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13 Lolita Coordinates for 2022 Tiger Lunar New Year

Lunar New year is coming! The main themes in today's blog are about the Year of Tiger, the lucky red color scheme, Qi Lolita/Red JK Uniforms/Plus Size Lolita dresses which have the vibes of Lunar New Year.

Let's have a look at those Tiger Lunar New Year Coordinates now!

1. Candied Haws JSK:

 $49.99/Elastic Cloth 

This Lolita overall dress features a square neckline, adjustable shoulder straps, bowknot front, tiered flounce prints skirt.

2. Cute Tiger Down the Mountain JSK Full Set:

 $179.99(Full Set)/Twill Cloth        $45.99(Outwear)/$45.99( Shirt)

The full set includes a JSK, a shirt, an apron, an outwear, a KC, and a pair of hair clips. 

The JSK above has a classic three-tiered cake tree design. This tiered flounce lolita dress features a square neckline with a bowknot front, ruffled shoulder straps, and a shirring back. The matching shirt has long balloon sleeves, red lace design detains, and Chinese traditional buttons. The cute tiger and peony prints on the apron will bring you a fortune to Lunar New Year. 

3. Cloth Tiger Qi Lolita OP Set:


This OP has a stand collar with a big bowknot front, bowknot decoration on sleeves, an empire waist, back waist with self-tie, back with zipper, flounce hemline. The cloth tiger prints on the dress, the Pankou(Cheongsam Buttons), and the Qi style bolero also give off strong Lunar New Year vibes.

4. Little Tiger Han Lolita Set:

4.1 Han Lolita Fake Two-piece Design OP:

$47.99/Polyester 96%, spandex 4% 

This Han Lolita OP has a fake two-piece design, a stand collar, long bishop sleeves, an empire waist, and a flounce hemline. The square prints design reminds you of Chinese traditional Window Flowers. The prints are tiger-themed.

4.2 Han Lolita Sweatshirt / A-line Skirt Set

$37.99/Polyester 92%, spandex 8%

The sweatshirt features a round neckline, prints front, and long sleeves. The matching skirt is A-lined and red. 

4.3 Han Lolita Hooded Plush Cape:

$49.99/Nylon90%, Polyester 10%

This cape features a plush hood, two pockets, and three buttons front.

5. Lucky Tiger JSK Full Set(2 Options):


The full set includes a JSK, a blouse, an outwear, and a hairclip.

$72.99/ Corduroy

This red Lolita dress had a cute embroidery tiger design on the chest, two bowknots on the shoulder stapes, and a big bowknot on the waist. This version is full of the vibes of the year of the tiger.

$78.99/ Velvet 

The other version of JSK has a square neckline, an empire waist, a shirring back, and a tiered flounce hemline.

The Chinese buttons front, the tiger prints, the color combination of red and yellow, and the tulle overlayer on the dress make this Lolita jumper skirt fairy, elegant, but still has a vibe of Lunar New Year.


The winter outwear also has two options to choose from.

Lunar New Year Tiger Plush Sleeves Winter Hooded Lolita Outerwear

The winter hooded outwear on the left features ribbon and plush balls on long bishop sleeves winter hooded outerwear. 

The outwear on the right has a stand collar, long sleeves, and embroidery on the sleeves. 

6. Flower Dynasty Han Lolita OP:


The full set includes an OP, a matching tiger hat, a lucky lantern, matching ribbons, and a winter coat.

This Han lolita dress features a stand collar, long sleeves, plush cuffs, a placket with three buttons, lace-up on the front, and plush ball decoration on the hem. The exquisite rabbit pair buckles, cross ribbons designs on the shoulder/front, and embroidery on the cuffs are really wonderful and Han styled.

The red matching winter Lolita coat above has a square neckline with ruffles, wide sleeves, embroidered prints, and plush cuffs.

7. Lucky Tiger Han Lolita JSK:



The JSK features a v-neckline, an empire waist, and tiger prints. The red cloud and golden fish design will bring luck to Lunar New Year.

This red Han Lolita Outwear above features long wide sleeves, plush design on cuffs, and lucky cloud prints on the neckline. 

8. Sugar Tiger Lolita Full Set:

The full set includes an OP, a outwear, a skirt, a bowknot, and a tiger hat.

8.1 Sugar Tiger OP:


The OP above has a high neck, back zipper, plush hemline, and ruffled shoulder. 

8.2 Sugar Tiger Outerwear / OP Set:


You can also match the OP with outwear to achieve a different coordinate.

The outwear above has a stand collar with bowknot, long sleeves, and plush balls/ tiger prints on the pocket. 

8.3 Sugar Tiger Outerwear / Skirt Set:

$52.99/$26.99(OP)/$17.99(Tiger Hat)Woolen, elastic cloth

The Lolita skirt above features an elastic waist, two big plush balls on the waist, and a tiered ruffle hemline with small plush balls.

9. Crane Han Lolita Set:

9.1 Outerwear / Pink Hem Pleated Lolita Skirt Set:

$44.99/$39.99/Satin, TR

The outwear has a stand collar, long sleeves with a lace design on the cuffs, and a crane embroidery front. The skirt features a pink hem and pleated skirt with prints. 

9.2 Outwear / Plush Hem Mini Lolita Skirt Set:

$46.99/$26.99/Satin, TR

You can also coord the outwear with a mini skirt. The mini lolita skirt features an embroidery front and plush hemline.

10. Mickey Mouse Qi Lolita Dress Set:

$49.99/$57.99(Jacket)/Polyester 93%, spandex 7%

This Lolita dress set includes a dress and a red jacket.

The Lolita dress features a stand collar, hollow-out front, embroidery front, girdle design on the waist, and long sleeves. The embroidery is about Mickey and tigers. The open front design on the skirt adds an elegant vibe to the dress.

The red Lolita jacket has a lapel collar, embroidery front, and long sleeves. 

11. Lunar New Year Themed JK Uniforms:


11.1. Navy Collar Shirt / Pleated Skirt:


The Lolita shirt above features a navy collar, long sleeves, and a placket with two Chinese knot buttons.

The pleated skirt has a high waist and a pendant decoration on the skirt.

11.2. Lapel Collar Overall Dress


This Lolita overall dress features a lapel collar, no sleeves, buttons front, removable waistbelt on the waist, and a pleated skirt.

11.3. Woolen Coat


This woolen coat has a plush turndown collar, long sleeves, a placket with three metal buckles, a pocket on both sides, and a big bowknot on the back.

12. Mickey Mouse Casual Lolita Outfits:

12.1 Wave Collar Shirt/Overall Shorts:

$37.99/Polyester 95%, spandex 5%(Shirt)           $39.99/Polyester 60%, nylon 40%(Shorts)

 The red Lolita shirt has a wave collar, long balloon sleeves with embroidery, and flounce cuffs. 

 These retro overall shorts have pearls on shoulder straps, buttons front, and bud hem. 

12.2 Prints front Hoodie/Tiered Flowy Wide Leg Pants:

$42.99/Cotton(Hoodie)         $45.99/Polyester 97%, spandex 3%(Pants)

This red hoodie features a turndown collar, Mikey and tiger prints front, and long sleeves.

The tiered flowy wide-leg pants have an elastic waist and embroidery tiger prints front. 

12.3 Red Sweater/Asymmetrical Apricot Skirt

$52.99/Nylon 22%, acrylic 30%, modal 20%, PBT 28%(Red Sweater) ()

 $35.99/Polyester66%, spandex24%, viscose 10%(Skirt)

The red sweater features a stand collar, pattern front, and long balloon sleeves. The skirt features an asymmetrical apricot skirt with an embroidery front. 

13. Plus Size Lolita Outfits:

There are a few plus-size Lolita outfits for Lunar New Year at Devil Inspired.

13.1 Navy Collar Lolita Outerwear/Skirt/Top:


The outwear has a navy collar, long sleeves, and two pockets on both sides. The design of the pockets rembles Chinese red pockets which means bring fortune to Lunar New Year.

The red skirt has an elastic waist and ruffled hemline.

13.2 Outwear / Lolita Skirt Set:

$60.99(Outwear)/$35.99(Skirt)                  $35.99(blue cuffs lolita shirt)/$59.99(Outwear)

The full set includes an outwear, a skirt, and a Lolita shirt. The Lolita shirt features a navy collar and blue hem cuffs.


The skirt has two color options: Dark blue/Red. It features an elastic waist, plush hem, and flounce hemline.

The outwear also has two color options: Dark blue/Red. It has a square collar, long wide sleeves with flower embroidery, and tiger prints front.

That's all the Lolita Coordinates I recommend for the 2022 Tiger Lunar New Year. Which one is your favorite? Do you have any other beautiful Lolita dresses? Please let us know by leaving a comment!


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