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12 Lolita Coordinates to Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit


This blog is dedicated to lolitas who want to celebrate the Lunar New Year but don't know what kind of lolita clothes to pick. 20th January is the Chinese Lunar New Year and many lolita indie brands have already released their "Lunar New Year Celebration" series. Therefore, you have plenty of lolita fashion choices and ideas to discover this year.

In addition to some lolita and kawaii coordinate ideas, this article will also introduce some Chinese New Year customs to help you celebrate the New Year better.


Idea 1: Qi Lolita in Lucky Red

In Chinese traditional culture, wearing red clothes in the lunar new year means good luck, health, peace, and wealth in the upcoming year, which is why red-colored lolita dresses are especially common at this time of year, especially in Qi Lolita and Han Lolita.

Tank Top + Pleated Skirt + Outerwear • $94.5

Hairclips • $5.14

Leg Warmers • $16.57

Shoes • $41.49


The bun hairclips and Pankous(Chinese Frog, a type of button in Chinese traditional culture) on legwear and collars make this outfit full of the Chinese Qi Pao vibe.



Idea 2: Maid Lolita in Lucky Red

2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, so rabbit-themed elements in prints and other lolita items are also particularly abundant.

And a maid-style lolita dress with rabbit prints is a popular theme this year.

OP + Apron + Neck Bowknot + Waist Bowknot • $109.50

Bunny Ear Clips • $7.66

OTKs • $12.80

Shoes • $55.81


This outfit really brings me of a girl who loves cooking Chinese food and I can smell the delicious food right now. Except for the Pankou details on the sleeves and front, the removable white aprons feature cute rabbit embroideries and bunny ears on the waist.



Idea 3: Hime Lolita × Qi Lolita

Some indie brands will also release some Qi Lolita dresses with a strong "Chinese Princess" vibe, using Chinese traditional lucky elements such as clouds, cranes, red lanterns, winter sweets, etc.

*Winter Sweets - In traditional Chinese culture, the Chinese plum is praised by the people for its ability to open in the cold winter, symbolizing a noble soul, faithfulness, independence, and perseverance.


"Spring Rabbit" Full Set

JSK • $74.50

Blouse • $25.14

Outerwear • $34.59


Plush Balls Clips • $7.66

Leg Warmers • $12.80

Platforms • $39.59


This "Spring Rabbit" outfit also has a plush winter coat and the JSK is made from corduroy which makes it warm enough to wear on a cold day. And the overlays on the dress add airy and gorgeousness to the whole look.

The big red bowknot hair clip features some typical Chinese ornaments in the center and both sides are decorated with plush balls and tassels.


Idea 4: Casual Lolita with Rabbit Elements

Casual lolita is also a good choice if you just want to lounge. The cut and silhouette of this main piece are easy to walk around in and you can wear it on a day-to-day basis. 

*Red Lanterns - Red lanterns symbolize family reunion, business prosperity, red-hot, happiness, light, vitality, success, and prosperity. Red lanterns are always hung high to signify the beginning of the new year with good luck.


"New Year Rabbit" Full Set

JSK • $45.68

Bolero • $27.14

Lion Dance Bag • $16.86


Plush Balls Clips • $12.50

UTKs • $7.09

Flat Shoes • $41.40


The bowknots on the dress's hem are adorable with a plush rabbit head in the center and all of those bowknots are removable. 

The JSK and bolero are all in velvet and very comfortable to wear. Besides, the matching bag is in a lion dance face shape, which adds a strong Lunar New Year vibe to it.

*Bamboo firecrackers -The ancient Chinese celebrated the New Year by burning bamboo, as the burning bamboo would make a crackling sound to dispel bad luck and misfortune.



Idea 5: Casual Lolita with Clouds Elements

Cloud elements are also commonly seen in Lunar-New-Year-themed clothing. In ancient Chinese traditional mythology, the auspicious clouds were taken by the immortals from the sky, and also had a reverence for nature.

*Auspicious Clouds - 祥云(Xiang Yuan) means Auspicious Clouds in Chinese. For China, where farming was the mainstay, clouds and rain represented the harvest, and as an ancient ornament, it kept evolving and enriching, signifying good wishes for the future.

"Auspicious Clouds" Full Set



Full Set • $49.00


Bunny Ear KC • $9.90

Socks • $7.94

Boots • $53.11


The clouds and bunny embroideries on the chest are very vibrant but not too busy.  You can also find those cloud element details on the cape's collar and dress's sleeves.

Along with the unique hem design and tassels on the neckline, you can sense a touch of Wu Xia vibe in this outfit. You would love this outfit if you are a fan of Chinese Kong Fu movies and TV shows.

*Wuxia - a genre of Chinese fiction and film, concerning the adventures of sword-wielding chivalrous heroes.




Idea 6: Rabbit Fairy From the Moon

In ancient Chinese mythology, the moon is the home of Chang'e and the Jade Rabbit, and this year is the Year of the Rabbit. Therefore choosing the right rabbit-related accessories can make a big difference to your whole look.

*Chang'e -"嫦娥", a goddess in ancient Chinese mythology. She ate the elixir of immortality and became immortal and flew to the moon, where she lived with her pet rabbit in the moon's Guang Han Palace.




Plush Scarf


Bunny Ear KC • $21.00

Full Set • $53.78

Heels • $58.51


The bunny ear KC and Heels that be chosen to coordinate with this outfit remind me of a goddess from ancient Chinese mythology who could bring good fortune and wealth.


Idea 7: "New Year Greeting" Vibe

The following outfit gives off a strong "pay a new year call" vibe. Usually, on the first day of the Lunar New Year, parents will lead their children to walk around the streets to congratulate their friends and relatives. The youngest will kowtow to the elders and the elders will return with snacks and lucky money.

As you can tell from the image below, the girl is holding two spring couplets, which means"Wishing you prosperity" and "Money and treasures will be plentiful"

*Spring couplets - Spring couplets are an important custom for the Chinese people to celebrate the Lunar New Year, with two lines of neatly matched verses, which are often used to decorate the walls of doors and send people good hopes and visions for the new year.

Outerwear • $25.14

JSK • $39.00

Full Set • $64.14


Bunny Ear KC • $13.10

Tights • $8.29

Boots • $53.11


Spring is around the corner and strawberries would work well with Rabbit Lunar New Year.

By choosing pink bunny ear KC and pink sakura tights, we can make a good combination of red and pink.


Idea 8: Tweed Two-piece Set

The tweed two-piece set below is very Chinese-style.

The coat features tassels with elements such as rabbits, copper coins, and plush balls. Wearing ancient copper coins means long life, health, peace, and happiness. The exquisite embroideries on the skirt are also themed with rabbits and auspicious clouds.

* Copper Coins -  In addition to symbolizing wealth, copper coins since ancient times are still a magic weapon to avoid evil, because the ancient money in the transaction process will be passed into the hands of different people,  so the older the ancient money avoids evil the better the effect.

Coat • $67.00

Skirt • $37.30

Full Set • $100.30


Red KC • $7.09

Socks • $9.99

Boots • $44.19


You can add a hooded coat if on a cold day. The coat below has bunny ears on the hood and the skirt hem is designed to have a red lantern shape, which is beyond adorable.


Hooded Coat • $137.00

Auspicious Year of Rabbit Lantern-shaped Design Crossbody  Bag

Bag • $28.00



Idea 9: Qi Lolita ×  Lion Dance

Qi Lolita dress in red can easily give off a Lunar new year vibe, and you can use plush bunny ear KC or other lunar-new-year-themed accessories to build up a new coordinate from your wardrobe.

*Lion Dance - It's a traditional Chinese folk sports activity. In the past of China, when the bamboo firecrackers start to burst, lion dances occur in the southern regions of China. Along with the warming spring breeze and joyful drums to add more joy to the Lunar new year.

Chinoiserie Vest • $25.14

OP • $42.70

Full Set • $67.84


Bunny Ear Clips • $7.69

Socks • $9.99

Platforms • $44.19




Idea 10:  Short Qi Pao in Red

Qi Pao, as a Chinese traditional clothing, is worth trying this Lunar New Year.

Short Qi Pao is more modern and causal lolita-able than the traditional Qi Pao.

Chi Pao • $39.00

Hairclips • $7.69

Heels • $42.30



Idea 11: Long Qi Pao in Red

Qi Pao in long length is usually very fit and can highlight the curves of your body, more elegant and sexy.

Chi Pao • $42.70

Hairclips • $16.57

Platforms • $49.00



Idea 12: Qi Pao that You Can Twin

Except for Qi Pao in red, you can also find other colors to twin with your besties.


Qi Pao • $59.50

Tights • $12.00

UGG Boots • $46.89


Qi Pao • $59.50

Tights • $9.00

Heels • $47.70


 That's all the 12 lolita coordinate ideas for the rabbit lunar new year and you can click Editor's Picks for Rabbit Lunar New Year to find more relative lolita dresses and items on our website.


Bunny Ear KC for Lolita Fashion











Rabbit Plush Hairclips










Chinese Style Bun Hairclips







Kawaii Clothing For Rabbit Lunar New Year

In addition to the 12 lolita coordinates ideas above, you can also find Kawaii Clothing that you can twin with your besties for Rabbit Lunar New Year.

The lunar new year dress code for normies is also very simple as long as you add some red or rabbit elements.

Here are some kawaii lunar new year dress recommendations if you don't know how to dress for Lunar New Year!


1. Red Overall Skirt × White Blouse × Black Coat

Little Fox V-neck Long Sleeves White Dress with Detachable CollarLittle Fox Red Bowknot Details Overall Skirt







2. White Top × Red Long Skirt × White Coat


Auspicious Bunny White/ Blue Square Neckline Bunny Embroidery Plush CoatAuspicious Bunny White/ Blue Bowknot Detail Bunny Embroidery Bubble Hem Plush Dress











Grey Top × Black Long Skirt × White Coat

Auspicious Bunny White/ Blue Square Neckline Bunny Embroidery Plush CoatAuspicious Bunny White/ Blue Bowknot Detail Bunny Embroidery Bubble Hem Plush Dress












3. Twin Idea 1 - Red JSK v.s. Black JSK

Auspicious Bunny Red/Black Bowknots Detail DressAuspicious Bunny Red/Black Bowknots Detail Dress










4. Twin Idea 2 - Red OP v.s. Black OP

Rose Chanson Red/Black V-neck Plush Trim Thigh-high Slit Hooded Knitted DressRose Chanson Red/Black V-neck Plush Trim Thigh-high Slit Hooded Knitted Dress





5. Twin Idea 3 - Red Two Piece Set v.s. Black Dress × Red Long Cardigan

Secret Fragrance Asymmetrical Flounce Hem Red SkirtSecret Fragrance Asymmetrical Hem Plush Neckline Black Dress









6. Pink Top × Black Skirt/Pants × Black Coat











7. Pink Top × Red Pants








8. White Top × Red Long Skirt







Bunny Ear KC for Kawaii Fashion







What are your lolita ideas or kawaii fashion ideas for the lunar new year 2023? Please share with us by leaving comments below!