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Tights or stockings are essential to Lolita coordinates. Lolitas usually need to wear different styles of stockings to perfectly match their various outfits. The color, the material, the size, or even the pattern on the stockings are under Lolitas’ consideration. What's more, the seasons also have a great influence on the choice of tights. So, it tends to be hard and time-consuming for Lolitas to choose the most suitable stockings.

If you are looking for Lolita stockings and tights but have the same problems above, here is a recommendation for you. We scoured the Internet's best shopping sites and combed through thousands of user reviews to find stockings that were on-trend and lived up to the marketing hype.

So skip the endless scrolling and head straight to our vetted list of 18 best tights for Lolitas to wear.


1. Colorful Window Tights

This pair of tights was designed by Ruby Rabbit which is a Chinese brand on Taobao. The brand offers a decent collection of printed and gold stamped tights. The material of these stockings is a polyester blend. They are 80 D[1] and suitable to wear in Spring and Autumn. There are two pattern designs of the stockings: one is the Virgin and Child painting; the other is the angel painting.

Two sizes for options:

Attention: Thermal transfer socks will fade over time at high temperatures. So, it is not suitable for wearing in hot weather.


2. Secondary element Solid Colore Pantyhose

This pair of tights is OTK. These should be a staple piece in any wardrobe! They are super simple and can be worn with anything! Their material is velvet, so it is much more comfortable to wear. There are two colors for choice: white or black. The sizes of them are as follows:


3. White / Black JK Cross Strings Lolita Tights

This pair of stockings is very stylish and has good stretchability. The pattern on the stockings makes them look like cross straps. They are made of nylon and breathable enough to wear in summer. The versatile stockings can not only help your legs achieve a slimming effect but also allow you to vent hot air for better breathability. Both white pair and black pair are available.


4. White JK Striped Lolita Tights

These sweet-styled tights are kind of milk-white. The material of them is nylon. The prints are twist stripe patterns. They are stretchy and comfortable to wear. One customer who is 167 cm (5’6’’) tall, found it a perfect fit and gave a good review.


5. White / Black Heart-shaped Fishnet Lolita Tights

These sexy stockings are a cutout style with heart patterns. Their vertical pattern design has the effect of beautifying the legs shapes. This pair of tights is made of nylon. Customers have two color options-----white or black.


6. Circus Key Lolita Tights

This pair is made by filling the stockings with yarn so that it has the advantages and disadvantages of silk stockings. It is stretchy, skin-friendly, and breathable, but fragile at the same time. The stockings are made of velvet. The patterns on them are diamond-type lattices. Similarly, it has the effect of leg shaping.


7. Ball of the Abyss Tights

This pair of tights is Gothic-styled. Its cutout design and the different patterns on the two legs make these stockings more fashion-friendly and on-trend. It also has good elasticity so that it is easy to wear.


8. Angels and Cross Tights

These stockings are made of velvet so they are very soft and comfortable. The patterns on it are hot stamping prints. The thickness of the tights is 120d, so Lolitas can wear them in both spring and autumn. The size is fit for the wears who are from 155 cm to 180cm tall. (5’1’’---5’11’’)


9. Fly in the Starry Sky Printed Tights

These tights are made of velvet and they are comfortable and stretchy. This pair of tights features delicate constellation gold stamping on the whole fabric. These patterns are made by silk thread printing, through which the constellations stand out gorgeously against the navy blue fabric. The wearers can dress them in warm summer or autumn. Everyone between 155cm and 178 cm tall (5’1’’---5’10’’) can wear them.

As to the quality of these tights, one customer reviewed that “I love the whole starry collection and these are no exception! They're good quality and haven't ripped so far (touch wood!) so sparkly and go with lots of outfits!”


10. Ribbon And Fantasy Pantyhose

This pair of tights is made of velvet. Its print is characterized by three-dimensional and strong texture. It is 120d thus Lolitas can wear it in spring and autumn. The suitable height of the wearers is between 155 and 178 cm (5’1’’---5’10’’).

As to the Lolitas who are looking for plus size stockings, this pair can be recommended for you on account of the comment of one of our consumers: “These tights are amazing! They fit me perfectly, even with a little extra room. (I'm 5'6", 155 lbs). Recommend for taller and bigger lolitas!”


11. Black Three-dimensional Flowers Decoration Fishnet Lolita Tights

This is a pair of fishnet tights. It is made of nylon and is great to wear in the coming summer. There are some decorative flowers on it, so the stockings need to be hand washed.

Its style is both cute and sexy so Lolitas can purchase one pair and make their different styled coordinates.


12. Parocheth of Moon Star Lolita Velvet Tights

This is a well-received pair of tights. There are six colors for options. The following is one of the many positive reviews of these tights:

“These tights are some of the nicest tights I've ever bought, no joke. They are soft and stretchy, and the print is gorgeous. I wasn't expecting the Roji Roji packaging to be so cute either, but that was a pleasant surprise. The tights feel amazing and I ordered both the black and light blue pair. The fabric is thick but stretchy. Also, I want to mention there is a cute bow and moon accent on the back of the tights. Very nice tights, I'll be buying more Roji Roji tights from now on.”

Click the picture and learn more details about these tights.


13. Summer Angel Gold-plated Over-Knee Stockings

This pair of stockings is 54 cm long and 80 D thick. It is made of velvet and has a beautiful angel print. As to the more detail, just see how Crystal G, one buyer, commented on these tights:

“I have very long legs, and they’re a bit thick too, so I don’t always trust over-the-knee socks/stockings to stay over the knee for me but these do! They stay up and they are wonderfully opaque! And the print is vibrant and beautiful! I love them!”


14. Butterfly Lolita Thin Overknee Stockings

The fabric of this pair of stockings is glass filament. There are butterfly patterns on the stockings. It is 68 cm long. It can well match most Lolita outfits.

Attention: Hand washes


15. Cutout Front Small Bowknots Lolita Tights

The material of this pair of stockings consists of 92% nylon and 8% spandex. There are two colors for options. The bow elements on them make the stockings look so cute and sweet. Wearing them can not only add something extra to the wearer’s outfit but also shape his/her legs. What’s more, they are comfortable and soft to wear.


16. Joker Tights

These tights are made of velvet. The patterns on its two legs are different in that one is stripes with stars, and the other is rhomboid in two colors. It is 20 d thick so it is very breathable but friable at the same time.

Most consumers are satisfied with these tights and gave many positive reviews, for example, I don’t know what else to say beyond the title. I was worried that these tights wouldn’t stretch enough for my legs, but they fit perfectly and I love them. I am tempted to buy more pairs in all the colors for when I inevitably get a run in them.


17. Jellyfish and Shell Tights

This pair of tights is made of nylon. The thickness of it is 20d. Every Lolita from 150 cm to 180 cm tall can wear them. There are some golden jellyfish and shell patterns on them. The golden detailing on these tights is adorable. These tights can match well with many Lolita coords.


18. Sweet Girl Three-dimensional Love Velvet Pantyhose

This pair of tights is much suitable for petite Lolitas who are under 50 Kg. It is 140d thick so can be worn in winter. The velvet material makes this pair of stockings comfortable to wear.

Leah L, who praised the design and quality of these tights, commented: “The fabric is soft and stretchy! I was nervous about the free size but they do fit my thicker thighs and hips! For reference, my hips are 110cm, and these socks fit up! Love them so much <3.”

Plus: There are more cute and soft stockings in the Tights Stockings and Socks collection.

Hope it helped.


[1] D, short for Denier, is a unit for measuring how fine threads of nylon, silk, etc. The thickness of stockings is standardized according to "Denier". So, the higher the "D" number, the higher the relative weight and thickness of the stockings. The following table is for reference.