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10 Preppy Style Lolita Coordinate You Must Try

Today, this article will help you with how to implement preppy style within Lolita Fashion. A preppy style lolita outfit suit has a student uniform vibe, which is classic, elegant, and literary. Preppy style lolita is not a lolita substyle but a theme, which reminds you of academy students.

What is Preppy Style?

The term "Preppy" derives from "prep school" which means private, university-preparatory school. It refers to the style of students who have attended Ivy League schools. Preppy fashion is more sporty and casual than a real school uniform.

A classic preppy style outfit normally consists of a v-neck cricket sweater, an Oxford shirt, a pleated skirt or a plaid skirt, and a pair of boat shoes or Loafers.

Example 1. V-neck Cricket Sweater +Oxford Shirt+Pleated Skirt +Boat Shoes/Loafers

Here are some other examples of the preppy style:

Example 2. Blazer + Oxford Shirt + Pleated Skirt/Plaid A-line Skirt + Boat Shoes/Loafers

Example 3. Polo Shirt +Bermuda Shorts or Pleated Skirt + Boat Shoes/Loafers

Besides the items above, denim skirts, casual suit pants, corduroy pants, and straight Leg Jeans are also welcomed in other cases. 

Preppy Style Lolita Coordinate Ideas

Lolita Fashion can incorporate all kinds of elements including this kind of vintage, conservative, and classic leisure fashion.

Here are FIVE useful coordinate ideas for you to put together a good preppy style lolita outfit. The first one is to pick up the most "literary" skirt in your wardrobe and pair it with a button-up shirt or blouse.

The second is more formal than the first one. With a blazer or a v-neck cardigan, the whole outfit will be layered and warm. 

While pairing a top with a cape would give off a more elegant vibe and is ideal for winter.


The fourth idea is the easiest. Just pick up the dress that has a strong academy vibe. For example, the print's theme on this dress and the dark green color would remind you of a student from the magic academy in Harry Potter. 

Also, the JSK and Jacket set is also a good choice. The shirt, especially those with sailor collar design or with tie design, always brings the whole outfit a JK uniform vibe.


I hope that using those tips above will ensure you implement preppy style with your lolita wardrobe easily.

By the way, the shoes in a preppy style are usually Loafers like the below two from our website. In addition, Flat shoes like Mary Janes, boat shoes, or boots are also commonly used.

Legwear is also simple but elegant as examples are shown below. They can all be found on our site.


Preppy Style Lolita Collection

Below are some recommendations for preppy-style Lolita outfits on our website. And I will attach some practical examples of coordination to help you find your way through.

1. “Thorn Story' JSK

2. "Thorn Story' SK & Shirt Set

3. "Chocolate Weekly" SK & Shirt Set

4. "Forest Daily" SK & Blouse Set

5. "Brief History Of Time" SK

You can pair this elegant skirt with other items on our website as the 2 examples shown below:

SK Coord Example 1

SK Coord Example 2

6. "Holy Night Alice" SK & Shirt & Blazer & Cape Set

7. "International Chess" OP

The prints in this dress incorporate many chess elements like the asymmetric checkerboard grid patchwork, chess pieces, the "checkmate" captions, and some poker elements. The detachable belt and metal waist chain are also decorated with a chess piece pendant.

The dark green color and sailor collar add a strong magical academy vibe to the whole dress.

You can match this OP with those shoe styles below, which all can find on our website.

8. "Detective Alice" OP

9. "Love Letter" OP

You can match this OP with those shoe styles below, which all can find on our website.

10. "Akanegumo Gakuen" JSK & Jacket Set

The bow or tie is also very suitable for putting a good preppy style lolita coord. Below are some items that can match well with the dresses above.

Akanegumo Gakuen JK Uniform Coat TieDisney Authorized Cinderella Series Tie / Bow TieSolid Color Bow Tie BroochBow Shirt Tie Pearl Brooch

Does this preppy style lolita coord appeal to you? Let us know via leaving a comment. And you can check Preppy Style Lolita to find more on our websites.