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5 Different Designs 3 Layers Cake Skirt Lolita Dresses

Today I'm going to introduce you 5 different styles three-layers cake skirt lolita dresses.

1. Midsummer Sweetheart Lolita Cami Top / Tiered Flounce Skirt / Shirt Set

Brightened up with the sweet hearts, the tulle cake skirt reminds me of the sweet fruit smoothies in mid-summer, so sweet and tasty. Wearing the big bow decorated bodice cami top and the shining fabric skirt will make you feel like a wrapped gift.

Except for the short skirt and cami top set, there's a more elegant JSK design in this series.

2. Puffy Clouds Tiered Skirt Big Removable Heart Shaped Bodice Sweet Lolita Overall Dress

A cutier design tiered skirt tulle overall dress is Puffy Clouds. This is a dreamy cotton candy-like sweet dress with a short skirt length inspired by ballet costume skirts.



The removable heart shaped bodice makes the dress more versatile to wear. Puffy short sleeves peter pan dolly collar blouse available to purchase separately.

3. High Collar Sheer V Neck Design Tiered Skirt Elegant Lolita Dress

Even with the same tiered skirt design, the sheer v-neck design adds more mystery to the little black dress. This is the kawaii prom dress that your mum will let you wear to your prom party.

And the white one could be a pretty graduation dress.

4. Miss Coco Beige Lace Elegant Lolita Dress Tiered Skirt OP by Dolls Party

Miss Coco is such an elegant lolita dress that you can wear to a formal tea party.

Imagine that you coordinate the dress with a pair of lace gloves, a parasol and a vintage high heel, to have a wonderful afternoon tea with your besties in a garden.

5. Old School Lolita Dress with Tiered Skirt Design

Old school lolita dresses always remind me of Momoko from Kamikaze Girls.


Coordinate with a puffy sleeves blouse, this dress gives me a doll from a fairy tale vibes.

More style recommendations coming soon. Comment below if you could recommend some specific topics.