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25 Gothic Lolita Dresses Wednesday Addams Would Wear to the Prom


In the new Netflix series show, Wednesday Addams wears this black gothic dress and attends the Rave'N Dance. This black gothic prom dress is really beautiful and makes me wonder how can we lolitas build up our own gothic prom dress depending on what we already have in our wardrobe.

First of all, let's put up together some Wednesday Addams Vibe gothic lolita coordination together.


Tips on Making a Gothic Lolita Coord for Prom


1. Black is the safest color for gothic.

JSK $99   •   Headdress $29   •   OTKs $4.57   •   Mary Janes $39.59


As the coordinate example above shows, you can put together a gorgeous gothic prom outfit easily in black. As long as you build it around a slight princess-style black dress, which makes sure your whole look feels not too old-school lolita.



2.  Dresses with gothic motifs are optional.

OP Set $108.39   •   Earring $14.83   •   Gothic Bag $37.57   •   Heels $82.00

This OP set includes a dress, a black overlay, a shirt, a fake collar, a necklace, a choker, a heart-shaped brooch, and a big bowknot clip(the one on the neck).

Finding a dark-themed gothic dress with an air of mystery was not difficult for us. Motifs like butterflies, spiderwebs, roses, and thorns are all very popular in gothic lolita. 

On top of those death-related motifs, religious elements, such as pointed collars, cross pendants, and bishop sleeves are also commonly seen in a gothic dress. And the black dress and white collars are always the most typical gothic outfit combination.

The usage of fake collars can actually help you to create a serious gothic look. 



3. Choose a dress with a long-length

OP $187.00  •   Mini Hat $26.90   •   Mesh Gloves $8.90   •   Heels $53.11


A long-length gothic lolita dress would be perfect for a prom. The long almost down-to-floor length and tiered skirts remind me of the elegant lady back in the Victorian era. It would be very elegant and mysterious to pair with a mini lace hat, lace gloves, and a pair of elegant lolita heels.



4. Spider accessories are highly recommended

OP $107.00  •   Hairclip $4.4   •   Wrist Cuffs $12.86   •   Heels $33.00


Wednesday Addams is a girl who would like to have spiders as her pet. Therefore, adding some spider-themed accessories to your coordination is highly recommended.

Except for spiders, butterfly-themed accessories are also very recommendable, because the butterfly is often used as a spiritual symbol related to death in some cultures.


Dress with Spiderweb & Butterfly Element


Raven, Moon, Cage, ... 

Uttu Time Black and White Moon and Cobweb Print Banded Collar Long Sleeves Lolita OPUttu Time Black and White Moon and Cobweb Print Banded Collar Long Sleeves Lolita OP

OP $133.75

Uttu Time Black and White Moon and Cobweb Print Banded Collar Lolita JSK

JSK $133.75



5. Add something to your braids

OP $57.25  •   Hairclip $10.29  •   Bag $76.50   •   Mary Janes $47.00


You can use hair clips with ribbons to decorate your braids, just as the one shown above. The dark purple color is also mysterious and could be a highlight in your hair, together with a bag with the purple bowknot, it adds a touch of sweetness to the overall look.



Gothic Lolita Dress Recommendions for Prom

Here are some recommended gorgeous gothic lolita dresses you can find on our site.

In the following, we will introduce you to 15 gorgeous gothic lolita dresses.


Gothic Lolita Dress 1

OP  •  $59.75


Gothic Lolita Dress 2

Corset + SK + Bolero Set $109.75  •   Hat $14.00  •   Bag $37.57



Gothic Lolita Dress 3

Corset + SK + Bolero Set $109.75  •   Fishnet Tights $4.54 •    Umbrella $47.00

Cobweb and Butterfly Chain Decorated Gothic Lolita Umbrella



Gothic Lolita Dress 4

JSK • $222.00


Gothic Lolita Dress 5

JSK • $499.50


Gothic Lolita Dress 6

Eva Polished Black Sweetheart Neckline PU CorsetEva Polished Black Sweetheart Neckline PU Corset

Corset $175.00   •   SK $98.00  •  Sleeves $948.65 •  Bowknot Train + Hairclips $32.50



Gothic Lolita Dress 7

JSK • $86.25


Gothic Lolita Dress 8


JSK  •  $37.57


Gothic Lolita Dress 9

OP $82.50  •  Top $169.00


Gothic Lolita Dress 10

OP  • $69.50


Gothic Lolita Dress 11

OP $97.00  •  Fake Collar $25.80


Gothic Lolita Dress 12

OP  •  $52.25



Gothic Lolita Dress 13

OP  •  $53.75



Gothic Lolita Dress 14

OP  •  $53.75


Gothic Lolita Dress 15

OP  • $149.00


Gothic Lolita Dress 16

OP  • $42.70


Gothic Lolita Dress 17

OP  • $114.00


Gothic Lolita Dress 18

OP  • $105.50


Gothic Lolita Dress 19

OP •$42.97


Gothic Lolita Dress 20

OP • $53.51 


In addition to the above gorgeous gothic dress and the white collar black dress with a religious atmosphere, Wednesday in school uniform is also a good inspiration.

Wednesday Addams in school uniform


Gothic Lolita Dress 21

OP  •  $53.78


Gothic Lolita Dress 22

OP  • $97.00


Gothic Lolita Dress 23

OP  • $54.75 


Gothic Lolita Dress 24

JSK • $99.75


Gothic Lolita Dress 25

OP • $129.50


Which one has the strongest vibe of Wednesday Addams? Do you have any other favorite gothic characters? Please leave a comment below!