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Hime Lolita is a Lolita style that emphasizes a princess-like appearance, which is frequently overdone. It has a similar appearance to Classic Lolita, but it borrows many decorative elements from Sweet Lolita. Its main colors are ---baby greens, pale pinks, and white. Mint green and pale yellow are also options. Among them, the white Hime Lolita dress is quite popular for it is sweet but does not lose elegance.

A white Hime Lolita dress is the kind of dress you want to have as soon as you see it. It's gorgeous and dreamy and it's like it exists for an important event. We can wear a white Hime Lolita dress at weddings, coming-of-age ceremonies, some thematic tea parties, but you can always wear it on any regular day you want.

As one of the most gorgeous styles in Lolita, Hime Lolita is a pleasure just to look at. The magnificence of it is primarily reflected in the details of the luxurious hem, the fine embroidery, the usage of lace, and the layers of tulle.

Let's see some beautiful white Hime Lolita dresses today! The fairy dresses I recommended are not too overdone but gorgeous, lovely, and elegant. And some of them are also very suitable for your everyday wear. 

Miau JSK Set


Length: 81/83/85cm

This JSK features a square neckline, a natural waist, a cross-string front, a shirring/lace-up back, and ruffles on the shoulders. It has two bowknots on the waist, a bowknot train on the back waist, and a tiered hem.

It has two color options: Black/ White.

This white JSK looks great if you put on a Catwalk Super Puffy Organza A-line Petticoat as it showed above. This is because the short skirt will make your leg looks longer and the back waist train adds a graceful vibe when walking.

The self-tie design can perfectly trim and lengthen your neckline. On top of that, the black version is also a good choice to build a Gyaru (ギャル) style, which means hot girl style. You can use lace gloves, a choker, net tights, a hair veil, and shinny rubber platforms to complete the coordinate.


Dream Feather JSK Set


Length: 85/88/90cm

This JSK has a sweetheart neckline, a lace-up design front, a shirring back, a brooch chain on the front, two removable bowknots on the shoulders, five removable bowknots on the flounce hemline.

Dream Feather Sweetheart Neckline Hime Lolita Dress JSK Full Set

As it showed above, there is a feather pattern lace design on the outer tulle. The golden brooch chain also adds some elegant feeling to this fairy dress.

The full set is also available, which includes a JSK, a tulle shawl, a back waist bowknot train.

The blue version of it is also very fairy.


Four Seasons Story


Length: 100/102/104/106cm

The JSK above has a square neckline, ruffles on the shoulders, an empire waist, a removable girdle on the waist, flounce hemline.

The matching wrist cuffs, Hanamaru, and beret above are also available in our store. The dress is elegant in a noble way
It's light and dynamic, showing the beauty of the one who wears it. In this coordinate, the wrist cuffs add a touch of vitality in 
Hand sleeves in the elegant add a touch of vitality to the elegance.


Sands of Dawn


Length: 88/90/92/94/96cm

This JSK features a sweetheart neckline, a big bowknot front, pearl chain decoration on the shoulders, bowknot decoration on the waist. There is shirring and lace-up on the back.

This dress is really invincible beautiful as you see from the image above. Different pearls decorations on the hem, shoulder, and bowknots make it a fairy, elegant, and retro dress. There is no cheap feeling! 

As the right image above shows, the matching trumpet sleeves and wrist cuffs can completely match together to create a more gorgeous feeling. The matching earrings, choker, a hairband with veil, and back waist big bowknot train are available.


Moonlight Song 


Length: 94/96/98/100cm

The JSK above has a stand collar with a bowknot front, ruffles on the shoulders, a back shirring, and a removable back bowknot train. The lace-up on the waist and star-trimmed hemline add a fairy and elegant vibe to this dress.

The white and black color option allows you to coordinate it with your best friend as shown above.

The full set includes a JSK, a headpiece, a choker, a waist chain, a pair of sleeves, and a train. The white version reminds you of a pure and innocent bridal or a fairy lady.

While the black version reminds you of a Dark Queen who is in charge of her own world. However, the star-trimmed design indeed adds sweetness to it and makes it a bitter-sweet style.


Northland Spring 


Length: 107/110/113cm

The OP above has a v-neckline, bowknots front, long trumpet sleeves, an empire waist, a shirring back, and a tulle-tiered hemline. 

The full set includes an OP, a KC, a veil, a train, and a detachable bowknot. 

This OP is long and luxurious for its fine satin fabric and designs of the long trumpet sleeves, the subtle jacquard pattern on the dress, the layered veil, and so on. It uses four layers of tulle flounce on the front and two layers of satin jacquard fabric on the back, which add a royal vibe to the dress.




Length: 102/104/106cm

The JSK above has an off-the-shoulder neckline, flowy sleeves, ruffles on the shoulders, an empire waist, and a ruffled hemline. The inner layer of the sleeve is long and the outer layer is short to cover up and trim the arm line.

As the image above shows, this JSK has a pearl webbing and pearl flower design on the chest and a bowknot on the waist. Which makes this dress have a touch of vintage feeling. 

The split fabric on the dress has a silver star print that shines under the sun. It's removable, so this dress can be an everyday style or a gorgeous style.




Length: 65/67/69/72cm

The OP above has a square neckline, a natural waist, three bowknots on the front, a shirring back, and a lace-up on the back.

As shown above, it features an open shoulder design, long sleeves, a back bowknot train, and flounce cuffs.





This JSK has a round neckline, off-the-shoulder design, short puff sleeves, bowknot on the waist, a shirring back, and a flounce hemline. 

The dress is relatively shorter than the other dresses. It's made of striped organza fabric, which makes it flowy and fairy to wear.


10  Ritual Appointment

Length: 88~108cm

The full set includes a JSK, a skirt, an underskirt, a veil, a train, a choker, a pair of gloves, a pair of socks, and an outwear.

The JSK has a square neckline with flounce, a shirring back JSK, a high waist, and a tiered hemline.

It looks gorgeous when you coordinate with a veil.

You can also achieve daily wear by matching the skirts with a short sleeve cropped outerwear as shown above.


11 Tomorrow is another day~


This elegant JSK is popular to wear on the wedding day for its long gorgeous hem.

As you can see from the image above, the ribbons on the hem make the dress elegant and dignified.


12 Sugar Heart Boo Boo


This pure white OP is super cute! The material is bright and shiny, the apron is removable, and the candy pattern on the dress is also cute!


13 Sea Moon Jellyfish


This dress is so pretty, flowy, and dynamic, feeling like a free little jellyfish while wearing it.


14 Lily of the valley



This dress is like Missy's personal wear which is elegant and decent to wear at a dinner party. The green ribbon design on the chest and waist is very subtle.


15 Love for Absinthe



This small white dress has a very good design sense. The detailed hollow design on the back is also very lovely. Simple but elegant and very cool to wear in summer.


16 Falling Feathers


This dress is suitable for people who "need a modest dress but not too gorgeous".The outermost layer is a feather jacquard veil, the whole feeling is not too exaggerated. When matching with a headdress, the level of glamour is immediately boosted.


17 Miss Flora


This Lolita JSK is stunning and reminds you of a butterfly princess in the sun. The bigger petticoat you use, the more gorgeous the dress will be.


18 Breakfast at Tiffany's


This dress is very elegant. The tulle on this Lolita dress is misty and beautiful. When coordinate with the white suit, it will be nobler.


19 Amiens Cathedral


This Long Lolita dress is the one you want to wear on your wedding day. Layers and layers of lace and tulle are used in this dress to create an exquisite vibe.


20 The angel who fell to earth


The outer tulle has a very detailed pattern. The shawl on the shoulder is removable and you can use it in two ways as it shown above.


21 Zero Degree



This little shawl above is removable. The Lolita dress has a sparkling veil. The outer veil is designed with a diagonal hem and bow. This white wedding Lolita dress is very suitable for daily wear.


22 Morning and Evening Verses


A white OP with a jacquard pattern and a small v-neck is very elegant. The belt around the waist and the bow at the hem add just the right amount.


23 Spring Annie



This Lolita dress is gentle and beautiful, especially suitable for overlapping. You can add a blouse, without a petticoat is also no problem. It can be worn every day, and satisfy a variety of needs.


24 Jeweled Flower Wedding Dress


This is a cascade of beautiful flower wedding Lolita dress. It has a fine lace design on the tiered hemline. The white train on the back is also gorgeous and reminds you of a wedding.


25 Flower Time Paper- Sister Version


This set includes a Lolita top and skirt. Its V-neckline and open-shoulder design makes it elegant and sweet.


26 Jewel Ballet


It's a pretty Lolita dress even without a petticoat. The whole dress is very flowing, dynamic, and refreshing.


27 The Poem of Frigg


As a dress full of softness, the details of the dress are gentle and beautiful. 

This snow-white dress has gently fluttering feathers on the back. That's the biggest feature of this fairy dress. Its Angel wings design on the back is shown above.


28 Little ballerina


It's a very fairy Lolita dress. The layered tulle design makes the dress sweet and elegant. You should wear a super puffy petticoat when wearing this pure white sparkly little dress.


29 Glass Sugar


The JSK above is very pure white. If you wear it alone, the dress will give you a feeling of a little angel. It has a rose pattern on the chest. The whole style of this dress gives people a feeling of spring.


30 Tiny Alice


This dress features a flower shape design that is perfect for wearing on a spring outing.

Do you like those 30 White Hime Lolita Dresses Collection above? Which one is your favorite? Do you have any other Shiro Lolita Coord? Please let us know by voting below!


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