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Kuro and Shiro Lolita

 In Japanese, Kuro means "black" and Shiro means "white". Kuro Lolita is an all black Lolita substyle while Shiro Lolita is an all white Lolita substyle.

Kuro refers to any style of Lolita outfits that are composed of all-black clothing. Kuro Lolita is an extension of the Gothic Lolita.

Any Lolita style can be Shiro Lolita, it can be Classic, Gothic, Sweet, and so on. Among them, the white Hime Lolita is very popular.

This collection includes black Lolita dresses, black Lolita tops, black Lolita skirts, black Lolita shoes, black Lolita headdresses; white Lolita dresses, white Lolita tops, white Lolita shoes, white Lolita headdresses, and other white accessories.

Click on Kuro Lolita V.S. Shiro Lolita to find out what Kuro Lolita or Shiro Lolita is and get tips on how to dress as Kuro Lolita or Shiro Lolita.

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Gothic Punk Lolita Lace Trim Mesh Gloves
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