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16 Cutest Bags to Upgrade Any Summer Lolita Outfit

Whether you prefer a trendy look or a timeless one, these 16 cutest Lolita bags will take your wardrobe to the next level.
It has become warmer recently, and I believe, some readers must have begun to change their wardrobe already --- put winter clothes away and add summer clothes back to their closets. At the same time, it's also the right time to purchase some new summer Lolita items for your Summer wear!
If there is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to spruce up your wardrobe, it must be the right bag! Bags, necklaces, hats, and the like can take you into the next season as you incorporate trends and make even the most basic outfit look more polished—it’s one of the tricks personal stylists use all the time. Whether your style is classic, Gothic or sweet, there is a wide selection of bags to get the job done.
And there's no time like the present to pick up some new pieces because there are big Easter and Tax Day Promotions in April where you can get amazing deals on nearly everything your heart desires.
Ready to get started? We found quite the selection of Lolita bags that will take your wardrobe from drab to fab ASAP. Keep reading to see our top picks—and your new favorites.

1. Sax Baby Blue and White Polka Dots Bowknot Design 3 Sizes Lolita Backpack

This bag is so adorable. It just looks like a big bowknot. Only the top part can put things in, with zippers on both sides. The bottom part is to keep the bag in shape, so it can't hold things. And the bag will come with a pair of adjustable length ruffled straps without extra cost.


2. Sweet Camera Shaped Transparent Zip Front Pocket Bag

This camera-shaped bag can be worn as a shoulder bag as well as a backpack. It has a see-through zip pocket on its front side.
As to its quality and capacity, let’s see one comment from the consumers:

“This bag is super cute and durable! It even holds most of my school supplies! The window on the bag is about 17 cm x 21 and a half cm. (I got the purple one). This is perfect also for just shopping. I will mention that this bag is more for stuffed animals and friends than pins and buttons. If you want pins and buttons, you'll have to buy or make an insert (which is, in fact, pretty easy to do!) You can easily make an insert using a foam board and fabric that matches the bag. Other than that, I love this bag! It even looks like one of those Japanese school bags if you're into that or looking for something like that. As for shipping, be prepared to wait a couple of months. Getting stuff shipped like this will take a while. If you're looking for a bag and it's time-sensitive, get it NOW. Overall I am extremely happy with this bag!”

3. Sweet Dreams Lolita Backpack Itabag

This bag is made of PU and PVC. It is soft but robust at the same time. It is 38cm tall and 28cm wide.

4. Milk Box Shoulder Bag

The material of this bag is PU. It just looks like a milk box. Though not very big, it has enough space for a phone, pens, and papers, and maybe a small snack. Also, the purse strap is adjustable.

5. Lolita Strawberry Mini Shoulder Bag

This bag is also a PU bag. The price includes two strips---one for wear as a crossbody bag, and another for wear as a shoulder bag. The strawberry mini bag is cute enough to match most sweet Lolita dresses.

6. Broken Bunny Doll Gothic Lolita Crossbody Bag

This is a flannel bag, which is super soft to the touch and the print on it is very detailed and vibrant. It has enough space to fit your phone, your wallet, and other small things.
One customer reviewed that she could always get comments on this bag when she took it out!

 7. Rose Case Lolita Crossbody Itabag OB11

This purse is very cute and has a cross pattern on its front side. Its shoulder strap is adjustable, so the buyers can adjust it according to their own needs.

8. KOKO Star Moon Bunny Ears JK Uniform PU Backpack Bag

There are two bunny ears and bowknots on the front side of this backpack, with two pockets on both lateral sides. Also, adjustable straps are indispensable.
This backpack can coordinate with many kinds of Lolita outfits as well as the daily dress.

9. Velvet 3-D Fruit Pie Elegant Lolita Crossbody Bag

The material of this bag is velvet. It looks like a heart-shaped fruit pie. It can be both an elegant Lolita tote and a crossbody bag.
It will be much more convenient when you wear a no-pocket dress. This bag can match sweet and classic Lolita outfits well.

10. Warm Tea Elegant Shoulder Bag SETR-030

The fabric of this shoulder bag consists of Suede and taffeta. The size of this bag is 23cm *4cm*14cm and its matching strap is 110cm long. There are six colors for options. And it can act as both a handbag and a shoulder bag.

11. Cross Heart Elegant Velvet Lolita Crossbody Bag

This is a Gothic-styled bag. It is made of fabric and features a velvet heart front decorated with a cross. It can serve as an elegant Lolita tote and crossbody bag. It has six colors for options, and both Classic Lolita-styled outfits and Gothic Lolita-styled outfits can go well with this bag.

12. Sweetheart Candy Heart Shaped Lolita Bag

This heart-shaped bag is made of polyester. Its size is 43cm*7cm*33cm, so it has strong capacity----even an iPad, a phone and a bottle of water, and some other things.
It can act as a shoulder bag, a crossbody bag, and a handbag as well.

13. Antique Doll Face Gothic Bag

The material of this bag is PU. Its size is 20cm*19cm and its matching strap is 120cm. Its design is so novelty and Gothic that it has an antique ceramic babyface on the front side. It is quirky but also super cute!

14. The Death of the Butterfly Elegant Lolita Dress Matching Bag

This bag has two size options---one is the round Bag whose diameter is 20cm; the other is the square Bag whose size is 28cm*18cm.

15. Alice Series Lolita Clock Design Cross-body Bag

This bag looks like a clock but one pointer of it is a bunny! The clock bag has three color options. You can wear it as both a handbag and a shoulder bag. Its size is 22cm*8cm*21cm. Its material is leather so it is stable and easy to clean.

16. Fairy Tales Lolita Square Crossbody Itabag OB11

The fabric of these satchels is PU. The size of this bag is 23 cm*16 cm*10 cm. It has two layers. Each is 5 cm wide. It has four color options and there are different dolls in different colored bags.

Hope it helped:)