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Kawaii arts or Kawaii illustrations are an important part of the cuteness in Japan's culture. Except for the most successful licensed character Hello Kitty or other kawaii Sanrio characters, there are still other kawaii illustrator's characters waiting for you to discover. Today, we will introduce you to a Japanese kawaii illustrator-Mikko, whose illustrations' characters are also very cute.

1. Who is Mikko?

Mikko is a famous illustrator from Japan.  

After graduation, Mikko got a job in a design company. After quitting, she worked in a flower store. During this time she began to study and work as a freelance illustrator, portraying illustrations on the theme of the daily life of a young girl.

In her world, the life of any romantic, sexy, and cute lady looks like this: "fluffy hair, sprayed with her favorite perfume, wearing her favorite clothes".

Twitter: mikko illustrations @hphpmikko
Official Website: https://www.mikkoillustrations.com/profile

2. The Concept of Mikko illustrations

Mikko illustrations themed with "portray the daily life of girls" and integrate popular trends of the moment.

Through her illustrations, she wants to spread excitement and happiness.

Profile_Artboard 1 5.png 的副本

3. Mikko Characters

Mikko creates a nostalgic, glamorous, and slightly sexy girl with tousled hair and perfume. She has four fluffy animal friends living with her:  Mousse(white kitten), Latte (brown cubs), Souffle (brown ear white puppy), and Cammy (white lop bunny).




Mousse - White Kitten


This is a kitten Mousse.
I want to be a cute and fashionable girl ♡.
The girl who lives with us is Moose's idol.
I always try to imitate her.
I love the latte that Latte-chan makes for me!

She tries her best, but she is a little clumsy and goofy.
She is shy.

Birthday: April 25



Latte —— Brown Cubs



This is a Cub Latte.
I'm good at making lattes.
I love sweets.
I often make sweets with the girl.
In the future, I would like to open a cafe.

She is a spoiled kid, but she tends to be strong-minded.

Birthday: June 9




Souffle —— Brown Ear White Puppy



This is a puppy Souffle.
I treasure a stuffed bear that the girl gave me.
He is always with me.
I love to take a nap.

He is calm and takes his own pace.
He is a pampered boy.

Birthday: December 14



Cammy —— White Lop Bunny




This is Cammy, a little rabbit.
I love fashion! I love shopping!
Ask Cammy if you need help with fashion!
Recently, I've been studying makeup!

She is everyone's idol.
She is positive and sociable.
just a wee bit devil!

Birthday: November 8



4. Mikko Collection

Here are some recommended collections on our site, which can help you create a casual but slightly sexy kawaii coordinate.

You can also click Mikko Collection to find more kawaii items with Mikko illustrations on our site.


Pleating Details Short Sleeves Lolita OP

Halter Neck Plaid Pattern Dress

Strawberry Print Sailor Collar Dress


Strawberry Print Big Bow Cami Top + Strawberry Print Skirt


Pink Plaid Pattern Skirt

Blue Plaid Pattern Skirt


Pink Plaid Pattern Sweetheart-shaped Pockets Skirt

Kawaii Tops

5 Color Options Cami Top


Blue Cami Top

 Pizza Cammy Sweet Graphic T-shirt


Cherry Soda Mousse Graphic T-shirt

Souffle Graphic T-shirt

Semi-sheer Top


Mikko Family Print Semi-sheer Top

Ice-cream Nattsu Semi-sheer Top

Angel Latte Semi-sheer Top

Candy Souffle Semi-sheer Top


Pattern Top + Shorts Sleepwear Set

 Pink Mousse  Top + Shorts Sleepwear Set

Milk White Mousse Top+Shorts Sleepwear Set


Latte Print  Top + Shorts Sleepwear Set

Black Print Top +Shorts Sleepwear Set

Mikko Authorized Black Print Top +Shorts Sleepwear Set

Kawaii Bags

Mousse/Cammy/Souffle/Latte Print Bag


Mousse/Cammy/Souffle/Latte Print Canvas Bag


Latte/Mousse/Souffle Crossbody Bag


Mousse Print Canvas Tote Bag


Souffle/Latte Plush Bag


Souffle/Latte/Mousse/Cammy Plush Bag

Plush Souffle/Mousse/Cammy/Latte Shaped Dolls


Mousse/Cammy/Souffle/Latte Keyring

Latte Plush Doll Keyring

Washi Tape & Stickers

Mousse&Cammy/Souffle&Latte Print Washi Tape

Mousse/Cammy/Souffle/Latte Print Waterproof Sticker

Sticker Notes & Postcards

Mousse&Cammy/Souffle&Latte Print Sticky Notes

Mousse/Cammy/Souffle/Latte Postcard

Makeup Tools

Print Design Mini Cosmetic Mirror

Print Bowknot Cosmetic Pouch


I hope that article can help you to know about the charm of Mikko illustrations. Those four fluffy animals are pure cute and the whole look of all the items above is hyper-girly!  A kawaii item around can really make you a day. Get one of those now if you want them.

What's more, please leave a comment for us to know if you find other kawaii arts that you want to wear on you. Maybe you will see them on our site one day ; )