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Customer Service
Customer Service Office Hours:
Mon. to Fri. - 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (GMT +08:00)
Message Us [email protected]


  • Registration:
    • Do I need to register before placing an order?
      You do not need to register before placing an order. We recommend you to create an account on our website because that will be convenient for referring your order history. And the process of registration is quick and easy on our website.
    • How to register?
      Just click 'Register' button at the top of the pages. Then fill in the corresponding information. An account is easily established.
  • Before placing an order:
    • Is my article genuine?
      Devil Inspired are applying ourselves to collect products from superior indie businesses on TaoBao. We guarantee that all items that send to dear customers are genuine. There is no fake or imitated article on our website.
    • Could my order be expedited?
      Please understand that we really need time to get the items from various businesses. So we can't ship your parcel in just one or two days after receiving an order. If business(es) has(have) stock of corresponding items that you ordered, it would averagely take 7 days' transit to get them in our stock. And we really appreciate your understanding for this.
      Many of items on our website have a long processing time. Only the products of Souffle Song can be expedited. Please leave a comment to let us know that you want to expedite the order when you are checking out. Please send emails to our customer service if you want to know how long will it exactly take.
    • What conditions may lead my order won't be processed or shipped?
      1. Part or whole article in the orders are not available (just like out of stock and so on) and we have not been able to reach the customers by email at the same time.
      2. The orders that lack telephone information in delivery addresses and we have not been able to reach out the recipients at the same time.
    • How to find customized apparel on our website?
      Please just input the keyword 'custom' in the search box.
      We will also add specific function for reaching out custom apparel in the near future.
    • How to use my coupon?
      Primarily, you need to know the code of the coupon. After adding the ideal items to the shopping cart, please click 'Check Out' or 'View Cart' button, find the columns where can fill in coupon code. Please input the code you have, click the button 'Apply'. Then you will get the discount.
    • Could Devil Inspired offer tailoring service?
      We don't provide tailoring service. We are just a daigou(on behalf of) platform.
  • After placing an order:
    • How to change the shipping address?
      Alter the shipping address after placing an order is not available on our website now. If you want to change the shipping address, please do timely email to [email protected]
    • How do I know if my order is processed or not?
      Please pay attention to your mailbox. Our website will send an email that notifying the status 'prepared' within 3 business days if everything is ok. If you don't receive the email, please actively email to [email protected]
      Registered users of our website can also check the status of the orders in 'Order History'. The 'Order Status' is under the column of 'Order Details'.
    • Could I cancel my order?
      Yes, the order can be cancelled. There are two different situations.
      In first situation, the order status haven't been changed into 'Prepared'. We will refund you the whole amount of the order if you cancel it.
      In the second situation, the status of the order has been changed into 'Prepared'. If you want to cancel your order under this situation, please make sure to email us within 72 hours since the status was changed into 'Prepared'. And we will also collect a 10% amount of the whole order as a default expenses. We sincerely hope to get your understanding for this.
    • How do I learn about the exact processing schedule?
      Please feel free to email [email protected]
    • Can I exchange or return (part of) my order?
      For exchange or return of the orders, please refer to Return&Exchange.
  • Size Guide:
    • What is the difference between 'Flat size' and 'Body size'?
      'Flat size', also just 'Size', is referred to the sizes of clothes. 'Body size' is measured by the measurements of the true human body.
    • How to get my body measurements?
      Shoulder Width: Stand with shoulder relaxed. Put the end of tape measure at one of your acromion bones. Across the tape along your back. The width between two acromion bones is your shoulder width.
      Waist: All the 'Waist' in size charts on our website refers to Natural Waist. Please stand up straight and remove the clothing. Hold the end of the tape measures at 2 cm above your navel, bring it around the back to front.
      Bust: Stand up straight. Wrap a tape around the fullest part of the bust. You should not pull the tape too tight or too loose. Keep it being parallel with floor. Record the measurement.
      Hips: Wrap a tape around the hips' fullest part. Keep the tape being parallel with floor. Record the measurement.
    • How to choose a piece of clothing that fits me?
      Most size charts on our website is measured according to the clothing. If you want to get one item that fits you well, please be sure that your body measurements are at least 3 centimeters smaller than the corresponding measurements of the clothing.
      For charts of body size, please just choose according to yourself measurements.
  • I haven't found answers for my questions, how can I reach customer service?
    Please just click here.