tiered flounce hemline make it royal. There is shirring and lace-up on the back which is easier for you to wear. It has 3 colors. The first one is purple which suits your role-play of tangled Princess.

The royal blue one is for Cinderella. Its modesty color is very like the dress Cinderella wear when she was at the dance party.

The yellow one is quite a suit for Bella Princess in Beauty and the beast. The color is bright like sunflowers; the big ruffles and multilayers of veils over the dress will be gorgeous when dancing.

5. Gothic Lolita Dresses 

Gothic fashion is a clothing style marked by dark, mysterious, antiquated, and other similar features. Gothic Lolita is a style of Lolita that is primarily influenced by this kind of fashion.

So for those who want to try the horror dark style on Halloween, Gothic Lolita is especially suitable.

I have 3 Gothic Lolita dresses to recommend for Halloween. The first one is called "Horrible Wonderland"  It has a ruffled round neckline and short sleeves shirt. Its biggest feature is its lapel collar and double-breasted vest with a detachable long train. The neckline scarf and shoulders stained with blood give people a sense of horror. In addition, the horror doll decoration on the chest and the horrible pattern on the skirt is also particularly eye-catching.

The next dress is Tomie (富江)-themed.  Tomie (富江) is a famous horror comic written by Junji Ito(伊藤 潤二), a Japanese horror mangaka. Tomie, the main role in this comic, is a beautiful, mysterious, and terrifying girl with the magical ability of regeneration. Japanese girls tend to play Tomie on Halloween for her unique look.

And this dress has authorized Tomie print. Its dark-styled design can perfectly show you myth and charm. If you love this manga this dress would be a good choice on Halloween.

The third one has purple bowknots on the waist, back with black and purple stripe shirring. The star-trimmed hemline makes it look more charming. The dress is high neck with exquisite brooch front, long sleeves have two bowknots on the cuffs. a placket with five buttons and the bat prints show its mystery.

Then I will recommend you 2 special choices for Halloween.

The first one is a Chinese Kung Fu-themed Punk Lolita dress. Its long tulle bishop sleeves with tie-style cuffs, and Chinese knot buttons give you a strong vibe of Kung Fu girl. If you are a fan of Chinese culture, this dress is not only uniquely cool but also slightly sweet.

The next unique dress is a cyberpunk lolita dress. This locomotive Girl Punk Lolita is quite cool for its red wine-colored fabric and black veil over the skirt, which gives people a good sense of locomotive cyberpunk. Its waistband with metal decorations can make you slimmer.

Gothic Kawaii Plush Bags:

This dark kawaii double heads plush bag is originally designed by Bully Bunny. It's a cross-body bag with a backpack belt included. They have 3 kinds of animals to choose from;  Double Heads KittyDouble Heads BearDouble Heads Bunny 

Dark Bloody Ventilator Disabled Bear Doll Crossbody, PU leather teddy bear crossbody, Bloody teddy bag, and Bloody Disease Teddy Crossbody Bag are quite good choices for horror-style Lolita Dresses.

And Shaggy pink crossbody bagPunk Skull Heart-shaped Canvas Crossbody is suitable for cool-style Punk Lolita dresses.

That's all 5 most recommended Halloween themes of Lolita Fashion. I really hope this article can give you some inspiration, and if you have better ideas please leave your comment.