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Brolita & Brolita Fashion

Brolita is a term that combines "brother" and "lolita". It refers to the male wears in Lolita Fashion. Brolita fashion is simply a fashion, a way people like to wear. Just like the female wears in Lolita Fashion, brolitas are just guys who enjoy wearing cute and elegant Lolita clothing. 

Brolitas can wear any style of Lolita Fashion. It can be sweet, classic, gothic, etc. as long as they follow the anatomy of Lolita fashion. Among them, Ouji Lolita or Elegant Gothic Aristocrat are two of the most acceptable masculine lolita styles. 

*Tips on Ouji Lolita and Aristocrat
Ouji Lolita is Ouji is a young Victorian prince whereas Aristocrat is far more mature and with "Romantic Goth" vibes

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Why Brolitas wear Lolita?

The reasons why brolitas wear a girly Lolita dress may vary for different individuals. Some wear it because they have the desire to transform, some wear it because it's can release you from harsh, boring everyday life, some begin to wear it because of the inspiration from beloved Manga and Anime, and some wear it only because it's cute. There are also some guys who will wear matching lolita dresses with their girlfriends at tea parties.

The Most Famous Brolita: Mana-sama

Mana is a famous Lolita Fashion idol. He coined "Elegant Gothic Lolita(EGL)" and "Elegant Gothic Aristocrat(EGA)" to define his fashion design, and his own fashion brand Moi-même-Moitié is an EGL brand that every lolita is familiar with.

As a fashion designer, Mana's fashion expresses an androgynous vibe.

As a Japanese musician, he started MALICE MIZER, one of the most famous Gothic rock and Visual kei bands in Japan.

  • Mana's Elegant Gothic Lolita Look
  • Mana – Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol.52: lady_irena — LiveJournalMana – Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 44
  • Mana's Elegant Gothic Aristocrat Look

A Chinese Brolita:  D-chan

D-chan is a male Lolita influencer on Weibo. He is a hard code programmer in Beijing, China. Four years ago, since a good friend sent him a Lolita dress link, from then on, he fell in love with Lolita dresses. From late 2019 to now, he has been wearing Lolita outfits with makeup to work every day for more than 3 years and spent about 350,000 RMB to buy Lolita dresses. He is very into luxurious pink Hime Lolita dresses.

D-chan now is still uploading his everyday work sweet lolita coordinates on his social account and will continue to do it because he really loves Lolita Fashion.

  • D-chan's Everyday Lolita Fashion Look

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樱的守护者(Guardian of Sakura)

Where to buy Lolita dresses for men?

You can find brolita dresses from any normal lace market or lolita brands. Just be careful about the size before you buy any lolita items.

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