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12 Coord Ideas to Help You Put Together a Witch Lolita Outfit

If you're very new to lolita fashion and having trouble putting together your first Witch Lolita Coord, this article is what you need. You will find 12 witch coord ideas here, from traditional Halloween lolita witch costumes to the gothic dark witch, purple witch, black witch, red goth witch, apprentice witch, harry-potter-inspired witch, etc. Check this blog out and see what kind of loli witches you are!

Except for witch lolita dress recommendations, relative accessories such as pointed witch hats, mysterious cloaks, gothic bags, and witchy OTKs(over-the-knee socks) are also available on our site to help you finish off your whole witchy lolita outfit.

*Click Witch Hats to find all kinds of lolita witch hats on our site.

First of all, let's choose the main piece based on what color we like, such as black, black-white, red, and purple coord.

1. Black Coord Witch

Night Witch

You can match this dress with a black-white wig and platform boots to create a Cruella-inspired witch look.

Gothic Moive Black and Witch Cruella

Moon Night Wish Illusion

Witch's Feast

BAD J Twilight

Letters and Poems

Checkerboard Witch

Princess Marionette

Cat Eyes Halloween

Cross Star

 Witch Hat Coord Idea 

Black lolita dress goes well with pure black witch hats and white wigs.

Handmade Gothic Witch Hat Hairclip
Witch's House Halloween Velveteen Witch HatNew Cloth of Witch Hat

2. Black-white Coord Witch


Witch's Codex

Little Witch

Hunting Witch

Black Feather Witch


Delusional Rock Blue 

 Witch Hat Coord Idea 

Impressions of Marisa Halloween Witch HatNew Color Dark Night Rose Halloween Witch HatTanick Gorgeous Rose Pearl Halloween Witch Hat
Nether Witch Halloween Witch HatBlack wizard Halloween Witch Hat

3. Red Coord Witch

Black Forest

Gothic Square Neckline Lolita Dress JSK Full Set

Twilight Song

River Seine

Night Witch

Dark Witch

Contract Witch

Cross Star

Double Face Witch

A day of Witch

Witch Hat Coord Idea
Dark Night Rose Halloween Witch HatThorn Putia Witch HatNew Cloth of Witch HatWitch House Halloween Various Size Suede Witch HatWitch's Astrology Halloween Witch Hat Shiny VeilGorgeous Halloween Extravagant Witch Hat

4. Purple Coord Witch

Witch Perfume Bottle

Little Twin Stars Witch

Star and Moon Witch OP

Purple Witch
Purple Witch Round Neckline with Flounce Virago Sleeves Ruffled Hem Lolita Dress OP with Pockets on Both Sides

Trainee Witch JSK

Witch's New Clothes

Night Witch

River Seine

Midnight Rose

Guardian Angel 

Witch Town JSK

Witch Hat Coord Idea

Artificial Gem Bowknot Handmade Devil Lolita Witch HatHoly Cross Halloween Witch Velvet Hat

Except for colors, you can also choose the main pieces based on what witch elements you like.

Speaking of witches, we naturally associate them with dried roses, feather pens, ravens, magic powers, spells, Pentacles, crosses, dead wood, wands, magic potions, bats, full moons, black cats, and other related elements. As a result, you can totally use them as an inspiration when you put together a witchy lolita coord. 

5. Bat-Inspired Witch Lolita Coord

Walpurgis Night Witch

In Stock 120cm Moonlight White Curly Wig

Little Witch

6. Butterfly-Inspired Witch Lolita Coord

Specimen Cabinet 

Witch Baya JSK

Wasteland Butterfly

Pink Butterfly Shock World

 Witch Hat Coord Idea For Butterfly-themed Witch Lolita 

7. Black Cat Inspired Witch Lolita Coord

Magic House

Black Cat Witch Hooded Cape/JSK Set

Black Cat Witch Crossbody

Liquid Cat

Night & Day Witch HatThe Potion is Being Prepared Halloween Lolita Witch Hat

8. Halloween Candy/Pumpkin-Inspired Witch Lolita Coord

Halloween Lolita Witch Costumes are the most welcomed theme for Halloween, especially those with strong pumpkin-inspired witch lolita dresses. Halloween candy is also a good inspiration taken from "streak or treat".

Little Magician

Halloween Little Witch

Candy Witch

 Witch Hat Coord Idea For Pumpkin-themed Witch Lolita 

Handmade Christmas Pumpkin Wool Felt Witch Hat

9. Harry Potter Themed Witch Lolita Coord

If you want to try Cosplay Lolita, harry-potter-themed witch lolita is the easiest one to start.

Magic Notice

Magic Academy Normal / Gorgeous Version

Magic Academy Lolita Dress Witch Hat

10. Apprentice Witch / Witch Librarian / Astrological Witch

Apprentice Witch and Witch Librarian are more casual than other witch-themed dresses and remind you of young magicians.

Apprentice Magician

Witch Town SK/Shirt/Vest Set

Rebellious Witch Cape/ Overall Skirt Set

Witch Notes JSK

Witch Notes SK

Little Witch Amusement Park

On the other hand, Astrological Witch is full of myth and associated with stars and moons.

Stars and Birds

Castle Print

Stars and Moon

Witch Surprise Night

 Witch Hat Coord for Astrological Witch 

Witch Forest Halloween Velvet Star Witch Hat
Kirisame Marisa Witch HatWitch's Astrology Halloween Witch Hat Shiny VeilWitch's Astrology Halloween Witch Hat Shiny Veil

11. Gothic Lolita Witch

Gothic Lolita dresses are very suitable to put together a witch lolita coord as you can take inspiration from your gothic outfit and become any goth witch you want to be.

Half Green and Half Black Gothic Asymmetric Design JSK

The green and black color blocking design of the dress above is very gothic, the chest "Witch's Star"— Pentacle zipper design is unique, and the whole creates a very impactful witch look.


Halloween Witch Elegant Gothic Lolita Skirt SK

Halloween Witch Elegant Gothic Lolita Dress JSK II

Halloween Witch Elegant Gothic Lolita Dress JSK I

Halloween Witch Elegant Gothic Lolita Dress OP

Halloween Witch Elegant Gothic Lolita Dress Hat

Red Rabbit Witch

No One Lives OP
No One Lives Lolita Dress JSKNo One Lives Lolita Dress JSK
Witch House Halloween Various Size Suede Witch HatNo One Lives Lolita Dress JSK

Skeleton Embroidery OP

Skeleton Embroidery High Waist JSK

Skeleton Embroidery Natural Waist JSK

Witch's Feast JSK /OP

12. Elegant Gothic Lolita Witch

Elegant Gothic Lolita Witch is more difficult to put together. But if you are an EGL or EGA lover, you must try this type of elegant and mysterious witch lolita coord.

Dragon Driving Witch Girl

Green Phosphorus Fire Illusion

Witch's Journey

The Old Testament

Double Face Witch

Deep-Sea Witch

*Click Witch Lolita Collection to find more gothic lolita witch dresses on our site.

The mysterious witch fashion never dies! You can try those witch-core Lolita coord ideas on any occasion you like, such as Halloween, themed meetups, or even as a witch lolita cosplay.

Except for the 12 witch lolita coord ideas above, do you have any other appealing witchy lolita coord ideas? Please tell us via leaving a comment below.