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2021 Christmas Lolita Outfits Collection From Devil Inspired

Christmas is on approaching! Have you decided on this year's Christmas Outfit yet? How about checking some outfits in Devil Inspired.

1. Kawaii Christmas Themed Lolita Dresses

First of all, Let's check out some kawaii Christmas Themed Lolita dresses: 


Strawberry Tiger JSK

Strawberry Tiger Square Neckline Sweet Lolita Dress JSK 

$38.75      Red/Green/Black


This kawaii JSK features a square neckline, empire waist, and adjustable ruffled straps. It has a front heart-shaped decoration that has embroidery on it.  Cute tiger and strawberry prints also add a sweet vibe to this jumper skirt. In addition to the red color, it also has a green and black version. The green version of this dress has a great sense of Christmas.


Christmas Gift JSK

Plus Size Christmas Gift V-neckline Tiered Flounce Skirt Lolita Dress JSK

Plus Size     $72.99    Red/Blue


This JSK features V-neckline, empire waist, and tiered flounce skirt. The unique tiered design and the big bowknot on the chest give off a Christmas vibe.

You can click here to find the matching blouse shown above.

Plus Size Christmas Gift V-neckline Tiered Flounce Skirt Lolita Dress JSK

You can also coordinate it with this matching hooded outwear, which can keep you warm in winter. The plush heart-shaped pocket design and the plush hem remind you of snow and fire at Christmas.


Christmas Magic Night OP

Plus Size Christmas Magic Night Pointed Collar Lolita Dress OP

Plus Size    $62.99    Black/Red


This OP's biggest feature is its pointed collar which makes you think of a naughty Christmas elf. The B&W checkerboard grid and animal prints on the dress also add a wonderful feeling to it.


Bells Apple JSK

Bells Apple Square Neckline Tiered Skirt Sweet Lolita Dress JSK

$40.25   Pink/White/Black


This JSK features a square neckline with a big re bowknot, empire waist, shirring back, and adjustable straps. The bell, apple, lollipops patterns are the most popular Christmas themes. The giant red bowknot front reminds me of Christmas boxes. LOL, I can't wait to get my Christmas gift!


Christmas Tale JSK SET

Christmas Tale Square Neckline Flounce Hemline Lolita Overall Dress JSK Set


This JSK set has an overall dress, a removable plush collar, and a hairclip. The overall dress features a square neckline, a detachable waist bowknot, and a big beige-green back bowknot train. The Christmas tree front pattern, the Christmas prints on the skirt, and the tulle overlayer are combined together to create a feeling of the Christmas tree.


Clara Nutcracker OP

Clara Nutcracker Christmas Plush Collar Long Sleeves Lolita Dress OP



This OP has a sense of military uniform and is suitable for cold winter. It features a plush collar, long bell sleeves, prints skirt, and flounce hemline. The sash and the bowknot front are removable. In addition, the cartoon prints of tower guards are very unique. This dress reminds me of a Queen at Christmas.


Clara Nutcracker JSK SET

Clara Nutcracker Christmas Long Sleeves Shirt / Flounce Hemline Lolita Dress JSK Set



The set includes an overall dress and a shirt. The overall dress features a ruffled hem, heart-shaped hollow front design, a tie, and a waist decorative printed ribbon. The JSK set version of Clara Nutcracker is more daily than the OP version. This set reminds you of a young princess instead of a Queen.


Wish Dawn OP

Wish Dawn Christmas Long Sleeves Lolita Dress OP



This OP features a stand collar, long bishop sleeves, and a removable lace plaid apron. The Klein blue corduroy combined with gray cotton cloth, which adds a vintage vibe to the dress.

Crimson Dawn Christmas Flounce Elegant Lolita Cape

You can also coordinate it with a matching red cape, which reminds you of a little girl selling matches on a cold night.


Elk Dessert Shop JSK

Elk Dessert Shop Christmas Empire Waist Sweet Lolita Dress JSK



This JSK features a square neckline, mini bowknots front, an empire waist, and ruffled hemline. The Christmas-themed prints on the dress are very sweet and it also has an overall version. The matching blouse shown above is also available in our store.

Elk Dessert Shop Christmas Peter Pan Collar Sweet Lolita Cape

You can coordinate this JSK/Overdress with a matching cape, or a red winter coat as shown above.

2. Christmas Daily Wear 

Then, Let's move on to some daily wear for Christmas.


Baby Bear Plaid Dress & Top/Overall Skirt

$57.25           $41.25(Top)/$36.25(Overall Dress)


This plaid dress is very suitable for daily wear. It has a Peter Pan collar, long lantern sleeves, and bear prints on it. The Scottish plaid pattern gives off enough Christmas vibe you wanted.


Plus Size Christmas Overall Dress

$49.99          $37.99(matching shirt)


The two plush balls on the chest bowknots of this dress are really cute. 


Long Padded Winter Coat



And you can also coord it with a winter coat shown above to keep warm on a cold day.


Christmas Season Leg-of-mutton Sleeves Dress



This sweet dress has an empire waist and a zipper on the back. Its Peter Pan collar and leg-of-mutton sleeves really add a unique old-school vibe to the dress.


Dating Sweetheart Series

Plush Velvet Dress $100.25

Padded Cami Dress $90.00

Plush Velvet Doll Dress $119.00

Woolen Jacket$95.60/Skirt $51.50


These Dating Sweetheart series use red as the main color scheme, which is minimalist and stylish.



Christmas JK Cami Dress



This cami dress is cute and elegant. The whole coord above reminds you of a stylish lady in street.



Bowknots Piled Up JSK



The green and red color combinations in this JSK remind you of a Christmas tree, which has a very festive atmosphere.

3. Plush and Warm Dresses

The third Christmas collection is about some plush and warm dresses.


Star's Wish JSK Full Set



This sweet Christmas-themed JSK has a sweetheart neckline with bowknots, heart-shaped buttons, a shirring back, and a tiered flounce skirt. The full set includes a JSK, a shirt, outerwear, a hairband, a choker, and a bowknot set. 

As you can see from the image above, the matching outwear is very plush and very warm to wear.


Christmas Season Overall Dress

Overall Dress$54.75/Velvet Handbag$26.10/Plush Beret$14.50


This overall dress is padded and has embroidered prints front. It can coordinate with a handbag and a beret as shown above.

The outwear shown above is also available in our store.


Snowy Kitten Outerwear/ Skirt Set



This set is made from wool, which will be super warm to wear in winter. The cropped outwear has a peter pan collar, and many plush designs. The mini skirt has a plush hem and two red-white striped bowknots front. This set reminds me of Saint Claus.


Little Tiger OP Full Set

$154.99      Pink/Red Wine/Black/Yellow


This winter OP is Tiger New Year themed. It features a plush collar, long sleeves, a cute tiger pattern, and bowknots on the skirt. As the first image showed above, the OP full set includes an OP, a back bowknot, a tail, a hat, a bag, a fan, and a pair of stockings.


The items of full sets are shown above, which will secure your beauty without sacrificing warmth on the cold night of Christmas and New Year.


Snowy Castle Night JSK/Cape Full Set


$150.79      Black/Yellow/Red/Purple/Light Blue/Light Pink


This JSK is stunning with its snowy-castle-themed prints. This elegant dress has a square neckline, an empire waist, a shirring back, and a tulle overlay on the skirt. The short cape with plush collar and hem is also available. 

This series has many color options, I think light blue and light pink are very suitable to wear on a snowy day. You can coord it with the matching hair clip and sweater as shown above.

4. Parent-Child Christmas Outfits

The fourth part is about some cute parent-child Christmas outfits. It must be adorable when you and your daughter dress up the same, and our stores also have some funny and cute outfits you can try on this Christmas.


Christmas Tree Star Shaped Buttons Hooded Puffy Coat



This green puffy coat has a badge front, star-shaped buttons, and long virago sleeves. The red-white plaid flounce design on this coat also creates a Christmas tree feeling.


Christmas Gift Sweater



This sweater has a high neck or round neckline, long bishop sleeves, prints of the gingerbread man, and stripped bowknots on it. The color scheme is red and green, which reminds you of Christmas trees or gift boxes. 


Disney Authorized Mickey Mouse Plaid Dress



This Plaid dress features a stand collar, ruffles front, long sleeves, and tiered flounce.

You can also coord it with a matching cardigan as shown above.

This wine red cardigan has a badge front, long bishop sleeves, and a teddy bear print on it. 

5. Luxurious Christmas Lolita Dresses

In the fifth part, let's check out some stunning Christmas dresses in our store. Elegant velvet dresses are very popular at Christmas for their warmth and glossy texture.


Koi Series JSK

$65.99     Dark Green/Dark Blue/Wine Red


The Koi series has three colors to choose from. It features a v-neckline with bowknot, pearls on shoulder straps, an empire waist, lace on the skirt. 

As shown above, this elegant velvet Lolita dress gives off an elegant vibe even in cold winter.


 Faux Fur Winter Lolita Outerwear   $66.99


If you coord it with the matching outerwear above, it will look more luxurious.



Rococo JSK







This Lolita dress features a heart-shaped design bodice, an empire waist, and a flounce hemline. The different colors can show different vibes and there are four options to choose from.



Picture Frame Velvet Vest/Cat Prints Skirt

Dark Green Vest/Green Skirt

Brown Vest/ Brown Skirt

Wine Red Vest/Red Skirt

Vest$45.99/Skirt$45.99/Beige Sweater$26.99

The velvet vest has a strong retro vibe. It has a Peter Pan collar, and heart-shaped buttons front. The cat prints skirt is also very old-school and elegant. It features an elastic waist and flounce hemline. As shown above, they all have 3 colors to choose from. The matching beige sweater is also available in our store.

Picture Frame Cat Lolita Skirt Set Matching Felt Cookie / Christmas BroochPicture Frame Cat Lolita Skirt Set Matching Cat / Bell NecklacePicture Frame Cat Lolita Skirt Set Matching BeretPicture Frame Cat Lolita Skirt Set Matching Bowknot Brooch

The matching accessories, berets, and bowknot brooches above are also available. 


Plaid Skirts $45.99 Brown/Green/Red


Besides coordinating the vest and sweater with a cat print skirt, there are also some plaid skirts you can match with.


$37.99 Beige/Brown


You can wear the cardigan shown above if it's too cold in your country.

6. Christmas Socks/Stockings 

Here are some recommended stockings from our store:


Balls Ribbon Under-knee Stockings



The green ribbons and little plush balls on the stockings have a strong Christmas point.


Ribbon Bowknots Under-knee Stockings



The bowknot ribbon version is also very appealing, which reminds you of gift boxes.


Red Net Tights/Soft Plush Ball Socks

Red Net Tights$5.99/Socks$7.99


This pair of red net tight is sweet and sexy. You can match it with red or white soft plush socks with a white plush ball on them.


Puff Feather Trimmed Socks

$7.99    White/Red


If you like fluffy items you can't miss these socks shown above.


Candy Canes Cotton Knitted Stockings

$10.99   Pink & Light Blue/Red

The red and white color scheme plus cute lollipop pattern decoration never went out of style at Christmas.

Those socks are more Christmas-themed with gift boxes, Christmas trees, Teddy bears, Polka Dots, or Stripes on them.

These socks have red, brown, and green colors, which can match any Christmas Lolita outfit you have.


Rhombus Socks/Stockings


Picture Frame Cat Lolita Skirt Set Matching Rhombus Socks


Killer A Lolita Knitted Socks by Stellar Winds of the Universe


Circus Key Lolita Tights by ROJI ROJI


Rhombus socks/stockings can match with plaid Lolita skirts very well. And it always gives off an elegant vibe.


Plush Ball Decorative Knitted Legwear:


White Plush Ball Decorative Knitted Lolita Legwears



Knitted legwear is very needed on a cold night. The legwear above are very Christmas with a plush ball decorated on them. They can be matched with JK uniforms or some daily sweet Lolita dresses.

7. Christmas Hair Accessories 

There are tons of hair accessories in our store. Let's have a look now!

This series is all Christmas-themed. They all use the classic Christmas red and green color scheme.


Handmade Christmas Wine Red/Dark Blue Hairband




The Golden lace combines with dark red/blue ribbons to create an elegant feeling. The decorative diamonds on the hairband also add a royal vibe.


 Snowy Night Nutcracker Series

 Red and Green Hairband

Handmade Christmas Snowy Night Nutcracker Wine Red Headband by God Shura

 Wine Red Hairband

Handmade Christmas Chocolate Bunny Cute Hairband by God Shura

Chocolate Bunny Cute Hairband



The Snowy Night Nutcracker Series above are all handmade and have a strong old-school vibe. The lace they used each has a different texture to achieve different styles.

Hair accessories in winter cannot do without adding some plush texture elements. As shown above the snowflake and Tassel designs on the hairclip are stunning.

This hair clip above also has plush ball elements.

Berets are very popular to go with different coords. This plaid beret has two plush bear ears on it, which is the biggest feature of it.


Christmas Elk Berets 







Speaking of Christmas, we can't forget the reindeer and we always use this element in berets.

That's all the Christmas Lolita Outfits I recommended from our store. Do you like them? What about your 2021 Christmas Lolita Outfit? Please share with us by voting below!


What is your favorite Coord?